The Power Of Change.

Right now there is a hashtag trending all across the Internet and social media. The Great Awakening. It’s a movement that can mean different things to different people. For some it’s a spiritual awakening as people wake up to the fact that human beings are more than just dumb meat sacks that eat, sleep, work and produce waste. For others it’s a societal awakening as they discover that the governing bodies they used to trust are no longer worthy of placing faith in; the Church, the Government, the Entertainment Industry, the Media. And for many it is an awakening that their political party is not who they pretended they are. For a portion of us, it’s all of the above (as it has been in my case).

The great thing about free will is that we can (and do) change our minds all the time. There’s nothing wrong with that. It simply means we have received new information that affects our views or opinions on something. This will probably be my most personal post yet, as I intend to walk you through how I changed from the person I was a year ago to the person I am today. My entire life I think it’s fair to say that I considered myself a liberal and, therefore, would be most likely to vote Democrat. For better or worse though, I have never voted. Not once. Whatever my political standing, I used to believe my voted wouldn’t matter. On that point at least, I am still undecided in light of everything coming out about voter registration tampering. But I digress.

I have many views that can still be considered liberal. I don’t mind, for instance, if two gay men or women get married. Many conservatives are also Bible thumping Christians so they fold their religious beliefs into their political message, separation of church and state be damned! Condemning gays is purely a religious motivation and has no place in politics. And while I have nothing against the Trans community, I am often confused as to what pronoun I’m expected to use. So please forgive me if I refer to you as sir if you look like a man to me or vice versa. It’s nothing personal. Just please don’t yell at me if I “misgender” you, as was the case in this clip:

“Suck my dick!”

If I “misgender” you it’s because your appearance is at odds with your internal feelings, to which I am not privy. Please don’t lose your composure and tell me to “suck your dick” as in the clip above or damage property as in the clip below:

“I am a ma’am!”

Trans people have every right to try and find peace in life but they should keep in mind that the landscape of the LGBTQIAPK (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersexual, Asexual, Pansexual and Polygamous, and Kinkiness) is changing all the time. I thought I was up to speed when it changed to LGBTQ. I was wrong. have patience for those of us who are acclimating to the expectation of accepting that a person with a penis should be called a woman. It’s empirically untrue, yet I feel if I don’t “learn my pronouns” I’ll be labeled a something-phobe or a bigot. And honestly, I probably won’t spend any time doing so, therefore at some point I am quite likely to offend someone. For instance, when someone says girls who identify as boys should be allowed into the Boy Scouts, I must take issue:

The gentleman in the video above is Ben Shapiro who produced another video via Prager University that did a great job of verbalizing my thoughts on the current “snowflake” mentality of modern America:

“Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings”

It’s so easy to offend others these days. If I express my true thoughts and feelings and they end up being at odds with someone else’s opinions I become immediately offensive to them. Am I, for instance, supposed to be ok that we now have what are called “Drag Kids” being praised by the mainstream media?

“Desmond is Amazing”

Am I expected to sit back and be okay that a young boy is being sexualized as a girl? And is encouraged to do so? What about the fact that one of the men in the video is famous Club Kid and convicted murderer, Micheal Alig?  Does this young child look entirely in control of his faculties in that segment? And why is there a painting in the background with the word “Rohypnol,” the date rape drug, on it? Where is this kid’s mother? Why is their an effort to normalize this type of thing and associate gender/sex with children who are minors? I shudder to think of what this kid has gone through that has landed him in this position. And who applauds this “brave” behavior? Democrats. Progressives.

ABC hails Desmond as a “trailblazer.” This is NOT normal.

I also used to be an advocate of abortion and a woman’s right to choose. Until I saw a video of an abortion being performed. In my mind it was a procedure where a doctor inserted something into a woman’s uterus and scooped out a small lump of unformed flesh without a consciousness. Instead I learned that, at least for mid or late-term abortions, the fetus us fully delivered and an incision is made across the back of its neck to sever its spinal column or, alternately, a metal rod is inserted through the soft unformed skull into its brain. Call it what you want, but that’s murder. Instead, why not overhaul our adoption process and offer benefits for expecting mothers who choose to carry to term and give the baby to a family who can’t have children of their own? How and why did my views change so drastically? It all started with the election of Donald Trump as President.

