If extraterrestrials are real, what do they want?

It is a foregone conclusion for me that extraterrestrials exist. There is simply too much evidence to dispute it. Feel free to disagree with that assertion but as I have stated in past blogs, it all depends on what can be considered evidence. Many people simply don’t want to accept that we aren’t masters of the universe. Because in that scenario we no longer feel as though we are completely in control. And control is very important to us. We have a need to feel superior, strong; to be the best, the smartest and the most successful. We don’t suffer rivals and we thrive on competition. We like to win. Again, it’s that “predator mind” concept that has been embedded in our ego.

And if we found out we weren’t alone in the universe, everything outlined above becomes threatened. We would begin to question our place in the grand scheme of things. Our ego comes to the fore and our hackles rise up. So, like the ostrich, we stick our heads in a hole in the ground and pretend that if we can’t see those Others, out there among the stars, they can’t see us. At this point it’s not hard to understand why so many of us are in denial about the truth. And I do believe, on some visceral level, that we know we really aren’t alone. The universe is simply too vast and unknown for the existence of life elsewhere not to be extremely likely. So, for the sake of argument, let us suppose for the remainder of this post that ETs are real. Ok, fine. So why are they here? If they’re so advanced (after all, they did figure out the mechanics of relatively fast intergalactic and interstellar travel) what interest do they have in us?

Well, that largely depends on who you ask. First, let’s break down the known types of ETs. This information comes from a variety of sources: government whistle blowers, community insiders, researchers, experiencers and contactees, and even people who claim to have channeled these intelligent entities. I’d like to point out that I am deliberately avoiding the use of the term “alien.” I feel that it is a word specifically designed to elicit a negative response in the human psyche. It evokes feelings of otherness, suspicion and guardedness that aren’t healthy to the discussion. I prefer the term ETs because it’s a simple word which I feel has no inherent ulterior meaning. So, here we go. These are the types of ETs that are said to be in active contact with us:

Arcturians: From Arcturus, a constellation in the Boötes Void (pronounced “boo-OH-tees” not “Boots” or “Booties”). They are a benevolent people who are here to assist us on our path to Ascension by helping us raise our vibrational frequency. Their society is governed by a council of Elders. They are fifth dimensional beings who directly oppose the Draco Reptilians.

Ebens: The ET beings we seem to know the most about and have had the most contact with. A mostly benevolent people, they are from a planet in the Zeta Reticuli System which we have come to call SERPO (our designation, not theirs). They are said to be playful and good-natured, are master geneticists and cloners, master spacefarers able to bend space/time to traverse the cosmos and even time travel. Ebens are often mistaken for Greys in popular culture and it is said that they are the ET race which crashed at Roswell. A video was later made of them descending from space to make contact with us (possibly to negotiate the return of their comrades’ remains). The video was initially slated to be shown in one of the first government approved documentaries as part of the government’s “slow disclosure” process, but was later withheld. It is further claimed that this tape was instead shown to Steven Spielberg which inspired the film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Close_Encounters_of_the_Third_Kind) that insiders claim is essentially an exact cinematic recreation of the actual events save for a few changes in location. This form of “soft disclosure” (in which movies, games and other media subliminally prepare us for accepting the existence of advanced beings and their technologies) is part of the Project DOVE program (http://www.serpo.org/release27a.php) developed by DARPA (https://www.darpa.mil/) which was mentioned to President Ronald Reagan during a supposed transcript obtained of the meeting that took place in which he was briefed (as every President is) on the existence of ETs. Incidentally, the SERPO website just linked has a wealth of phenomenal reading material specifically about these beings and our relationship with them. The link is a transcript of the actual ET briefing President Reagan received in 1981 shortly after he assumed office which was leaked on an Internet discussion forum in 2005 by a government insider calling himself “Request Anonymous” or simply “Anonymous.” After establishing contact with these beings using instrumentation recovered from the crashed crafts (there were two at Roswell, not one) and guidance from the sole survivor, whom they named “Noah” after treating his wounds and providing protection for him, we initiated an “exchange program” with these beings in which 12 humans returned with them to SERPO and one of them stayed behind with us as an ambassador. That program has been covered extensively by well-known insider Linda Howe and also by ex-military officer and author Len Kastan (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqVrkbfrZ-0). It’s one of the earliest incidents of Exopolitics (https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Exopolitics) and we now know that they chose the Roswell, New Mexico area as their base of operations because a) they were interested in our nuclear technology housed there and b) it was hot and arid like SERPO which is in a binary star system (two suns) unlike our planet which only has one.

Trantaloids: A hostile race of Insectoid ETs from Epsilon Eridani in the Eridanus Constellation. The military refers to them as HAVs (Hostile Alien Visitors). They are said to be the ones mostly responsible for the rash of unexplained cattle mutilations as they harvest their genitals and other organs to produce anti-toxins which help them function in our environment. They can project an image into the minds of humans to appear however they wish. It is claimed that President Reagan, when briefed on these particular ETs, joked that he wished this technique existed when he was making movies instead of using make-up. They have learned to harness the power of anti-matter for their space propulsion systems, the same type of energy being studied at the CERN project (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CERN).

Mantids: Another Insectoid race. They are largely indifferent to us, as we are viewed as little more than animals, and they are the most adept geneticists that we’re aware of. They hail from the planet OTTO in Zeta Reticuli within the constellation of Reticulum. They are extremely telepathic, as many ET beings are. It is said that they were originally created by the Ebens and are actually actively working in tandem with the United States military on several “Black Budget” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_budget) classified projects. Little else is known about them other than that they have an almost total lack sympathy for our kind, though some insiders acknowledge that (as with most ETs) there are some who feel that our kind can some day be valuable and contributing members of an interstellar commerce system.

Alpha Centaurians:  From a civilization near their home star of Alpha Centauri.  They are said to have a “pure Aryan” look to them, with fair hair similar to an albino but dusky skin akin to a Spaniard. Physically they are very fit and muscular and both males and females would be considered extremely attractive by our kind as they resemble us more than nearly any other race (more on that later). It is even said that many of them walk among us in plain sight and are in some cases virtually indistinguishable from a human with the help of contact lenses which hide eyes that would appear strange to us. Unfortunately it is also said that they are somehow aligned with negative groups on our world such as the Cabal and the Nazis. In fact, some have suggested that Hitler’s idea of a “master race” was inspired by these beings and, along with the Draco, provided technology and schematics to the Third Reich. If the Germans agreed to help mass produce these items, the plans and blueprints were theirs to keep and use however they wish. Eventually, the Nazis formed the very first secret space program until the United States caught up to and surpassed their program decades later. The famous sighting of UFOs over the White House were not ET craft, but Nazis using intimidation tactics using bell-shaped craft they’d built using the technology gifted to them by the Alpha Centaurians.

Annunaki:  Thought to be from the planet Nibiru a.k.a. Planet X (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nibiru_cataclysm). They are genetic manipulators who have been visiting our planet perhaps longer than any other ET species. They are controllers and conquerors who travel the cosmos imposing their will on less developed intelligent species. Many ancient pieces of art featuring human-looking figures with elongated skulls are said to have been inspired by these imposing beings. Some have claimed that the Annunaki created humans, but that theory has since come into contention. It is said that perhaps they are the ones who built the pyramids with a combination of their technology and slave labor not only from the surrounding area but also from personal slaves they brought with them to Earth called the Igigi (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Igigi) who later rebelled against their masters. One prevailing theory is that the Annunaki were in fact just Reptilians who had shifted their form to a more human-like visage and that once their plan to physically force other beings into labor failed they abandoned the facade (explaining the “disappearance” of the Annunaki) and opted for a more subtle but far more effective campaign of control through fear. Thus, it is entirely possible that they are the progenitors of the Illuminati/Cabal paradigm here on Earth.

