For a person like me who has a naturally conspiratorial mind, and is skeptical of being told what to believe and what to think it is sometimes hard to be objective. Everything is suspect. Everything could be an attempt at control. Trust nothing. Not even yourself in some cases! For an entire year I’ve personally struggled with being laid off from work choosing to live with family back home rather than start from scratch in a city that had nothing left to offer me.

So I’ve had perhaps more free time than at any other point in my life to delve into my hobbies and interests which include UFO phenomena, NWO conspiracies, the supernatural and occult and (strangely) even the geopolitical landscape. It’s been both a blessing and a curse.

No, not that NWO!


It gave me the opportunity to research things more deeply than usual because I have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the commodity of time. Somehow in my quest to understand what we often find difficult to explain I got pulled down the path of researching the New World Order/Illuminati/Deep State/Elite celebrity paradigm at the heart of the belief that Earth is controlled by a consortium of secret societies.

For the sake of simplicity I’ve always called them the Cabal. Or just “Them.” What it is the Cabal, though? Is it real? Could our world really, truly be in the grip of a conglomerate of religious gaslighters, esoteric occultists, corporations, bankers, celebrity influencers (actors, musicians et al) as well as a gaggle of politicians and mainstream media outlets who serve as mouthpieces and right hand men and women of some dark, worldwide conspiracy?

In the course of this newfound freedom to pursue my passions I entered the crescendo of my own personal Great Awakening and it was also during this time that Qanon caught my attention. I had been peripherally aware of Q for some time before I really started reading the drops and seeing how it all fit in with what I had already come to believe. And that’s the important thing: No one told me to believe anything.

I wasn’t tricked, brainwashed or misled somehow by a group of people or other individuals. I came to my conclusions independently that we live in a very tightly regulated society while being given just enough “freedom” to be blissfully, ignorantly unaware of that we’re slaves to a multitude of control mechanisms. And in the course of delving into the Q phenomenon much of what was presented aligned and supported what I’d previously privately deduced. But it was even worse than I had believed.

Could it really be true that the world’s most powerful Elites are Satanists? Do they really sacrifice people to Moloch, worship Baphomet, bathe in blood, rape and murder children, harvest and consume adrenochrome and manage to keep it all a secret from the public? There’s no way to know for sure; they are masters of obfuscation. But Q assures us that this is a reality. They’re Devil worshippers. Pedophiles. Sick. Evil. “What is a spell?” we’re asked.

Is this really what we’re up against?


Alright, you caught me. The above photo is the Satanic-themed black metal band Behemoth. No, I am not encouraging you to listen to them! Listen to Ghost instead. They’re way better. And more Satany.

Whoops, I didn’t offend anyone did I? Because I don’t really care. I’m a free-thinker. I can enjoy good music when I hear it without believing I’ll burn in Hell because Jesus is sad at me. These entertainers are a far cry from the real threat. The very real Elites that control what we watch, what we eat, what we hear and to a large extent what we believe is the true enemy. I would love to fancy myself as someone who is above all that. Because I’m “awake” and all.

But if that were true I wouldn’t still be aware of feeling as trapped by their systems of control as I do. Yes, I am awake. But it’s the equivalent of having just awoken from a deep sleep as my cognition and motor skills are trying to shake off the last vestiges of the chemicals my brain produces to keep me from thrashing about while I dream. It has indeed been a great (if also somewhat rude) awakening.

In the midst of all this I find myself often asking, “When?” When will the wealthy and celebrity Elite be exposed as members of the pedo-Satanist cabal that has infected our mass consciousness with negativity for God knows how long? When will the hammer drop on the Deep State to reveal the bad actors and traitors in our government? When will there be mass arrests? When will there be military tribunals? When are we going to see justice served?

This is what I imagine Justice being served should look like.

DiznCZfWAAYlwLl (1)

I want validation. I want vindication. I want something to point to so I can say, “See!? I wasn’t crazy! I’m not insane! You’ll see!!! You’ll aaaaaaaalllllll seeeeee, mwuhahahaaaaa….” Ok, maybe that wouldn’t help my case, but it led me to further wonder when we will get Disclosure. When will our world governments finally admit that we aren’t alone in the universe? When will suppressed technologies be released? When will Ascension happen? When this? When that? When, when, when?

For so long many of us, myself included, have looked outside of ourselves for answers. I condemn the cult of psychopaths I’m convinced have us pinned down under the yoke of oppression but I’m beginning to recognize that some of the groups I associate with don’t exactly encourage independent thought. I’ve recently found myself on social media more and more frequently. But I’m beginning to realize that it’s just another form of “group-think.”

Is it healthy to have your beliefs and impressions continuously validated in an environment that by design is a literal echo chamber for your opinions? Is it a good thing to only be exposed to those who are incapable of challenging your thinking? I say no. If we only ever associate with those who think like we do it causes us to stagnate. Our spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth is stunted. Because in order for those things to flourish they must be nurtured by challenge. They need to be exercised which cannot happen if they have atrophied from disuse.

Social media is, literally, the definition of an echo chamber.