I remember watching the voting results in real-time on Election Day. As it became more and more clear that Hillary Clinton’s shot at being the first female POTUS was slipping away, I was filled with dread and disappointment. Was this reality show snake oil salesman really going to be our next president for at least the next four years? I remember certain family members and friends nearly being in tears. I texted acquaintances late into the night expressing our mutual shock and uncertainty. I was depressed for weeks. But eventually I became numb to it and life went on. Occasionally I’d see a news story featuring millennials holding signs that said “Not MY President!” I watched his inauguration speech and thought, “Meh. That wasn’t too bad. Whatever.”

Most of my co-workers voted for Trump. They were an eclectic mix. White, black, Hispanic, young and old alike; they all had proudly cast their vote for him. I simply played along. I dared not express my disappointment for fear of an argument arising. But also, because if they had asked why I’d have voted for Hillary, I had no good answers. I suppose if I were to truly break it down it was this: Democrats claimed to champion the rights of gays, minorities, the working class, women’s rights, religious freedom and open borders. I still agree with most of these talking points.

The problem, I learned, was that as much as they claimed to support these groups they’d done little in the way of following through on their promises once the votes had been cast. They seemed to speak passionately about bettering the lives of these down trodden folk, but what had they actually done? When I saw others express more conservative views they were attacked as racists, homophobes, white supremacists, KKK members, misogynists, and religious zealots. Well, I don’t like being called any of those things! Who would, right?

So, yes, I bit my tongue and kind of sleep walked through the next year or so. At the one year mark of Trump’s presidency I thought, “Well, WWIII hasn’t happened yet. Trump didn’t blow up North Korea like the Democrats were fearing. The economy didn’t crash. Unemployment is down. Hmmmm…” Yet there were still things I wasn’t happy about. He pulled us out of the Paris Climate Agreement. He revoked the Iran denuclearization deal. He got laughed at during his U.N. speech when he said he’d accomplished more than almost any other sitting U.S. president. He wanted to build a Wall on the southern border! Huh? Didn’t Germany tear down the wall they had? What century is this? I saw kids in cages, casualties of the humanitarian immigration crisis. Everywhere I looked I saw a headline and shook my head in disgust as the world learned that Trump may have colluded with Russia. Several of his former associates were indicted, including one of his former lawyers. A porn star claimed she had an affair with him. That tracks, I thought. He did, after all, claim he could grab women by their pussies because he could “do anything he wanted.”

He insulted John McCain’s service, he argued with the family of a fallen hero and mocked a disabled reporter. Trump is not a nice guy, I thought. His ego is easily bruised. He’s combative and controversial. He speaks in an annoyingly repetitive and reductionist manner. Every time I thought about him, I felt embarrassed that he was the face of the United States to the rest of the world. Everywhere I turned my views were reinforced by news articles and television reports. To which Trump responded, “Fake News!” This became his mantra. How convenient, I thought. Every time something negative was said about him, true or not, he shrugged it off as Fake News. But what if it’s true? Doesn’t matter. Fake News! It was infuriating.

I was working 40-50 hours a week at my job. I didn’t have time to fact check every single bit of news or vet information of any kind. I went off of what the mainstream media served up. That was my reality. If they said it, it must be true. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. I was so caught up in the everyday fight for survival, the endless cycle of eat/sleep/work/produce waste that I took the news at face value. All the media outlets save Fox seemed maligned against Trump. They hated him. It was relentless. Story after story of how the White House was in chaos, every other day it felt like he had fired someone and appointed someone new. Stories of “pee tapes” wherein supposedly Trump let hookers piss on him. It didn’t matter if the “pee tapes” existed or not; the fact that it could exist was now in the mass public consciousness. The collusion allegations persisted.

People in his own cabinet were anonymously going public claiming he was like a petulant child, that he was a moron and an idiot. One article even assured us not to worry, that there were still “adults” in the White House and that they were working to thwart his efforts. Wait, what? That’s….that’s treason, right? But before I could focus on that we began to hear talk of impeachment. Impeachment for what? I thought. Don’t they have to prove collusion first? Before I knew it, the guy investigating the Trump-Russia affair, James Comey, had been fired. That didn’t look good. When you fire someone trying to prove you’re dirty, it reeks of malfeasance. Then Robert Mueller was appointed in his place and everyone rejoiced. Mueller would be the guy to find the dirt. Trump was going down. Yes!