Blue Avians:  Up until recently no one within the Esoteric Community had ever heard of a blue, bird-like species of humanoid beings although many ancient Egyptian pieces of art do feature human-looking, bird-headed gods such as Horus and Thoth:


Image result for horus


Image result for thoth

Recently, insider Corey Goode introduced the world to Ra Tier Eir, a being he says is of Eighth Density who travels not in ships but in a massive blue sphere constructed of some unknown energy or material.

Ra Tier Eir

Image result for ra tier eir

Where they come from is unknown, whether it is from a distant star system or even another dimension or plane of reality. Their purpose, according to Goode, is to help provide guidance for us on our path to Ascension (much like the Arcturians). Goode claims that they are so advanced that they have surpassed the need for technology and simply exert their will by changing their vibrational frequency (something they claim we will one day eventually be able to do as well once our Ascension has taken place). Even more interesting is that the blue spheres they seem to use for travel are actually highly advanced beings themselves…perhaps even more than the Blue Avians themselves. These “sphere beings” are what inspired Goode’s website called: https://spherebeingalliance.com/.

One thing Tier Eir has stated is that the reason ETs are not more actively involved in speeding mankind along on its path to Ascension is that there is a danger of becoming enmeshed in our Karmic cycle of reincarnation. They have long since broken free of that wheel and have no desire to once again be pulled back into it. They are beings of pure light and love who serve the “ultimate creator” or what is sometimes referred to as “The Source” in the Law of One. Incidentally, when Goode asked if Ra Tier Eir is the titular figure in The Ra Material which covers the Law of One, he simply replied, “I Am Ra,” a phrase which is spoken many dozens of times as Ra in the Law of One answers questions while someone is channeling him. They tend to communicate via dreams and espouse the virtues of being of service to others and learning to love and forgive yourself.  Only one other Blue Avian is known about and his or her name is Ra Rain Eir, whom we know virtually nothing about.

Zeta Reticuli: Also called “The Greys.” These beings are from Zeta Reticuli in the constellation of Reticulum and are by far the most well-known type of ET in Earth’s popular culture having been featured or parodied in countless films, TV shows and video games. They are another type of ET that are said to be closer to robots or biological androids and could be considered “soulless.” They are closely aligned with the Draco and like the Ebens possess the means to time travel. The are involved in genetic programs here on Earth and are said to view us as animals much like the Trantaloids. There is some speculation that, since they are essentially a programmed life form, their bodies can be used to traverse our density much like human astronauts need a special suit to travel safely outside of our atmosphere. Some have even claimed that the Draco do just that by projecting their consciousness into these beings to perform certain functions or tasks. It could be that this is yet another method to divest themselves of any responsibility for their actions in a Karmic sense, as if to say, “I didn’t do it. The grey being did.” The Deep State/Cabal/Illuminati are said to use their own versions of programmed beings inspired by the Greys’ design in order to abduct humans as part of a disinformation campaign to make us fear ETs.

Nordics:  From the Pleiades star cluster. They are a mostly benevolent people who, like many other ET groups, wish to help us along on our spiritual journey.  This is another group that looks very similar to humans much like the Alpha Centaurians and would be considered “angelic” or very beautiful by our physical standards. There seems to be some confusion as to whether they can be trusted since they originally stated that they were from Venus but later changed their story. They have been at war with the Draco but a breakaway group of these Nordic beings were enslaved by the Draco and were coerced into working for them. These negatively aligned Nordics are said to possess six fingers instead of five. Many UFO abductees reported the presence of six-fingered beings while they were being tested and experimented upon my various types of Greys. However, many insiders claimed to have worked with them and have described the experience as positive. So, as with many of these groups, there appear to be both benevolent and negative factions of these beings.

Tall Whites: Rumored to be from the Orion system, it is believed that they are here to aid and assist us. Insider Emery Smith describes working with these beings and says that (perhaps related to Project DOVE) they look almost exactly like the beings who created the Clone Army in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. The term “Tall Whites” is often used as a misnomer since others have referred to both the Nordics and the Alpha Centurians as “Tall Whites” so there is some confusion as to whether they are benevolent or not. Some claim these beings are compassionate and intelligent while others went on record as saying they were threatened by them and that they were very “war-like.” This group seems to be one of the more mysterious ones so their motivations are unclear, but they are discussed in Dr. Michael Salla’s ET motivation report entitled “A Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races – A Typology of the Most Significant Extraterrestrial Races Interacting with Humanity” (

Sirians: Beings from Sirius, also known as “Dog Star.” They are a benevolent group and have been visiting Earth for more than 5 million years. It is said that aspects of their culture and technology found its way into earlier civilizations here on Earth such as Atlantis (https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Atlantian_Cataclysm). While various, similar beings inhabit Sirius (and not all of them are compassionate towards humans) they are highly advanced spiritually. The brightest star in the sky that we see at night is Sirius, which the ancient Dogon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dogon_people) tribes documented in some of their earliest recorded texts. Note in this photo how their ceremonial headdress emulates a larger than normal cranium like the Sirians are said to have:


It is known that Sirians have larger brains containing an extra lobe allowing them to be extremely telepathic and perhaps telekinetic. Are their over-sized skulls the inspiration for this design? How such a supposedly primitive tribe could possess such advanced knowledge of the orbital patterns of both Sirius A and Sirius B have long baffled NASA scientists, perhaps proving that the Sirians have indeed been visiting us for quite some time. A thousand years ago they shared many parallels with the Egyptians, despite that they were separated by a distance of 2,000 miles, and did worship many similar gods leading some to believe that they may have been visited by ETs around the same time the pyramids were constructed.

Draco:  From Alpha Draconis in the constellation of Draco. Their goal is to control and, ultimately, replace humanity on Earth as the dominant species. In popular culture they are more often referred to as the Reptilians, but that is a misnomer since there is more than one type of Reptilian being. These creatures can measure as tall as 15 feet and their coloration can vary, but it is said that those of “royal” bloodlines feature white scales and have an almost albino-like quality to them.  According to Corey Goode the “supreme leader” of these beings is a white Draco named “Pindar.” Goode says he has met one of these beings in the flesh and vouches that they do emit a type of “fear aura” which has been popularized in certain forms of entertainment such as Dungeons & Dragons (http://gdnd.wikidot.com/feats:dragon-fear) which caused him to become disoriented, nauseous and dizzy.  They are considered one of the biggest threats in the galaxy to us and other peaceful beings and are actively opposed by many of the benevolent forces that are trying to help us. Many believe that the Draco are the founding fathers of the Cabal or Illuminati which has been trying to control humanity through fear and disinformation campaigns for at least several hundreds of years but likely much longer than that. They are incredibly advanced technologically and like many of their more benevolent contemporaries are master geneticists. It is said they are now trying to claim Earth as their own because they were driven out from every corner of the cosmos until they had nowhere left to run. Their homeworld is said to be as close to a true, physical representation of our concept of a biblical Hell than any other place known. And indeed their massive wings, sinewy tails, sharp fangs and scaly hides may even be the inspiration behind folk tales of dragons and demons. While they are largely opposed, there are many ET groups who are indifferent to humanity and have no qualms about working with the Draco. There is speculation that dinosaurs were nothing more than a Draco genetic experiment that was eventually destroyed by the Forces of Light because they were considered dangerous abominations. The Draco are said to have been influencing Earth for millions of years and imagery of powerful serpentine beings, both good and evil, are prominent in a vast number of our ancient cultures:

The Egyptian god, Sobek

Image result for sobek

The Aztec god, Quetzalcoatl

Image result for quetzalcoatl

The Mayan snake-god, Kuluklan

Image result for mayan snake god

Medusa, from Greek mythology

Image result for medusa

Tiamat, a Babylonian water god from the Bible

Image result for tiamat

Bodhisattva Nagarjuna, a prominent, kindly Buddhist philosopher who was said to be initiated by serpents

Image result for bodhisattva nagarjuna

Chinese dragons, often portrayed as wise but powerful and well-meaning

Image result for chinese dragon

The dragons of Western and European lore depicted as destructive beasts whose very presence incites fear when beheld (who can forget our good buddy Drogon from “Game of Thrones?”)

Image result for drogon

And, of course, Satan; the Great Serpent and who corrupted humanity and perhaps the most well-known reptilian or snake-like figure in all of our history. What a dick.

The all-seeing eye on the dollar bill is said to be that of Pindar himself (the leader of the Draco) watching humanity while hiding in plain sight. Below the eye it says in Latin “Novus Ordo Seclorum.” Translated into English it means “A new order of the ages.” Sounds like a fancy way of saying “New World Order” if you ask me. Just saying. The phrase was suggested by Charles Thomson, a man who (while not a Freemason himself) was commissioned for the task by none other than Benjamin Franklin who many believe was most definitely a Mason and a high-ranking one at that (http://www.masonicinfo.com/greatseal.htm). But I’m getting off track here. Back to the topic at hand.

Related image

Pleiadians: This group is from the Pleiades star cluster in the Taurus constellation. They are mostly a benevolent people, but there are accounts of malevolent ones as well. Their main purpose seems to be a scientific interest in us and as such they have a desire to study us. Out of all the ET groups they are said to look the most like us, even more so than Nordics and Alpha Centaurians. They are able to pass as human in appearance without any assistance whatsoever even though internally they do differ from us. Some Cherokee Native Americans were taught that they may actually be from the Pleiades cluster. A man named Billy Meier gained some notoriety in the late 70s and 80s for his account of face-to-face contact with these beings. His encounters were documented by noted community insider Dr. Michael Salla. It should be made clear that the term “Pleiadian” is often used interchangeably with “Tall White,” “Nordic” or “Blonde” ET beings for though they are alike in appearance to one another, their mission and purpose for interacting with us is different. In popular Earth culture a being who goes by the name “Lord Ashtar” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashtar_(extraterrestrial_being), who is the leader of the Ashtar Command (http://ashtar.galactic.to/), is one of the better known figures in this society along with another well-known master and teacher:

“The Ashtar Command is the airborne division of the Great Brother/Sisterhood of Light, under the administrative direction of Commander Ashtar and the spiritual guidance of Lord Sananda, our Commander-in-Chief, know to Earth as Jesus the Christ. Composed of millions of starships and personnel from many civilizations, we are here to assist Earth and humanity through the current cycle of planetary cleansing and polar realignment. We serve like midwives in the birthing of humanity from dense-physical to physical-etheric bodies of light, capable of ascending into the fifth dimension along with the Earth.”

As you undoubtedly will have just taken note, this group claims that none other than Jesus Christ himself is a member of their race who goes by the name “Lord Sananda” in their culture (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master_Jesus). While Ashtar is their military commander, Sananda is their spiritual leader and together they claim that their goal is to help us achieve our Ascension out of Third Density.

Ant Race: Another Insectoid ET whose place of origin is unknown.  They are known to be affiliated with the Draco, possibly as workers or for security purposes. Insiders have said they’ve been spotted in the company of the Draco (including the white, albino “royals”). However, Emery Smith says he worked with them on many classified projects and had a positive experience. He was even able to sense the lingering consciousness of one of these beings after it mysteriously perished and said he felt a “great sadness” during the experience and that it was the first time he had ever sensed such an emotion from an ET. Corey Goode has suggested that any of the ant beings seen in the company of the Draco may be accompanying them under duress or as slaves.

Feline Race:  Benevolent cat-like humanoids from the planet Avyon in the Lyra system.  They are compassionate, curious and highly intellectual. They are members of the Galactic Federation of Light (https://medium.com/we-are-not-alone-the-disclosure-lobby/galactic-federation-of-light-planetary-ascension-update-4fa01d4b8830) and originally came from a separate universe entirely. Corey Goode claims the Draco cannot stand them and has ordered members of the Cabal to kill them on sight. The reason for such animosity towards them is not known, however they are said to possess an ability that lets them cloak themselves from those who are hunting them. And, like the Reptilians, feline and lion-like beings are peppered throughout our history in the form of different gods and goddesses such as Sekhmet from Egyptian lore:

The Egyptian goddess, Sekhmet

Related image

As well as Bast (the goddess worshipped in the fictional Marvel film “Black Panther”)

Image result for bast

It’s probably not much of a stretch to assume these Felines have a similar appearance to these other well-known cat folk from popular culture (minus the cheesy Saturday morning cartoon vibe, of course):


Venusians:  Guess where these guys come from? Their goal, like so many other benevolent ET groups is to, once again, assist us in getting our shit together spiritually. President Eisenhower famously met with an ambassador from Venus named “Valiant Thor” shortly after he and his crew landed in Alexandria, Virginia on March 16th, 1957. Valiant Thor, or simply Val Thor, wanted to meet with Eisenhower to discuss helping to solve some of our world issues, eradicating many diseases and illnesses and also to offer advice on dealing with and eliminating hostile ET races that were trying to interfere with human affairs on Earth. Val Thor chose to tell his personal story to a man named Dr. Frank Strange whom he had chosen because of his strong Christian faith. As he claimed Jesus was not a man, but an extraterrestrial sent to guide us on our spiritual walk, Valiant thought Dr. Strange (no, not the Sorcerer Supreme) would be receptive to hearing the truth about the figure who had been central to his beliefs his entire life. Val Thor supposedly left Earth on March 16th, 1960 (three years to the day that he had arrived here) but not before someone had apparently photographed him at a meeting with Pentagon officials prior to his departure:

Valiant Thor Frank Stranges Howard Menger

Others claim he never left and now resides in Lake Mead National Park where one of their ships is kept.  Even though he has not been seen publicly since then, it is said that he left several of his Venusian crewman behind to monitor our activities and help us when the time came. We know that on Venus they dwelt underground and it was said that humans were in the minority in that we have populated our surface but not our planet’s interior which is a departure from how most beings live on other worlds. Just as Val Thor was pleased to see that Christ’s teachings have endured here on Earth, he and many other ET species reportedly also thought highly of Buddha, calling him one of the greatest “scientists” ever known. We of course would think that wording was strange, but remember that their science is a melding of spirituality and technology and, as Buddha was known as a supremely wise and spiritual person, their assessment of him makes sense in that regard.

