Don’t Expect A Press Conference.

When the day comes that we finally, collectively awaken to the fact that we are not alone in the universe I feel with almost 100% certainty that it will not have been because Donald Trump (or whomever is President of the United States at the time) called a press conference at the White House to break the news to us. Nor do I feel that such an announcement will come from any other world leader.

My honest feeling is that the “powers that be” have constructed a puzzle for us to put together, possibly even in consort with benevolent ETs. There is always this overriding sentiment that we are waiting on them to disclose everything: the existence of ETs, the suppression of advanced technologies, our hidden history, the controls we have had to endure, the atrocities that have been imposed on us, etc. More and more I’m beginning to believe that they are waiting on us.  Seems backwards, doesn’t it? I feel like the truth is that this is the only way it can be done. Perhaps it’s a combination of avoiding karmic entanglement, cosmic law and governing of free will.

There is often talk in the Esoteric Community about putting humanity on track to the most “optimal temporal timeline.” This suggests that we may never reach a point where humanity can evolve likes it needs to in order to become part of the greater cosmic collective; that there is a possibility where, despite the efforts of our cosmic cousins, our social potentiality may skew us into a future where our illusion of freedom is infringed upon even more than it is now. What if we simply can’t be saved?

The more likely scenario is that both timelines will exist simultaneously. The idea of a “multiverse” has been extensively explored in all kinds of media. Who can forget the “Mirror, Mirror” episode of the original Star Trek series wherein members of the crew try to beam back to the Enterprise during an ion storm only to find that when they materialize they find themselves in a dark, alternate reality where everyone is evil? It was an iconic moment that suggested that time and space were fluid and could be changed based on certain factors, as evidenced by “Evil Spock,” a cold and suspicious version of the normal Mr. Spock who at one point intends to kill Captain Kirk for delaying the carrying out of Starfleet’s orders.

What makes this version of Spock seem so sinister? The goatee, of course!

Image result for evil spock

The DC Comics TV shows like Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl which air on CW have featured a number of “alternate reality” episodes including an entire crossover event that featured Nazi versions of some of our favorite heroes.

Note the not so subtle “SS” symbols on the villainous versions of the show’s stars.

Image result for nazi arrow crossover

Comics are also a favorite medium through which artists and writers explore alternate realities. Look no further than the Star Wars comic in which Luke Skywalker gets corrupted by the Emperor and turns to the dark side.

“I can feeeeeel your anger!”

Image result for evil luke skywalker

And why is it than in these “alternate timelines” it’s always worse than the “normal” one? In the X-Men comics someone goes back in time and assassinates Professor X resulting in a future ruled by the mutant villain Apocalypse in a society driven by a “survival of the fittest” mind set.

“Age of Apocalypse” features heroes turned villains, but also villains as heroes.

Related image

Could there be other timelines spinning themselves out without us ever being aware of them? Who can say? We are a species of imagination but we are also a species of rules and limits. Some of us may not think such a thing is possible, because, well….it takes too much energy to maintain something like that….right? And who (or what), pray tell, is supposed to be expending all this energy managing this infinite number of timelines? God? Doesn’t He have better things to do? In our minds, such a convoluted scenario would come at some sort of energetic cost. Such an engine would have to run on something. But does not the universe already run and function seemingly on its own fairly well anyway?

So, yes, perhaps when the time comes for us as a species to evolve, to Ascend, not all of us are going to go along for the ride. Some of us will get “Left Behind.” Refer to the book series of the same name and you’ll read a story about how massive numbers of humans simply vanish (presumably “raptured,” a term never actually used in the Bible) while the ones who didn’t qualify (i.e. those who didn’t have enough faith in God) get…well, you know….to deal with a dark world that is lead by the Antichrist (another term that doesn’t actually exist in the “Good Book”) as he tries to form one “Global Community” with himself as its sole Potentate.

Ok, you got me. That’s Damien from the Omen movies, not Nicolae Carpathia. But look how evil!