In hindsight it may have been the “adults are in the room” comment that got me thinking critically. Hate Trump or not, he is our President. Agree with him or not, the office commands respect. It’s our country’s seat of power. And someone had just openly stated they were actively working against him. As if that was something we as U.S. citizens should be happy about and cheer on. I had heard the term Deep State before but I hadn’t really taken the time to research what it meant. As anyone who reads my blog knows (all ten of you) I have long believed that our world is in the grip of a secret Cabal whose agenda is more nefarious than we may ever know. As I reflected on things more and more it seemed clear that the Cabal was nearly synonymous with the Deep State. Suddenly I got laid off from my job, lost my apartment and had to move in with family.  I then had more free time than I knew what to do with. I decided to study up on this supposed “Cabal.” Did a loosely knit consortium (so as to avoid direct, detectable ties) operate behind the scenes trying to undo a United States election?

At the very least the Deep State was an appendage of this Cabal. A shadowy tentacle that had reached into my country’s government that was trying to strangle the life out of it. In short, I thought, “Is the Cabal running our government?” If CNN can openly run an article wherein someone in Trump’s cabinet admits openly taking documents off his desk in an attempt to keep him from running the country as he sees fit, what’s going on? And why didn’t the FBI immediately jump on this story and investigate the source? Was the FBI compromised, too? Trump’s cabinet, CNN and the FBI. Were they all working against him? It sure seemed like it. The most important question I could ask myself then was, “Why?”

As I said previously, Trump is not a nice guy. He can be quite the asshole. He’s crude, crass and unrefined. As I’ve learned, that’s exactly why people voted for him. If you attack Trump, he will attack you back and ten times as hard. If you talked shit about him, he’ll talk shit about you. He is not perfect. At all. But, again, this is something that voters seemed to have connected with. Trump successfully put forth the image that (even though he is a billionaire playboy) he’s just like you and me: imperfect. In fact it may have been this very fact that won him the presidency. Voters were tired of the canned, buttoned-up speeches that had started to sound ingenuous and dispassionate. For so long Americans had been conditioned to think not of themselves (because that’s selfish!) and focus on others. The suffering illegal immigrants. Our allies abroad; protecting them, funding their defense and helping them with tax cuts and lopsided trade deals.

We came to believe that if we were not progressive globalists it meant we were bigoted ignorant haters of everything the Left stood for.  Many of us drank the Kool-Aid. I did. I had for a long time until I started truly, critically thinking. I started to look at facts instead of responding viscerally and emotionally. After all, as human beings we’re inherently emotional, compassionate and reactive. Something they have used against us time and time again. They weaponized our capacity for empathy and employed it for the purpose of sedition.  I didn’t want to be thought of as anti-gay, anti-feminist, anti-Semitic, anti…anything! Do whatever you want, I use to say, as long as it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else. Well, that’s dangerously similar to what Aleister Crowley used to say:

“Do what thou wilt’ shall be the whole of the Law.”

Image result for aleister crowley do what thou wilt

Hm. Did I want to be associated with the Right? Or the modern father of the Occult? I didn’t really consider myself part of the Left anymore at this point, but I hadn’t fully transitioned over to the Right either. But I certainly lean right more now than I ever have before. Here are a few videos I came across on YouTube that helped begin nudging me away from the Left. This first one comes courtesy of YouTube channel JustInformed Talk:

In this one, Dan Bongino speaks to a group of people about the array of enemies aligned against Trump. It includes some very surprising information about the content of the now infamous Steele Dossier, which you can view here:

Click to access 2017-03-24_CEG_to_Fusion_GPS_%28Trump_Dossier%29.pdf

Page one of three:

File:2017-03-24 CEG to Fusion GPS (Trump Dossier).pdf

Read the dossier then read this article from The Wall Street Journal entitled, “How Lobbyists Help Ex-Soviets Woo Washington.” – deripaska-manafort.docx

My apologies; since The Wall Street Journal now charges to view its content, I couldn’t find any more suitable sources that could be embedded here. If you choose not to read either one I’ll skip to the chase for you. They’re pretty much the same thing. The problem with this is that the WSJ article was written in 2008. So you have to ask yourself, why is an article written in 2008 being repurposed almost word-for-word and reframed as an attack against Trump a decade later? At least, that’s what Breibart suggested here:

But, wait. Didn’t I say that the media was part of the Deep State? How can any news outlet be trusted if that’s the case? Well, thankfully, Breitbart is one of the few sources that are almost assuredly not under the yolk of the Cabal. Otherwise this article exposing the dossier would never have been allowed to be seen. Clearly they’re aligned against the Deep State, as seen here when the magazine’s founder, Andrew Breitbart, calls out John Podesta implying he should be investigated:

Less than a year later, Andrew Breitbart was dead due to “heart failure.”