Orangies:  From Barnard’s Star in the constellation of Ophiuchus.  Their designation came from us because of the orange coloring of their skin which fades to brown when they die. They are said to come from another hidden dimension and rarely show themselves to humans. This type of ET was made famous by long time community insider Boyd Bushman (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VA3HV_gfq80), a senior scientist formerly of Lockheed Martin, who presented photos of these beings on his deathbed in 2014. However, there was some controversy surrounding the photos since the aliens in the pictures bore more than a passing resemblance to a type of toy carried by K-Mart. That said, fellow insider Corey Goode stated that it was not beneath the Cabal to manufacture such a product as part of a disinformation campaign to discredit Bushman since he was revealing information to the public that they wanted to keep secret. Here is the contested photo, with the “real” being on the left and the toy on the right:

Image result for boyd bushman photo

Many have posthumously come out to defend Dr. Bushman’s honor however. They cite his explanations for how the mechanics of anti-gravity works while developing the technology during his time with Lockheed Martin (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_Martin) and asked why he would’ve waited until he was about to die to release the photo as opposed to releasing them earlier to strengthen the validity of his claims. Here is a picture of Lockheed Martin’s logo:

Related image

It features what looks to be an incomplete five-pointed star. This is just a personal note on my part, but if Lockheed Martin is in fact in the pocket of the Cabal (as many claim) could this be a subtle, mocking message to humanity? As if to say, “Our Luciferian agenda isn’t quite yet complete, but we’re working on it.” As I said in my last post, Cabal members must tell you what they’re going to do to you before doing it (part of their whole twisted view on cosmic Karma). But I digress. The point is, we simply don’t know whether to trust Dr. Bushman’s claims that he interacted with these “Orangies.”

Archquloids:  They come from a planet called PONTEL in Orion and are thought to have been created or controlled by the Ebens. They have been known colloquially as “Big-Nosed Grays” due to their prominent “wicked witch” style schnoz. They are another form of biological android developed by the Ebens and give to the U.S. government for study. It’s not difficult to imagine that this is how they were able to build their own versions which they later used in their Black Project “fake abduction” operations. The most famous event involving these beings took place in 1983 and is called “The Gate 3 Incident” during which one of these beings, while working with humans at the Groom Lake (otherwise known as “Dream Land,” https://www.ufocasebook.com/gate3.html) facility, wandered a little too far away from his station. They found it outside the confines of the compound along with evidence that it had violently attacked a private security force officer. When they located it they ordered it to return inside but instead it pointed something at them that appeared to be a weapon (likely the one used to attack the other officer) and the OSI agents (Office of Special Investigations) assigned with tracking it down were force to open fire on it. It recovered from its wounds initially but died over a year later. However, no reason could be discovered for why it had tried to leave as they are essentially biological, programmed robots who perform tasks just like machines do. It’s hard to say what their motivations are since it’s said that a chip in their brain can control them via a “black box” that acts like a remote control. Perhaps it’s safe to say their reason for being here is to simply do what they’re programmed for.  It is important to note that these beings may be responsible for many of the abduction stories recounted among people who claim to have experienced interactions with them. However, some say that these are actually manufactured by the military as part of their MILABS (short for Military Abductions, https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Military_Abduction) initiative; abductions staged by the military as opposed to legitimate extraterrestrial contact.

Lemurians: Also known as Telosians, these beings are not actually extraterrestrials but live within our own Inner Earth who originated in Lemuria (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemuria_(continent), a now sunken continent that shares many similarities with the history of Atlantis. Their purpose here is to help and protect us and evidently their technologies are based on some sort of psychotronic (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_harassment#.22Psychotronics.22) use of sound through crystals to create the things they need to survive. They are said to have many places on Earth that are home to their kind such as the Antarctic, under the Pacific Ocean and even under Mt. Shasta (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Shasta) in California (a place where many people have claimed to experience odd supernatural events and who others claim is a source of great spiritual power: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harmonic_Convergence). The most famous case involving these beings occurred in the late 1940s (after World War II when Hiroshima had an atomic bomb dropped on it) involving Admiral Richard E. Byrd. He was flying over the Antarctic (man, what is with that place?) when the icy landscape below them began to give way to green valleys and verdant pastures. They spotted a creature that they immediately identified as a wooly mammoth (a species once thought extinct) and saw a city in the distance with beams of colored energy emanating from it (side note: is the Aurora Borealis what we have been told it is?). They lost control of their instrumentation shortly before a disc-shaped craft came into view and a voice came over the radio stating that everything was ok and they would be guided in safely. On the ground, Admiral Byrd was greeted by a tall, beautiful blonde woman who said it was no mistake that he’d found them and that he had actually been summoned here by her Master. This “Master” (could he have been referring to one of the “Ascended Masters?”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ascended_master) proceeded to tell him that he was gravely concerned for humanity’s future after the destruction wrought by nuclear weapons in WWII. Evidently they had tried to warn the world powers against its use but were ignored. This is what the Admiral claimed the Master said to him:

“So, now, I say to you, my son, there is a great storm gathering in your world, a black fury that will spend itself for many years. There will be no answer in your arms, there will be no safety in your science. Your recent war is only a prelude of what is yet to come for your race.”

When the Admiral asked him what can be done, the Master responded by telling him to go and repeat his words to the rest of the world, saying:

“When the time arrives, we shall come forward again to help revive your culture and your race.”

However, when Admiral Byrd reported this to his superiors they demanded his silence and as such he was never able to share the Master’s warning. Bryd was quoted as saying:

“I am placed under strict control via the national security provisions of this United States of America. I am ordered to remain silent in regard to all that I have learned on the behalf of humanity!!! Incredible!!”

However, shortly before his passing he added:

“Just as the long night of the Arctic ends, the brilliant sunshine of Truth shall come again…and those who are of darkness shall fall in its Light…for I have seen that land beyond the pole, that center of the great unknown.”

Only time will tell if these Lemurians truly will come forward and assist us in our hour of need.

Aquaferians:  Coming from the Pleiades star cluster in the Taurus constellation, they are another primarily benevolent race who wants to help us but also have an interest in experimenting with our DNA. While on Earth they live under our oceans, but some have reported that there are hostile ones, too. They have interacted with humans before, including the Dogon tribes of Africa mentioned before. Those tribes named these creatures the Nommo (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nommo) and were regarded as guardian water spirits which may also have led to legends of mythical creatures such as mermaids (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mermaid). Insiders say that the U.S. Navy has discovered vast underwater cities of these beings and that some can even be seen from space using Google Maps! Some of these creatures can have a traditional merman or mermaid appearance featuring an upper humanoid torso but the lower half of a fish while others are the reverse; some even resemble eels or dolphins according to insider Emery Smith. They communicate via telepathic waves or through frequencies like whales do. Others resemble something closer to a manatee and can be very large and strong with short, trunk-like legs and stumpy hands but who can also be very wise (as their brains are three times the size of a human’s) and speak in a low, deep voice that no human can mimic. There are reports, according to Corey Goode, of fringe members of this race being hostile towards humans and pulling them into the water in order to conduct genetic experiments on them but that these are isolated cases.

Golden Triangle-Headed Beings: Yeah, doesn’t quite roll off the old tongue, does it (https://conspiracydailyupdate.com/category/trendingmemes/spherebeingalliance/golden-triangle-head-beings/)? This is another species that Corey Goode claims he encountered although no one else seems to have any record of them. Not much is known about them or what their purpose is, but here is a drawing of one:

Image result for golden triangle head being

They seem to have a connection with the Blue Avians and Goode seems to think they might actually be one of the original “Builder Races” or one of the “Guardian” races (see the Oraphim: https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Oraphim). We simply don’t know yet.