Image result for damien the omen

In that scenario the rest of us would, I assume, go on to experience a glorious future of expanded consciousness, advanced technologies, cosmic travels and a boost in genetic evolution. Sounds great, but does that mean those that don’t make the cut are screwed? This subject was briefly discussed by a panel on a YouTube video (the link to which, for the life of me, I cannot find) as they posited that it could be that these people would have such an event wiped from their minds so as not to experience depression for not being “chosen.” But what if mom and dad go on this fantastic journey while little Billy and little Susie get dumped back on some rock a million light years away? Do they get their minds wiped of the memory of their own parents? Who takes care of them? Because in a scenario like that families are going to get separated.

The theory is that (should it actually play out like this) those people wouldn’t be on Earth at all. Because Earth is shifting into fourth density right along with the rest of us. Sorry, but a third density being (which is what we are now) cannot live on a fourth density planet. Luckily, even for those of us who get “left behind,” it’s unlikely that our new ET buddies would just fly away while flipping the B-team off in their rear view mirrors. In fact, I believe what this panel of individuals said is that these people would essentially need to start at square one with learning about many of the things that us “tinfoil hat” folks have already accepted.  But make no mistake, it won’t be on Earth. I would like to think that, as traumatic as that sounds, these beings have all the tools in place they need to ensure it’s as smooth a transition as possible.

Don’t expect an announcement on CNN saying, “Trump discloses aliens exist!” It’s never going to happen. I feel that a couple of scenarios are possible:

  1. It will be announced by NASA. As much as it seems like they are committed to the “slow disclosure” model, there always exists the possibility that their hand will be forced and they’ll have no choice but to spill the beans. It could happen because of some type of evidence we haven’t seen yet. Because, God knows, after thousands of photos, videos, insider testimony and mass sightings they’ve remained remarkably quite.
  2. We will experience a “mass landing” event. I’ve said before that this probably won’t happen as it could easily be misconstrued as an act of aggression. But if our world governments won’t do it and we as Earth’s citizens have not woken up enough, it may be they who have no other choice. What if some sort of ecological disaster takes place that we can’t handle? What if, God forbid, Kim Jong Un has a bad day and decides, “Fuck it” and starts WWIII? What if Trump does it?! ETs have already proved that they are willing to disable and destroy our nuclear ordinance. I think it’s highly likely that if someone did “push the button” they could easily disable every nuke on the planet simultaneously.
  3. Disclosure has already happened. I mean…are we not in the middle of it already? Has the DOD not already released official videos of exotic craft that by its own admission cannot be identified? Is not the “To The Stars Academy” founded by ex-Blink 182 frontman Tom DeLonge a government sanctioned mouthpiece for its version of disclosure? Are we not weekly, if not daily, receiving increasingly suggestive articles about the Moon, Mars and the Antarctic that they hold undiscovered mysteries?
  4. We are the disclosure. Maybe it has been our mass consciousness guiding this movement all along. Maybe one day we will all wake up and go, “Yep.” And suddenly things that seemed previously impossible will no longer seem silly. Maybe a consciousness shift, like the government’s slow-drip disclosure method, is going to be a long, protracted event that simply needs to happen naturally without any interference finally culminating at some distant point in the future where we mature mentally and spiritually overnight. Unlikely? Sure. Possible….uh……?
  5. Full disclosure will take decades to happen, if at all. After all, for years (at least as long as I have been following this movement) everyone keeps saying, “Any day now disclosure is coming!” But is it? Many people thought it was going to happen in 2012 at the end of the Mayan calendar. Some said it would happen in 2016 when Trump shocked the world and won the Presidency. Then they said 2017 for sure! Wait, no….2018 definitely! Well, it’s now December and, while there is some testimony scheduled to take place in few days concerning the Clinton Foundation, I fail to see how that would trigger any sort of disclosure event (unless it’s a disclosure that Hillary and John Podesta actually were involved in a child sex trafficking ring accompanied by the unsealing of the 40,000 plus mass indictments…a man can dream…). That is, if Trump himself doesn’t end up behind bars in light of the recent headlines stating that his lawyer Michael Cohen lied to federal investigators about Trump’s financial interests in Russia.