And shortly after Breitbart’s death his coroner (whose preliminary autopsy hinted at possible foul play in Andrew’s demise) also died under “suspicious circumstances.” My point is that if the Deep State is real, they have no compunction about murdering those who speak out against them. Is President Trump any different? Is he any less of a target for them? As citizens we have no idea the possible number of attempts on his life that have been thwarted. If the following “fictional” scenario, courtesy of Twitter denizen Greg Rubini, is anything to go by it’s a dead serious concern.

In this “fictional” drama, a plot is averted in which both the president and vice-president are killed due to a rogue entity. In the unfortunate event that both individuals perish then the line of succession falls onto the shoulders of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Now, I’m not going to get into the dick measuring that went on during the longest government shutdown in history. It’s nothing Google can’t recap for you. But it did seem rather suspicious that she and several family members were originally scheduled to be out of the country during the supposed time frame this coup could have happened. It doesn’t help that her cohorts had problems keeping their excitement in check either:


President Pelosi? Sure, she could’ve just meant that she expected Trump to be impeached soon (plausible deniability). Impeached for what, I don’t know. Collusion still hadn’t been proven (at the time this was written). Or did she mean exactly what she implied? That Trump and Pence both would soon be removed (on way or another) paving the way to Pelosi’s ascension to the highest office in the land? I imagine Nancy would have felt quite smug rubbing the title of “America’s First Female President” in Hillary Clinton’s face.

In any case, I began trying to define what (and who) the Cabal is, exactly. I concluded that it was comprised of the Deep State, the wealthy Elite, the Military Industrial Complex, secret societies like the Illuminati, Satanists/Luciferians (perhaps even Mormons and Freemasons), the Holy Roman Church, Big Pharma, numerous corporate conglomerates, and evil/negative entities that are not of this world. Call them demons, evil alien Reptilians, the Draco, Archons, whatever. They all strive to produce fear in order to feed on that fear.

Boy, that sure took a turn, didn’t it? But it was me drawing a line from the corrupt puppets in the White House, as I followed the strings all the way to Rome and beyond, that convinced me that if such an evil force had in unison set their sights on Trump in an effort to destroy him…why? If he was in on the whole thing, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to bury him and his legacy. Oh, don’t worry! This post doesn’t end here. Oh, no! This is called The Wide World Of Weird, after all. And things are about to get much, much weirder!

What if I told you there is an amusing theory floating around the Internet that Donald Trump is, wait for it….a TIME TRAVELER! “Say wuuuuuuuutttt?” Indulge me for a moment, and let’s look at the reasons why this story has gained traction. A writer named Ingersoll Lockwood wrote a series of novels between 1889 and 1896 that contain a series of uncanny coincidences involving the Trump family. The first book is called “Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulger” followed by “Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey” and finally “1900: The Last President.” First of all, and most obviously, the first two novels have a protagonist named Baron Trump. As you know, Donald Trump has a son named Baron. You know what? It’s better explained if you just watch these two videos (note-one of these videos was later removed by YouTube):

Did that bake your noodle? What about this:

Image result for trump is a time traveler

Or this:

Image result for trump is a time traveler

What about this?

Image result for trump is a time traveler

Not weird enough for you? Fine. Google John Titor (a well-known Trump alias). Again, it’s easier if you just read this:

Titor provided several schematics trying to prove he had the technology he claimed.

Time Machine?

Image result for john titor time traveler posts


Image result for john titor time traveler posts

He came back…for this?

Image result for john titor time traveler posts

Again, I’m not going to rehash the entire conspiracy theory. Do I believe it’s true? I don’t have enough information to make that determination. I will say that the sheer number of coincidences fall well outside of standard deviation or happenstance. There’s something to this but I don’t know what. I simply offer up the information and will leave the deducing to you. The point was to show that people will go to almost any lengths to justify why they support someone. If this is some elaborate conspiracy, well played. It’s ridiculous of course, but it does beg the question: Who better to fight and defeat the Cabal than someone who has foreknowledge of events to come?