Anshar: Another group of fourth density Inner Earth beings who have interacted with Corey Goode. He says an Anshar woman named Kaaree brought him down into one of their subterranean cities beneath South America and they shared what he can only describe as a “mind meld” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_Meld). Goode says the Anshar (http://disclosure.wikia.com/wiki/Anshar) are one of many “Break Away Civilizations,” (https://www.gaia.com/article/are-humans-being-recruited-for-breakaway-civilizations) groups of humans who evolved on a different path than the majority of us who are now living on other worlds (like Mars) or deep in the Earth. Don’t think that humans living among the stars could possibly be real? Check out this photo of the Mars Rover where the sun is casting a shadow on the ground. Sure looks like a person working on it, doesn’t it?

Are there humans on Mars already?

Can you see him? Is that the shadow of a humanoid leaning over the rover?

As to the Anshar’s purpose, since they have tried to help us so directly, they are now caught in the Karmic cycle with us; that is, they cannot Ascend any further because they are now anchored to our cycle of reincarnation (as all but a very minuscule portion of us are unable to currently Ascend). This means it is in their best interest to help us along that path so they can free themselves from those bonds and avoid the risk of their people disappearing altogether.

Kaaree of the Anshar

Image result for kaaree

I found her description to be very similar to Stahma Tarr from the TV show “Defiance.” She is from a fictional ET race called Castithans who crash landed on Earth and are forced to co-exist with humans who call them “Haints” which is considered a racial slur:

Jaime Murray in Defiance (2013)

Could this be yet another example of Hollywood being used to seed our mass consciousness and prepare us to more easily accept the presence of beings like these?

Olmecs:  Originally from Earth near the area that is now Mexico (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olmecs) they are another Break Away Civilization now living on another planet in Alpha Centauri, the closest star to us other than our own Sun. Before us they are the most recent race to have overthrown an oppressive regime who was trying to prevent their Ascension. Corey Goode claims to have met with one of them named Mica, who says he and his culture are fascinate by our movies, music, art and entertainment:

Mica of the Olmecs


When the time comes for our Ascension event it is expected that they will be among the first beings to arrive to Earth with aid since they are most like us in appearance and development (Goode says they are about 300 years more advanced than us; not much of a difference in the grand scheme of things).

This is by no means a final, comprehensive list. After all, Esoteric Community insider Emery Smith claims to have conducted autopsies on “thousands” of different ETs. According to others sources there are many other “off-shoots” or variations of what could be considered the “main players” on the interstellar stage (http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/alien_races.html). But for now this should serve as a fairly solid starting point, a crash course if you will, of which types of beings we have already been in contact with.

As to why they are here? Many insiders claim it’s because our DNA is so pure, meaning that (unlike the various ET groups) we have not yet begun to tamper with or alter our own DNA as they have. Perhaps that’s why so many of them have taken such an interest in us? Could it be that our unspoiled DNA holds the key for many of the genetic issues that arise out of thousands upon thousands of years of manipulating their own genes? Or are they really just here to help us along spiritually as so many have claimed? I think it’s probably both. Ultimately why would we not want to help them solve some of their issues while at the same time allowing them to help us with ours? Isn’t that what community is all about? One of the reasons I am often so flabbergasted by religious types is that the first time you mention “little green men” they get defensive. “Well, God didn’t mention them in the Bible so it’s not even worth thinking about!” Or..did He?

Ezekiel 1:4-14, The Four Living Creatures:

4I looked and saw a whirlwind coming from the north, a great cloud with fire flashing back and forth and brilliant light all around it. In the center of the fire was a glow like amber,c 5and within it was the form of four living creatures.

And this was their appearance: They had a human form, 6but each had four faces and four wings. 7Their legs were straight, and the soles of their feet were like the hooves of a calf, gleaming like polished bronze.

8Under their wings on their four sides they had human hands. All four of them had faces and wings, 9and their wings were touching one another. They did not turn as they moved; each one went straight ahead.

10The form of their faces was that of a man, and each of the four had the face of a lion on the right side, the face of an ox on the left side, and also the face of an eagle. 11Such were their faces.

Their wings were spread upward; each had two wings touching the wings of the creature on either side, and two wings covering its body. 12Each creature went straight ahead. Wherever the spirit would go, they would go, without turning as they moved.

13In the midst of the living creatures was the appearance of glowing coals of fire, or of torches. Fire moved back and forth between the living creatures; it was bright, and lightning flashed out of it. 14The creatures were darting back and forth as quickly as flashes of lightning.”

Or Ezekiel 1 15-21, The Four Wheels:

15When I looked at the living creatures, I saw a wheel on the ground beside each creature with its four faces. 16The workmanship of the wheels looked like the gleam of beryl, and all four had the same likeness. Their workmanship looked like a wheel within a wheel. 17As they moved, they went in any of the four directions, without pivoting as they moved. 18Their rims were high and awesome, and all four rims were full of eyes all around. 19So as the living creatures moved, the wheels moved beside them, and when the creatures rose from the ground, the wheels also rose.

20Wherever the spirit would go, they would go, and the wheels would rise alongside them, because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels.21When the creatures moved, the wheels moved; when the creatures stood still, the wheels stood still; and when the creatures rose from the ground, the wheels rose alongside them, because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels.”

And Ezekiel 1 22-28, The Divine Glory

22Spread out above the heads of the living creatures was the shape on an awesome expanse, gleaming like crystal. 23And under the expanse, their wings stretched out toward one another. Each one also had two wings covering its body.

24When the creatures moved, I heard the sound of their wings like the roar of many waters, like the voice of the Almighty,d like the tumult of an army.

When they stood still, they lowered their wings. 25And as they stood still with their wings lowered, a voice came from above the expanse that was over their heads.

26Above the expanse over their heads was the likeness of a throne with the appearance of sapphire, and on the throne high above was a figure like that of a man. 27From what seemed to be His waist up, I saw a gleam like amber, with what looked like fire within it all around. And from what seemed to be His waist down, I saw what looked like fire; and brilliant light surrounded Him.

28The appearance of the brilliant light all around Him was like that of a rainbow in a cloud on a rainy day. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD. And when I saw it, I fell facedown and heard a voice speaking.”

Passages like these aren’t limited to just Ezekiel either.

What about Hebrews 11:13?

“13 All these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance, admitting that they were foreigners and strangers on earth.”

And Isaiah 60:8:

“8 Who are these that fly along like clouds, like doves to their nests?”

It’s interpretive, isn’t it? I’m sure a pastor would explain that these were all just metaphors. But what if they weren’t? What kinds of beings could they possibly have been? Or is that a part of the Bible some Christians would throw out because it doesn’t suite their narrative? And who is this “we” God talks about when creating us in Genesis 1:26?

“26 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

Had God already made people other than the ones in the Bible? Beings that were already created in His image? And what does that even mean? If it means with one head, two eyes, two arms and two legs, well….doesn’t that describe all but a few of the ETs we are aware of? And if they did touch down and introduce themselves, what would you say? “Go away, strange person!” Or, “You guys hungry? Wanna catch a bite and get to know each other?” See, you’ve made me go off on a tangent again! My point is that if they show up, what are you going to do? Use your religious faith to condemn them? Or be neighborly, loving and joyful like that same faith has taught you to be?