Twitter, for instance, aims to connect you with like-minded people. In my case I often get follows from Trump supporters, conservatives and hardcore Christians. Wait, what? How did that happen? Yes, I do for the most part support Trump now-but that is only a recent development. The man still has flaws (and I still have many questions, like why he was also on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane and has been quoted in the past as saying he’s a great guy, but I digress…). And though I would say I’m pro-God, I’m anti-religion. And, dare I say, anti-Christian.

Sorry, but I don’t buy into a doctrine that tells me I’ll burn in agony forever and ever if I don’t believe what someone else believes. No human being has the right to impose their beliefs on another, no matter how fervently they believe it themselves. Hard pass on that. When you begin defining God using a book written by people, you’ve lost the plot. “But they were divinely inspired, so it’s still the Word of God!” some say. According to the people who wrote the book, yes. Why would they claim otherwise? Sorry, I got sidetracked again.

No free thought allowed!


So Twitter has lumped me in with the Trump crowd, which I’m ok with. And Bible thumping conservatives. Ok, sure. The Bible’s basic message is: Don’t be an asshole. Love each other. I can dig that. But, because of my interest in Q, I also see post after post after post of people condemning others for being “Satanists.” Of claiming themselves to be “Patriots” and “Anons.” Look, I am a patriot. I would even consider myself an anon because I believe Q is a force for good. But at some point I have to diverge from the crowd and seek my own path. How can I despise the control systems of a worldwide Cabal, yet fall victim to getting sucked into what amounts to just another cult?

The difference is the Cult of Q is one of “patriots” of “anons.” Of Jesus-loving, Bible-slinging, Trump-supporting, red-blooded Americans who fight for God, guns and Country. And that’s great. But it’s not something that exactly lends itself to critical thinking, is it? These are the same people who think aliens are demons, that if you don’t agree with what they say you must be one of Them. A baby eater. A pedophile. A blood-drinker. A bitch of Moloch, an MK Ultra brainwashed servant of Satan, a Baphomet-worshipping child murderer. I’m certain followers of Q (of which I consider myself one) would likely be upset at hearing themselves referred to as a cult. Yes, that description doesn’t carry a very positive connotation but it’s not entirely inaccurate.

While I have no doubt that evil people like that exist (and in the highest political and religious offices in the land) the opposite end of the spectrum is in many ways just as toxic. Is it any healthier to believe that everyone who disagrees with you must be a secret Satanist than it is to be one? I think what Q is doing is a revelation. Light needs to be shed on the dark corners these cockroaches take refuge in. But Q is not a prophet. Q is not a time-traveler or Baron Trump from the future. Q is just a person or group of people trying to expose the Deep State, the Cabal and the Elite. In the Christian parlance, Q is not Jesus.

Becoming more active on social media has proven to be a fascinating exercise. I decided to experiment and find out how utterly predictable it all is. Day after day users will ask you to retweet and follow everyone in a certain thread. This is done to help people grow their accounts and increase their impressions. It’s not important to me, but for many it’s all that matters. So I spent a week re-tweeting “Trump Trains” and following “Patriots” and anyone who had a cross, a flag or a halo icon in their title. My followers grew from 400 to over 1,000. These people don’t care about the subject matter I discuss. Hell, even in my profile I included this:


This is anathema to what most religious types believe. What I noticed is that every time I re-tweeted something that didn’t align with the beliefs of the church-going types (UFOs, ETs, etc.) they started dropping like flies. I decided to do another experiment. I chose to use (*gasp*) profanity in one of my tweets. I did this to see how many of the easily offended, religiously inclined folks would unfollow me. I predicted about ten. It was closer to twenty. Don’t get me wrong, I care literally nothing for how many followers I have. But I did find it amusing.

If I can seed just one person’s consciousness with the idea that it’s healthy to question the status quo and think independently then I think I will have done what I was put here to do. And that is to help awaken others. When I say awaken, I mean that in the sense of waking people up to the fact that we aren’t alone in the universe. That we have been lied to and manipulate all our lives by sociopaths who care nothing for us and who only care about power, wealth and control. That we are beings of spirit and consciousness and that our current bodies are simply vessels via which we navigate physical reality. I believe our true destiny lies outside the confines of our bodies, outside time and space. But none of this is subject matter I haven’t already covered in previous posts.

I am guilty of looking to Q, to Trump and even to help from outside this world among the stars for guidance and assistance in breaking free from the control schemes that seek to define us. Some people look to Jesus, to the Bible. And that’s fine. It’s not as if the messages they espouse are bad. It’s good to have guidelines. But, again, it doesn’t encourage independent thought. It tells you, “You must believe THIS. If you don’t, you’re BAD.” I often pray, but these days I’m not sure exactly who or what I’m praying to. Is it God? Is it Pleiadians? Is it my Higher Self, which is simply an extension of divinity which originates from Source?

What he said.

Lately, I’m leaning more towards that last one. It doesn’t mean I don’t believe in God. Far from it. But I am coming to believe more and more that, if we are truly One, it means we are also God. SACRILEGE! Right? But what else are we if we originate from the One? If timeless, boundless consciousness chose to experience duality in order to know itself more completely what are We except manifestations of Source? Even the Bible said God made us in His image.