Trump’s uncle was, if you didn’t know, the person in charge of removing Tesla’s research after he died. John G. Trump went on record as saying that Tesla’s methods for time travel could have worked if not for that fact that our technology wasn’t advanced enough at that time. But what about now? What has been accomplished between now and then? What if that technology was used to put the Cabal in checkmate at every turn? Some people even believe that this was all planned from the beginning. This next video paints Trump in a more nefarious light, but for the sake of fairness here it is:

The video above seems to suggest that Trump is a beneficiary of predictive programming, that he is some sort of “star” in a kind of “scripted reality.” I disagree with that. In fact (hypothetically), if Trump was indeed some sort of time travelling trickster-hero, what better way to cast doubt on his motives than to produce a video saying he’s one of them? Whether you’re so far down the rabbit hole that you are 100% convinced he is the “Kang the Conqueror” of our reality (sorry, I couldn’t resist a Marvel reference here) or if this is the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard…you must admit it’s weird. And entertaining.

Kang the Conqueror

Image result for kang the conqueror

But this was not the type of “power” I referenced in the title which has the ability to affect change in people. That type of power can be found here:

And here:

These are the types of inspirational thoughts and musings that I encourage you to consider. It’s not my place to tell you to stop being a Liberal, a Democrat or a Progressive. But I do fear for the future of the Democratic party. You’ve got Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who was recently quoted as saying this about climate change: “Like, this is our World War II.” I’ll just let that sink in for a bit. Then there’s Rashida Tlaib, who was sworn in on the Koran instead of the traditional Bible and said that her first order of business in office would be to “Go in there and impeach the motherfucker!” And lastly, there’s 2020 presidential runner Kamala Harris who openly acknowledged having an affair with a powerful male political figure leading many to speculate that she slept her way to where she is. I call this The Unholy Trinity

Actress Alyssa Milano recently tweeted this:


This was in response to the now infamous MAGA hat-wearing Catholic kids who got into a staring contest with a Native American elder who claimed he was a Vietnam vet. Well, everyone and their dog jumped on the bandwagon and were quick to bash these kids until the full video of the incident was released revealing that it was, in fact, the Native American protesters that instigated the confrontation. It later came out that Nathan Phillips, the drum-banging elder on the other side of the staring contest, served during the time of Vietnam, but was not actually in Vietnam. This changed the narrative of the encounter and soon several celebrities and news outlets that were quick to side against a Trump supporter had to apologize or retract earlier statements. Nevertheless, I’d be wary of putting value in any of Milano’s opinions since she is married to a man who works as an agent for CAA (Creative Artists Agency), a firm that reportedly recruits people in the entertainment industry for the Cabal.

People are so polarized about Trump’s presidency that all civility and sanity has gone out the window. The border wall has been such a huge source of division among Americans. Do we need one? Maybe. I’m not sure. But I will say this: If we do have millions of illegal citizens here, and voting machines bafflingly can’t tell the difference between a legal citizen and an illegal one, who do you think they will vote for? The ones fighting for them to stay here while they receive welfare and financial support, or those who want them deported so they can enter our country legally based on merit? Ask yourself why Democrats fight for the rights of illegals? Is it because they care ever so much for their plight? Or is it because they desperately need their votes?

Of the strange series of books I mentioned earlier the final one was called “1900: The Last President.” Without delving too deeply into the story, the title alone should hint at where the plot is heading. Is Donald Trump going to be our Last President? Is something going to happen that restructures our government and eliminates the office of President? If you follow Q there’s been talk that the Federal Reserve will be abolished. More recently bills H.R. 24 and H.R. 25 were submitted to the House for approval. 24 calls for the audit of the Board of Governors at the Federal Reserve and the Comptroller General of the United States. 25 calls for a repeal of income tax and other taxes, thereby making the Internal Revenue Service obsolete and enacting a national sales tax to be decided by each State. If you know anything about the concept of NESARA, you know that one of the things it seeks to accomplish is getting rid of income tax and charging sales tax only on non-essential goods.

Where could all of this be leading? Who knows. But I do know that with the recent government shutdown it proved that our government is too bloated for its own good. The shutdown mostly affected Federal workers. Everyone else, raise your hand if you noticed the difference between government being open and government being closed. Let’s see…one…two..three…NO ONE! In my opinion I think it was a test run, a trial period to prove to Americans that our country can function on a fraction of the workforce. Imagine how much we could accomplish using the money that was going to a bloated government workforce and putting it towards, oh I don’t know, our homeless population problem? And speaking of which, why do Democrats have such a hard on for illegal immigrants when we haven’t even solved our own homeless problem yet? Oh, that’s right. Votes!