Whether they look like this:

Image result for marvin the martian

Or this

Image result for The Great Gazoo

Or even this

Image result for aliens ridley scott

We need to keep on open mind and not judge any of them based on appearance alone. Because even though we may think ourselves beautiful, they are still able to be compassionate and helpful despite that they may think we are actually hideous. And who could blame them?

Image result for ugly people

We already have issues accepting each other, so throwing entire fully developed civilizations into the mix won’t be an easy thing. I’m just saying, “Keep an open mind.” Should we begin meeting these beings in person some day soon, it’s going to be a challenge for some of us to adjust to all of the strange new sights and sounds (and, according to Emery Smith, interesting smells as well) of a Post-Disclosure world. But it appears there’s no way off that train. So strap in, get snacks and be ready.

Look, as the reader you can take this information or leave it. If it’s true then you should be angry that we have been kept sequestered from our cosmic brothers and sisters but also relieved that we aren’t alone in this vast universe and that they are almost universally benign, loving beings who want to help us; except for a few rotten eggs (*cough*DRACO*cough-cough*). If it’s not true, well, then all of the millions of articles, testimonies, photographs, videos, documents, personal accounts, audio files and the websites, books and documentaries devoted to the subject is just a waste of mass hysteria and hallucinations from people who have mental health issues. Just remember: One of these groups of people is wrong.

Which group are YOU in?


But, seriously….lizard people?

One of the most fringe elements of the Esoteric Community has always been the claim that a race of Reptilian beings have for decades been infiltrating every facet of our communities from urban neighborhoods all the way up to the highest levels of government. Even the term “lizard people” immediately evokes a certain fevered zealotry in the mind of the listener. By that I mean an almost blind, religious belief that something so strange and so unbelievable simply cannot be true. And for every logical question asked about proving such a thing there is a seemingly illogical answer. For instance one may ask, “If they exist, why can’t we see them?” Well, the answer (at least in the circles that I run in) is that they don’t want you to.

David Icke is perhaps one of the most controversial figures in the Esoteric Community. His extensive use of numerology and symbology to make his case that we are being deceived on a massive scale by individuals who hail from ancient and powerful Draconian bloodlines has nearly made him a pariah even among those who acknowledge that extraterrestrials exist. There is a very interesting documentary called “Don’t Mention The Reptilians” that features Icke and it is certainly a very thought-provoking 40 minutes or so (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nIlxlB7deI) in which he posits that the “shapeshifting” often applied to Reptilian lore is not one of a physical nature.

Just as he claims that they are responsible for the way we are decoding (or perceiving) a reality that is false, they are able to cause us to see what they want us to see when we look at them. In other words, they are causing us to decode the information our eyes send to our brain when we look at something in a way that, when disrupted, simply appears as though some sort of shapeshifting has taken place.  They intercept that signal to hijack it and override it with another one. Myths involving shapeshifting are nothing new and stories centered around the phenomena have existed for hundreds of years.

The idea of creatures being able to change shape has permeated science fiction and horror movies since the invention of film (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shapeshifting). But it was perhaps most popularized in the legend of the werewolf (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werewolf) which has existed in one form or another in nearly every culture in recorded history. And while that in and of itself doesn’t make the story true, one has to wonder where the idea came from. Even in Native American culture there exists the legend of the Skin-walkers, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skin-walker) only in this case it’s more like possession (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirit_possession) where an evil witch or some other malevolent negative entity takes control of an animal or, in some cases, even people; the most famous case of which was the movie “The Exorcist” which was based upon real events inspired by the true story of a young boy going by the pseudonym Roland Doe in order to protect his true identity (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exorcism_of_Roland_Doe).

And of course in Reptilian or Draconian lore it states that they feed off of the fear energy (or loosh) of its victims, the most desirable of which is that of children as it is said to be the most pure. In most stories of possession the victim is taken control of by some sort of negative spiritual parasite which are most often labeled as demons (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demon) though in some cases the culprit is said to have been the ghost or spirit of another deceased human. But what is a demon exactly? In Biblical terms they are fallen angels, those who along with Lucifer rebelled against God’s authority and were cast out of Heaven as punishment. Whether one thinks this is true or not probably depends on their view of Christianity and its teachings.

But is it possible that the demons of lore and the Reptilians are one and the same? Quite simply, at least in modern paranormal terms, a demon is a negative spiritual entity that attempts to elicit fear in its victims so that it can feed off that fear and, ultimately, take control of them. It sounds very much like the agenda David Icke says the Draco have for mankind, only in his seminars it is presented as inducing fear in order to control on a much larger scale. Could it be that ancient cultures labeled them as demons, djinn https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jinn), fairies and leprechauns (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leprechaun) because the term Reptilian (as it pertains to the Draco) hadn’t even entered the lexicon of our mass consciousness yet?

In fact it isn’t unheard of for Christians or other religious groups who do believe in aliens to claim that they aren’t benevolent and loving ETs at all but are instead just another form of fallen angels or demons sent to make us question the Bible, God and ourselves in order to sow doubt and chaos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYBEtnExGuI).  Whether that’s true in some or even all cases once again depends on how reliable the source this information comes from turns out to be. Even the Bible claims that demons are real and not in a metaphorical sense, as Jesus casts a demon named Legion out of a man and into a herd of swine in Mark 5:1-20 (https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Mark+5%3A1-20%2CLuke+8%3A26-39&version=NIV). It says:

Then Jesus asked him, “What is your name?”

“My name is Legion,” he replied, “for we are many.” 10 And he begged Jesus again and again not to send them out of the area.

11 A large herd of pigs was feeding on the nearby hillside. 12 The demons begged Jesus, “Send us among the pigs; allow us to go into them.” 13 He gave them permission, and the impure spirits came out and went into the pigs. The herd, about two thousand in number, rushed down the steep bank into the lake and were drowned.

Was Jesus the original exorcist? It seems so. And yet many Christians still claim that this was all a metaphor for mental illness and how belief in God alone can cure someone of such ailments of the mind. But if that’s the case, does that mean that Satan is also a metaphor? Otherwise, where did the demons come from and on whose authority were they operating (https://cruxnow.com/church/2015/12/31/satan-a-metaphorical-figure-or-true-evil/)? Even traditional Satanism seems less about worshipping the Devil as a figurehead and more about glorification of the self (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satanism). Anton LaVey, the founding father of modern Satanism and the Chuch of Satan, teaches that:

The Satanist is a carnal, physical and pragmatic being—and enjoyment of physical existence and an undiluted view of this-worldly truth are promoted as the core values of Satanism, propagating a naturalistic worldview that sees mankind as animals existing in an amoral universe.

Furthermore, the doctrine states:

In LaVeyan Satanism the teachings promoted are “indulgence”, “vital existence”, “undefiled wisdom”, “kindness to those who deserve it”, “responsibility to the responsible” and an “eye for an eye” code of ethics, while shunning “abstinence” based on guilt, “spirituality”, “unconditional love”, “pacifism”, “equality”, “herd mentality” and “scapegoating“. 

So, is Satan real? Are demons real? And if they are, are they simply metaphors for the very real evil that mankind commits or is there a factual basis for their existence? What separates the stories of Jesus, the Devil, angels and demons from legends of Mothman, Bigfoot and UFOs? It’s the source of the information. People tend to believe the Bible because Christians teach that it is the Word of God. And since God is all powerful, perfect and (in their view) the one true way to salvation and eternal life….how could you not believe it? Yes, the Bible was written by man but the argument is that its messages cannot have been corrupted due to flawed translation or errors because…well, because God simply would not have allowed it!