So rather than constantly relying on a cult-like online echo chamber such as Twitter to validate our views, or looking to some anonymous Internet entity like Q for answers, maybe looking inward for validation is the true key. And look, I’ll be the first to admit that I check Q drops every day. It’s like getting a sweet fix letting me believe that something (anything) is happening behind the scenes that will lead to the puppet masters getting their just desserts. We all clamor on a daily basis for some external savior to sweep down and fix our lives much in the same way that we blame an external tormentor for our woes:

Satan, you bastard!

Rather than placing time frames on when something could or should occur, maybe it’s wiser to focus on existing in the moment and learning from your current experience regardless of whether it’s good or bad?

This is a journey after all, isn’t it? We’re here to learn and to grow. And then move on. To what? Who really knows? A non-physical state of being? Another physical, yet transient, plane of existence? Maybe. But does it all just suddenly…end? I think we all intuitively know that isn’t the case, though we may rant and rail against God, Heaven, Hell, the Devil and anyone and anything in between for putting us on this cursed rock. If space and time are illusions then is it helpful to constantly be asking ourselves “When?” about anything?

Image result for when lord when is gonna be my time gif

I’ve had to ask myself recently if checking Twitter every five minutes and seeing nothing but a string of constant vitriol being spewed from either side is worth keeping myself informed on what’s going on. On the Left are the Trump-haters and a bunch of idiots representing them as they push their agenda to allow illegals to vote, to terminate babies after they’re born and accusing everyone else of being homophobes, racists and sexists. Then from the Right you have conservatives accusing everyone who doesn’t agree with them of being brainwashed by the media or being a pedophile or a Satanist. Or both. They claim they support equality but relentlessly bash Islam simply because, at worst, they think every Muslim is a terrorist or, at best, it’s quite simply not Christianity.

At least Islam recognizes Jesus as a great teacher. Christians call Muhammad a false prophet and (you guessed it) a pedophile. Many of them say Islam is just another form of Satanism because of some of the early art and imagery that rose up around it. It’s complete lunacy. The amount of personal entitlement on social media is as demoralizing as anything I’ve experienced in school or at work. Worse, even. Because the anonymity of the Internet empowers people to be total douchebags who say whatever they want as they hide behind multiple alternate accounts and the almighty “respond/block” nuclear option.

I hope it stops. It’s another thing I keep asking “When” about? When will the Left learn to see Democrats for the charlatans they are and give Trump a chance? And when will the Right get off their god damn high horses pretending that the righteous fury of Jesus Christ himself fuels their opinions and gives them license to pass judgment on others who are most likely just disillusioned and uninformed? There is no middle ground for either of these groups. And if there was it would be strewn about with the corpses of those who tried to make peace between the Alt-Right and the Radical Left and ended up getting churned to chum and left for the sharks to dispose of. And guess what the prize is for the ones who win?


Meanwhile, as always, we’re at each other’s throats which is exactly what “They” want. I’m sure better, more patient people than myself will be able to soldier on and “fight the good fight” (whatever that means to them). But following the news everyday and witnessing the sheer hatred between those who despise Trump and those who love him is just exhausting. It’s become so nerve-wracking, stressful and unfulfilling that only a crazy person would allow themselves to get swept up in the opera of it all.

As for me, I’m calling it quits with the political aspect of all this. I’ll let those whose passion it is to dissect every Q drop and comb every news article for Deep State propaganda to do what they do best. My passion was never the political aspect of The Great Awakening. It’s the spiritual aspect. The consciousness aspect. When will we find out what UFOs are? When will we know for sure whether there really are secret space programs? Was Elvis an alien? Those kinds of things.

The kicker is that the same entitled, righteous far Right zealots who may read this would probably condemn me as “fake MAGA” or a “fake Twitter journalist,” terms that I’m sad to say have been popularized on the Qanon forums. Newsflash: not everyone who decides to take a break from the madness or bail completely loses the right to call themselves a patriot. And, of course, anyone on the Left would think I was a lunatic anyway just for following Q or supporting Trump. There’s simply no pleasing anyone. So my advice would be to please yourself. No! Not like that! I mean, do what makes you happy. If all the political drama, investigations, Left-Right bickering and Internet conspiracy theories are too much….turn it off! You have the power! I know I certainly do.

If it makes you happy……

Just do it?


With that said, I doubt I’ll post very frequently anymore. I’ve done what I set out to do which is to try to get all of my thoughts and opinions out of my head and onto the page. Few people have read any of my posts and that’s ok. I did it for me and, yes, partly for anyone who stumbled across these posts and could relate to the questions I had about the world, whether it be politics, the supernatural, religion, the nature of reality or UFOs and aliens. From now on I’ll most likely simply keep my thoughts where they all began. Inside my head. I may chime in occasionally every few months when more thoughts manifest which need to be transmuted into a blog post. Who knows? Perhaps somewhere down the road a person who is personally acquainted with me will come across these musings and say, “Wow. I never knew the things he thought about were so….WEIRD.”




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