Our emotions and our compassion affect so much of what we do and who we are. Should I feel guilty for enjoying “A Star Is Born” even though Lady Gaga hangs out with occultist-to-the-stars Marina Abramović and admits to selling her soul for fame and fortune? Maybe. Should I not watch “Bohemian Rhapsody” because director Bryan Singer is being sued for fondling a teenage boy? Well, yeah. I’ll probably watch it anyway though. Everything we do is based on emotion. Emotions have the power to change. They’re visceral and powerful. Love is powerful. Peace is powerful. Hate is powerful. Fear is powerful. All together they change the chemistry in our brains and make us change our minds all the time. And sometimes we change them right back!

Just last month I wrote a post saying I didn’t think the Q movement was going to amount to anything. I’m still not sure if it will. Like I said then, I want it to. I do feel today that it has more substance than I believed it had then. I referenced #TheGreatAwakening at the start of this post. I’m not sure where the term came from, but the first time I ever saw it was on a poster behind YouTuber Jordan Sather of “Destroying the Illusion.” I Googled the phrase and came across this site:

A series of intricate and complicated infographics were created by a man named Dylon Louis Monroe. Check it out: (VIDEO REMOVED-Fuck you, YouTube!)

I’ve linked some of his work in previous posts but here’s a new one called “The Cult of Baal”


Here’s a link to a nice, hi-res version in case the one above is difficult to read:

You might be asking, “Why the hell is he linking a map talking about Freemasons, Jesuits, Knights Templar and the Vatican?” Because the document might as well be called, “The Cabal.” And even then this is just one finger of the fist that has been curled up to pummel you into submission. This is the force that is aligned against America, against Trump and against all free-thinking, freedom-loving citizens of the United States. It’s not just we who are the targets though. The world is the target. They want to establish a globalist New World Order. Ask Venezuela if they’re real. Ask the Yellow Vests in France. Ask Britain who’s fighting to divest itself from the EU via Brexit.

I ran across an amusing Tweet recently. It was from ex-CIA Chief John Brennon (whom a recent Q co-conspirator named FBI Anon claimed has been indicted along with James Comey) to Trump in which he telegraphs and projects in what I deem to be an extremely obvious and desperate way:


Oh, Johnny Boy. Did you just use the word “cabal?” It’s like he’s trying to get ahead of something. Democrats sure do love their projection. It’s as if the term “Cabal” is going to be used to describe a certain group of exposed individuals soon and he’s trying to associate it with Trump instead of himself. Much in the same way the Deep State has introduced the concept of “deepfakes” into the public lexicon, almost as if they know that compromising videos will soon emerge that they’re trying to brace for. Remember, “deepfakes” are videos that can be (in a manner of speaking) “photoshopped” much like a still picture can. These types of videos first began appearing in obscure Internet forums and adult sites. Now, CNN is talking about them:

Image result for cnn deepfake

Hm. Deep State. Deepfake. Deep State. Deepfake. I feel like there must be a reason that they chose to use the word “deep” to describe this phenomenon. Perhaps it’s part of the, “They have to tell you what they’re doing” mentality? It bothers me like the Fiji girl bothered me during the Golden Globes. I wondered why anyone was supposed to care about this woman. The Internet answered that question for me. It was a message: “We want to serve you. In Fiji.” Is this what Q meant when they said, “Watch the water?” Was it a message to Hollywood elites that their “special” needs could be met in Fiji, a hub of human trafficking? And what was with the weird skit featuring Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh dissing “anti-vaxxers” and administering fake(?) shots to certain people? The crazies say that the Elite adrenochrome supply had dried up due to Trump’s crackdown on human trafficking and this was a way to reinforce the message that anyone needing a fix could get what they needed “in Fiji.”

The news has been chock full of strange anomalies lately, not the least of which is the mystery of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s whereabouts. Hashtags like #WheresRuth were started by James Woods. #WhereIsRuth and #WhereIsRBG are trending, too. It is highly suspicious that such a famous pop culture icon falls, has surgery, begins missing work for the first time in decades and then completely goes missing. People are starting to demand proof of life. Either prove to us that she’s alive or declare her seat vacant and nominate someone new. Until then, the Deep State still reaps the benefits of their final Supreme Court Justice seat as RBG continues to “work from home” fulfilling their agenda.