But if Satan is just a metaphor, does that mean God is too? Again and again it comes back to one’s personal beliefs. My personal belief, which I have stated in a previous blog entry, is that the Devil was created as a boogeyman figure so that all the things that go wrong in life can be blamed on him. God is the creator of both good and evil. So even if Satan is real, God is who is truly responsible for the evil that men do. After all, it is He who imbued us with free will. We are the ones who choose to commit evil.

Free will is an amazing and fantastic responsibility. Think about it. In its most extreme form one could choose to take a loaded gun into a movie theater and unload bullets into the crowd killing others randomly and indiscriminately.  In that moment you possess the power to grant life or death. In that moment you are God. But we can also choose to donate a kidney to save a stranger’s life, to throw ourselves on a grenade in a foxhole to save our buddies, or to donate our life’s fortune to a worthy cause. I’ve stated before that I do believe in a Creator, but that the idea of the Devil as his opponent and foil is more likely the result of most people’s inability to love and respect a God who is also responsible for all of the world’s atrocities as the author of free will.

Then again, as French poet Charles Pierre Baudelaire is said to have stated, “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

As a purveyor of the weird and unusual it would be hypocritical to state as fact that the Devil can’t exist as an actual being. I find it unlikely, but I can’t say it’s impossible. In my daily walk nothing is impossible. So while demons, angels and devils may have just been literary metaphors my thoughts are that it’s simply the names we have given to the phenomena we can’t explain. It’s all we had to work with before the advent of UFOs permeating the zeitgeist.

Who knows, perhaps stories of Reptilian shapeshifters is yet another metaphor for evil now that modern science has attributed things like demonic possession to mental illness along with sightings of UFOs, tales of encounters with strange creatures, the odd synchronicity of 11:11 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/11:11_(numerology)) and the notion that the Bermuda Triangle (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bermuda_Triangle) is cursed. I can’t say with certainty whether demons are really just an old world term for Reptilians, or if tales of fairies and pixies where really just manifestations of beings materializing on our side of the Crossing Point of Light (https://siriusdisclosure.com/cseti-papers/the-crossing-point/). But I do know that evil is very real even though some state that it’s simply nothing more than an unpopular opinion or action.

Today people like me are just as ridiculed for our beliefs now as people who used to believe in evil spirits, witches and werewolves. Nowadays the terminology has changed and it’s the Draco, UFOs and shapeshifters. No matter what word you use, it always elicits a negative reaction. Not one of wonder, or of reflection, but one of revulsion and haughty derision. It’s part of the fallout between the warring ideologies of science versus faith. In most cases it’s belief in science (which is just another form of religious faith, in my opinion) versus religious fervor.  But in my case it’s people repurposing science in the name of logic in order to defend their standpoint versus people like me leaning on insider accounts and hearsay (or is it heresy?) in the face of a lack of what can be considered evidence in order to make my case.

It usually comes down to people asking if I have personally experienced any of the things I write about. And while I have detailed some things that I’ve witnessed, I had to stop myself short of saying that I believed it was undeniable, definitive proof of anything. The response then is that, if I’m saying I haven’t experienced any of these things, how can I possibly believe in them? I can certainly point them in the direction of videos and articles on the unexplained, but that’s just it….they are unexplained, whereas science is considered fact even though our science is still in its infancy, not fully formed and therefore incomplete.

Our science is flawed. Why?  Because it can’t explain everything. I suppose in that way science will always seem flawed to me, because we will never know everything. Even so, things that seem supernatural or paranormal now may not always remain unexplained. Eventually I suspect that what remains unexplained now will transition into science because we will have figured out what the phenomena really is. I’m sure the first time a human witnessed an eclipse they thought the world was ending. Was it the eye of an angry god leering down on them? A great serpent swallowing the Sun?

It’s said that tales of vampires originated because of gases being expelled from the corpse after death giving the appearance that it was still moving (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vampire). Of course we now know better. Yet even while “vampires” in that sense don’t exist(?), there are individuals who crave blood (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clinical_vampirism) and, yes, metaphorical ones as well: those who feed on misery, fear and grief. Does that always mean that such a person is a human being who simply enjoys tormenting others? Or, unlike the metaphor, do psychic vampires (as the Draco are claimed to be) truly exist (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychic_vampire)? Is this how they supposedly feed on the fear that they mine from us through their tactics of oppression and control?

So, yes, even the term “lizard people” triggers the giggle reflex in most of us. It’s absurd, right? But, like the Devil, is their greatest trick that they’ve convinced us they don’t exist? Even within the circles I run, Reptilian is not always a term that should be associated with evil. The “evil” Reptilians are the Draconians, or “Draco.” “Evil” also isn’t necessarily the term that is applied to them by ETs according to many insiders. They simply have a negative polarity. What they do and how they conduct themselves on the interstellar stage can certainly be observed by us and be thought of as “evil” according to our standards. But is that how they see it?

In the video I linked at the beginning of this post (“Don’t Mention The Reptilians”), at about the 22 minute mark, the gentleman being interviewed suggests that (possibly as part of some sort of galactic protocol or “code of honor”) the Draco must tell you what they are doing to you before they actually do it. But it’s not their fault if we are too dumb to interpret or understand the delivery method of the warning. The man being interviewed (sorry, I don’t know his name) further states that this is their way of “getting off the Karmic hook” for the crimes they have perpetrated against humanity. It’s twisted, yes, but that apparently is what they believe: if they tell you they’re gonna punch you in the face and you don’t duck, that’s on you!

It’s a bit complicated, but there appear to be Reptilian beings living in the Inner Earth that are more positively than negatively aligned. One such being supposedly gave an extensive interview several years ago in something called “The Lacerta Files” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjaIq3fuJg8); “Lacerta” being the name of a female reptilian living right here on Earth. They are, by most accounts, unaffiliated with the Draco other than perhaps that they share some distant genetic similarities. There are other beings called Reptoids which, like some of the Grey aliens (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPUZNNNpGik), are just biological, programmed lifeforms or automatons. These can be subservient to whoever programmed them including the Draco, certain human groups and even Insectoid groups.

Whether Reptilians hail from Alpha Draconis (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thuban), as their name suggests, or whether humans imbued with the power of ancient bloodlines such as the Merovingian Dynasty (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merovingian_dynasty) or the Rothschild family (https://www.ranker.com/list/main-families-of-illuminati/mike-rothschild) are the culprits of some conspiracy to give birth to a New World Order, who can say (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_World_Order_(conspiracy_theory))?

As a side note I find it interesting that in the Matrix movies, famously known for its story of human beings trying to free themselves from a false reality while serving as an energy source for their captors, one of the central villians in the later films is known as the Merovingian. It’s yet another thing that makes you go, “Hmmmm” considering it is a widespread belief among the Tin Foil Hat Brigade that many Hollywood insiders are in the pocket of the very institutions that seek to subvert our will. Like I said earlier, they have to tell you what they’re doing. It’s not their fault if you think it’s bullshit.

It’s just another way of seeding our mass consciousness and that is a double-edged sword. Because as more people awaken to the truth and spread this information it, too, seeds our mass consciousness but in a positive way not a negative one. So here we are on the cusp of what could be the biggest event in world history: the revelation that ET is real. But is it a revelation that will come from a press conference? A mass sighting? Will extraterrestrials hack into our satellites and announce their arrival? All of those scenarios seem unlikely because if that were the case it would have happened by now. So what are they waiting for?