Remember that episode where Hillary was an evil witch who ate human flesh and abused and sacrificed kids to Moloch? What’s that you say? That’s not from a TV show? Oh. But seriously, Google “Frazzledrip” and tell me it doesn’t turn your stomach.

Image result for hillary clinton pedovore

I’m getting off topic (as is my wont) but if December 5th proves to be as momentous as Q has hinted (you all know Q, right?) then the meme that Trump recently retweeted may not be as far from reality as some believe.

Now this is something I can see us getting a press conference together for. But for disclosure? I just don’t think it’s in the cards. There is one key figure missing from this meme. Oh, yeah. Trump.

As I said before, insiders have been saying for years that Disclosure is just around the corner. Then, when it fails to meet some sort of imaginary deadline, it always gets moved up and the timeline gets altered. The reason always seems to be that “it’s a complex issue” or “the Cabal is trying every last trick in the book to retain power” (weren’t they defeated?) or that “everything is in place, but the timing must be right.” Well, when will that be? No one seems to know. Which is odd, because it is believed that these beings can travel not only through space but time as well. Does this not mean they would know the date of disclosure? It’s a frustrating process. Still I wish Disclosure would happen “sooner” rather than “later.” Whatever that means in a context where the concept of time itself may just be an illusion.

And as with all things we are asked to have patience. To have faith. To believe.  It’s the carrot and the stick. Just keep trudging along and good things will come. Look, I would love it if Trump got up in front of a podium and led off with something like this:

“Today the American people, along with the world, are finally going to learn the truth about whether we are alone in the universe or not. For national security reasons, the United States government and our allies around the world have kept hidden the fact that we are, in fact, not alone….”

It’s a pipe dream, I know. And I’m sure there actually are valid reasons why they have had to keep it a secret. But the government is supposed to work for us. “We the people” have elected them to govern our nation. Trump, as much as I dislike him as a president and as a person, promised during his commencement speech that “We are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the people.” That’s as it should be, because our they are supposed to work for us.  In fact, our right to bear arms was granted not so that we can defend ourselves from robbers and criminals (or even to hunt wild game). The right to bear arms was granted to us originally so that should our own government rise up against us we had the means to fight and take back power.

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringedas it says in the Constitution. A militia is described as:

  • a military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency.
  • a military force that engages in rebel or terrorist activities, typically in opposition to a regular army.
  • all able-bodied civilians eligible by law for military service

Now, I’m not suggesting that we rise up against our military in a violent manner. But I am suggesting that we can peacefully speak out against the suppression of information and demand Disclosure. It would take a massive movement though. A “million man march” style public display. Something that gets the attention of those in power by hitting them where it hurts the most. Imagine for a moment organizing a national “walk out day” where everyone who wants Disclosure left their job for an hour and peacefully protested the government UFO cover-up and suppression of information.

Image result for google walkout

Google employees did it. It happened during the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Even people in support of the #MeToo movement organized peaceful walk-outs. Did any of those people lose their job? Not that I heard, but it’s possible. An organized walk-out isn’t quitting however, it is most often associated with dissatisfaction in one’s workplace. Yet, “a walkout can also mean the act of leaving a place of work, school, a meeting, a company, or an organization, especially if meant as an expression of protest or disapprovalaccording to Wikipedia and should be protected under “freedom of speech” and “freedom of association.”

Certainly there would be a risk that one could be terminated for such a display. And there of course could be no guarantee that it would be seen by employers as a “valid” reason for such a protest (especially if it’s costing them money). But sometimes risks must be taken in order to affect real change. And in the end perhaps the scenario where we are the ones who bring about Disclosure is the one we should be putting our energy into.

Because as much as this community appreciates the efforts of figures like Dr. Stephen Greer, David Wilcock and Linda Moulton Howe and others, they are not prophets and should not be unwittingly deified as “the chosen ones.” While they have certainly raised awareness about the discourse of Disclosure, ultimately the burden cannot be put on the shoulders of the few. A truth this momentous and this monumental must be supported by the strength of all of us who are tired of being lied to, used and ignored.

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