Only a few days ago, this little gem of a post popped up:

Image result for ruth bader ginsburg anon post

Is she really being kept alive? For what purpose? What does the Deep State stand to lose if her death is made public? Are they waiting to announce her passing at a time when it will benefit them the most (like they did with Bush 41)? On or around the State of the Union address, perhaps? And let’s not forget Fox’s recent little “slip-up”:

Fox Friends Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Are you kidding me? How does someone “accidentally” produce a graphic like this? And why hasn’t anyone pressed Fox for more information on why it was created to begin with? Do they know something we don’t and, if so, why is her death being kept a secret? A picture can be faked though so here’s the actual clip:

It’s things like this that contributed to my lean towards the Right. If anyone is covering up her death, it’s the Democrats. Who put the needs of Federal workers above their own agenda and ended the government shutdown? Trump. Not the Democrats. Who passed a law in New York legalizing the murder of late-term babies? Democrats. Who voted not to pay Federal workers three times just to snub the President?  Well, let’s just say it wasn’t the Republicans.

If They are so hell bent on destroying Trump (and they support the things I oppose) I am no longer going to give them any of my energy or consideration. And that is essentially why my allegiance has shifted. I support Trump by virtue of the fact that he opposes those who I believe want our total ruination. If they want Trump gone, I want him to stay. If they want him to fail, I want…no…I need him to succeed. We all do! About Democrats (most of whom I now believe are working directly on the Cabal’s behalf-either willingly or through blackmail/coercion), Ted Cruz said:

“OK, we get they hate Donald Trump!”

Change in and of itself is an extremely powerful force. The media in particular tries to coax us into changing all the time. The confrontation between tribal elders and the Covington Catholic High School kids highlights an effort in my mind to push a “brown man good/white man bad” agenda. Just look at the recent controversial Gillette commercial. Why is a razor company telling men to keep their “toxic masculinity” in check? Notice in the video below how only white men behave badly while black men are portrayed as the “hero characters.”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with black men being portrayed as heroes (I loved Black Panther and have tweeted often that it reminds me of the highly advanced, dark-skinned Olmec breakway civilization that Secret Space Program whistleblowers have talked about). Please don’t misunderstand me. My issue is that only the black men in the commercial are portrayed as sensitive and “woke.” What about Asians or Hispanics? Did you know there are actually two versions of this commercial? The original had a short segment that featured a black rapper smacking the ass of two black dancers. Yet strangely that segment was replaced with a tattooed thug throwing down gang sign. Why? Because it conflicted with their agenda: Brown man GOOD! White man BAD! Check it out below: (Edit: Will ya look at that?! The other version was removed. Hmph.)

The kicker is that YouTube allowed them to take the old video down and replace it with the new, more “black-friendly” one. Gillette retained all their likes and views, for better or worse. Most importantly, they retained their ad revenue. Ah ha! And there’s the crux! Why would a company we’ve never associated with politics release an ad like this? They knew it was going to be controversial. They knew there would be backlash. But guess what? People are talking about them now. They’re on people’s radars when they weren’t before.

Controversy drives ad views. Just like the constant 24/7 “Get Trump” mainstream media news cycle feeds the Trump-hating addicts it helped create. Imagine how many outraged men sought out Gillette’s video just to leave a nasty message for them in the comments section. You already know this, but comments affect ad revenue in no way whatsoever. Views do. Clicks do. It’s essentially one of the best examples of “click bait” we’ve seen in a long time. It was all about the money. But as far as the not-so-subtle skin color propaganda, it makes you wonder who has Gillette in their pocket? The Cabal perhaps? Remember earlier when I cited corporations as one of the many tendrils of the Cabal? “Hm, tendrils, you say? That reminds me an awful lot of….”

“Hail Hydra! Cut off one head and two more shall take its place.”

Image result for marvel hydra

You didn’t think I’d close out without at least one more comic book reference, did you? Like I’ve said time and time and time again: They have to tell you what they’re doing. What are the odds that this evil Marvel organization (who actually believes it’s doing good) has its many appendages embedded in corporations, the military, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, religions, politics, government, research and development, etc…… just like the Cabal? Though fictional, Hydra even has its roots in, you guessed it, Nazi Occultism! As I’ve said before, it has all been laid out for you. Information is everywhere if you have the eyes to see it. This Cabal wants to change you. It doesn’t want you to realize you’re a divine being. It doesn’t want us to discover our co-creative abilities as a social memory complex. It suppresses the paramount importance of consciousness. They change our perception through symbolism, social programming, subliminal messages and geo-engineering. They control what we think by controlling what we feel. We are bred as emotional creatures to make such control constructs more effective.

I have no doubt that global warming is real, for instance. Our planet, our solar system and the entire galaxy are heating up. Part of it is occurring naturally but we have been told that the carbon dioxide we produce combined with the continued use of fossil fuels is creating the Greenhouse Effect that continues to slowly melt the polar icecaps. But is that really true? While I believe the phenomena is real, what’s actually causing it? Us? Or something else? Enter geo-engineering (aka climate engineering). What is it and how can it be affecting Earth so drastically?

Is it possible that we can actually change the weather? Many people think this technology is fiction or that it’s years away. The reality is that it’s here, now. Technology, as always, is a double-edged sword. Science like this could be used to save us, or destroy us. But who is in control of it? If it’s the Cabal, there can be no doubt what purpose they have in mind for it. Technology’s power to change is nearly unrivaled. Take for instance the new “photoacoustic” technology that uses lasers to beam audio directly into the human skull so that only certain targeted individuals can hear it? Can you imagine the power to affect worldwide change if this technology was weaponized on a global scale? It’s not fiction, it’s real ( What’s even more frightening is another alias this tech goes by: The Voice of God. 

If the Cabal has access to this technology what sort of “religious experience” could they produce in order to control us and changed the very way we perceive reality? Project Blue Beam is a classified technology that can produce moving 3D holograms by projecting an image onto the sodium layer of Earth’s mesosphere. Couple this with the “Voice of God” and there would be no limit to the scenarios they could create. Alien invasions.  The return of Jesus.  The Four Horseman heralding the start of Tribulation.  God Himself strolling among the clouds.

Project Blue Beam is also called “Firesign.”

Image result for project firesign

“Do Not Copy” lol

Image result for project firesign

Was Hillary Clinton, a Cabal operative, going to use this technology to help her win the 2016 Presidential Election?


Relax! I don’t think any of that will happen. Because there is a far more powerful and transformative force than technology. It’s more powerful than the Cabal. It transcends and supersedes everything. You might be thinking, “God, right?!” Well, considering everything in existence originates from the One Source (at least in my opinion) that wouldn’t be an incorrect statement. But my real answer is: It’s us!

We are the most powerful force for change the Earth has ever known. We just don’t know it yet, because that truth has been stolen and hidden away from us. We literally have the power to affect reality on a mass scale. Esoteric Community insiders often speak about the power of mass meditation. If even 1% of Earth’s population got together, meditated, and invited our cosmic cousins to come down and openly introduce themselves they would. We are not waiting on them. They are waiting on us. Call them Angels, Light Beings, Extraterrestrials, Guardians, the Galactic Federation of Light, whatever. Those are all names for the same thing. Evil is a powerful and insidious force for change. But so is good. Hate can fundamentally alter a person’s personality permanently. But so can love. Fear is perhaps the single biggest offender throughout our entire history. What is that Master Yoda said? Ah, yes!

“Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.”

Oh, Yoda. You wise sumbitch. But what is the antithesis of fear? It’s peace. If we had peace we would have everything. Imagine a world with no suffering, no hate or fear, no starvation or poverty, the freedom to explore our passions, to travel and visit not just other countries but other planets, other dimensions! I know it sounds like science fiction, but this is humanity’s Endgame (don’t sue me, Marvel!). We will be Starfarers, explorers. We will be freed from oppression. We’ll reconnect with our lost history and learn that though we were born on Earth physically, many of us possess souls that originated Far From Home (Damn it! I can’t help it! I’m a superhero nerd!).

This is why we are all so fascinated by sci-fi and fantasy. We intuitively know it’s our destiny. It may take a while to get there, but luckily there’s plenty of time. Because time is an illusion, as is death. We are eternal. We simply need to change our way of thinking and claim the power that has been denied to us for so long. But we can’t do that as long as we ignore the Enemy in our midst. As long as we refuse to acknowledge that a dark Cabal has a grip on our minds and souls on a planetary scale, we will never truly be free. Perhaps one day those who are Awake and Enlightened will spiritually Ascend into a new layer of reality, leaving this density behind with no memory of the enslavement our minds have suffered through for so long.  Only we have the power to affect such a change. And who knows? Maybe that’s what Q meant by:

Image result for where we go one we go all

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