They’re waiting for us.  We are the ones who must come to the conclusion that we’re not alone without too much overt influence on their part. Sure, they can blink in and out of sight briefly. They might even have pushed the envelope a bit as with the sightings over Phoenix, O’hare International Airport, the New Jersey Turnpike and Stephenville, TX (https://www.history.com/news/ufo-sightings-credible-modern). A “mass sighting” doesn’t mean, “We saw lots of UFOs.” It means, “Lots of us saw a UFO, all at the same time.” They, too, are attempting to seed our mass consciousness. To help speed us along on our realization. But the reason they haven’t materialized simultaneously in everyone’s living room is because (in my opinion) cosmic law doesn’t allow them to. Think of it as Star Trek’s Prime Directive (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prime_Directive):

“Nothing within these Articles Of Federation shall authorize the United Federation of Planets to intervene in matters which are essentially the domestic jurisdiction of any planetary social system, or shall require the members to submit such matters to settlement under these Articles Of Federation. But this principle shall not prejudice the application of enforcement measures under Chapter VII.”

In other words, they can’t interfere (at least not directly) with our planetary affairs. The “rules” must be fairly liquid though. After all, it’s said that they’ve been manipulating our genetics for thousands of years. In another side note there just happens to be an episode of Star Trek called “The Return of the Archons” and while the story is the first one to introduce the concept of the Prime Directive I find it interesting that the term “Archon” is referenced. In the show the “USS Archon” was simply the name of another starship. But in the company I keep Archon (https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Archons) is a word that means a “False King of Tyranny” (https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/False_King_of_Tyranny) i.e. the source of the Predator Mind (https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Negative_Ego) that has been chosen as the state which overwrites our own Social Memory Complex. How fitting that the title of a simple sci-fi TV show episode about how ETs having limits in the ways in which they can interact with us makes direct reference to a source that skirts around and defies that very tenet?

Certainly, the thought that Reptilians could be living and walking among us is a hard pill to swallow. Just look at sci-fi classics such as “They Live” (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0096256/) which features alien beings hiding in plain sight while using subliminal programming to control us and warp our perception coupled with the “V” ( for “Visitors”) mini-series from both 1983 and 2009 (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085106/) which feature actual Reptilian creature characters coming to Earth to harvest us for food and they combine to form a picture that comes startling close to the current scenario David Icke describes.

So before you go scoffing that “lizard people” aren’t real, replace the term “lizard people” with “Patriarchal Domination”:

“Patriarchal Domination is enforced in a variety of ways through abuses of alpha male power to control women and those ranked lower on the social or religious classification system through fear and intimidation. Females can also embody misogyny and patriarchal domination through their shaped belief systems and learned behaviors. A female that rises in the ranks of the corporate ladder can also adopt patriarchal domination behaviors in order to be successful. This is a learned skill that is promoted in a variety of ways or is mimicked from boys watching their fathers or male authority figures to enforce the Archontic Deception Strategy and promote Misogyny to continue the cycle of rejection of the inner female, or outright abuse of women or girls.

This is a primary strategy of programming humans into Mind Controlled Archontic Deception Behavior that originates from the Orion Group Reptoids. Strategies of exerting power and control through Misogyny exist at every level of society, starting as domestic violence and forms of abuse which shape core values and the way humans are programmed to think. To better grasp how the Archons of the False King of Tyranny operate to abuse power systems on the earth, please see the domestic abuse chart.”  

Here is the chart it references:

Any of this sound familiar? It should, because this is exactly how our society functions when it comes to domestic abuse (of which I am a witness, but not a victim, of). Perhaps these people aren’t alien Reptilians. Perhaps it’s just a red herring. Whatever the case, they are not your advocate (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRtEgdgj_XQ&t=195s). Now apply the same twisted concepts outlined in the graphic above and apply it on a global scale. Doesn’t seem so funny now, does it? So, I get it. “Lizard People” is a silly term, and deliberately so. It’s designed to make you laugh and shrug it off as ridiculous. Replace it with “a predatory force that wants to keep you enslaved, docile and soft so that it can feed from you to sustain itself” and if you’re still laughing, well, I guess in your case they’ve succeeded in convincing you they aren’t real.

But I stopped laughing about it a long time ago.

Understanding The Unknown.

There is so much that we don’t know. So much that we can’t explain. For instance, we know that spontaneous human combustion is real, but we have no definitive evidence for how or why it happens (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spontaneous_human_combustion).  Is it the same “defense mechanism” that Emery Smith talks about (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vv-AgRMozdA&t=333s) wherein upon the death of an ET posing as a human here on Earth the remains break down and turn into gel to prevent us from collecting their DNA and using it for negative reasons? Could it be that some sort of process is “baked into” certain individuals that trigger a self destruct mechanism when the body fails?

Smith and David Wilcock also reference something called the morphogenetic field (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morphogenetic_field) that remains even after our bodies have died. It states that:

“The spatial and temporal extents of the embryonic field are dynamic, and within the field is a collection of interacting cells out of which a particular organ is formed.”

In other words, how does our body know what shape to keep? What causes our skin to stop growing and regenerating beyond its normal structure? Does that field extend only to our physical make up or to our spiritual make up as well? If Grandma dies in her rocking chair, is that why we continue to see remnants of her consciousness sitting there for years or even decades afterwards? My guess is, based on what scientists currently think they know, the answer would be a resounding, “Uh…no!” And that’s ok. By no means am I trying to paint scientists as idiots, far from it. However, like Christian fundamentalists, most scientists are so convinced that what they know is iniquitous that their minds simply are not open to anything of an esoteric nature. If it cannot be empirically proven, it must be dismissed without hesitation. Are such values discipline or hubris? How can anyone be taught anything if they think they already know it all?

Esoteric Community insider Randy Kramer claims that he has witnessed medical technology that allow us to regenerate severed limbs and knit wounded flesh extremely rapidly. What he describes sounds like a manipulation of the human morphogenetic field that essentially makes the body believe it can regenerate above and beyond what it’s capable of.  For instance, if a limb is severed, the form or shape of that field is altered sending a signal to our brain that no more bone, muscle or flesh can be regenerated beyond these new parameters. Kramer describes technology that may restore our field to a previous state (when the limb was still intact) causing our natural healing abilities to essentially fill the vacuum within our morphogenetic or bio-electric field with the bone, muscle and sinew necessary to, for all intents and purposes, grow a new limb. He calls the device a Holobed and explains what it can do here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmMcOWO13dg). Perhaps I didn’t explain it correctly before, so hopefully this is a little more clear for the reader.

What else is being kept from us? In this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doJqGHl_AKM) something is mentioned called the Brookings Report. The purpose of the report, released in 1960, is to speculate on how our “leadership” should or may respond if evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life was made public. In the report it is speculated that if simple biological life was reported to have been discovered our reaction would be akin to the discovery of an exotic animal like a panda:

“If plant life or some subhuman intelligence were found on Mars or Venus, for example, there is on the face of it no good reason to suppose these discoveries, after the original novelty had been exploited to the fullest and worn off, would result in substantial changes in perspectives or philosophy in large parts of the American public, at least any more than, let us say, did the discovery of the coelacanth or the panda.” – page 103, n.34

However, if ET life were discovered that was as if not more intelligent than us it is speculated (correctly, in my opinion) that our reaction would be unpredictable. Would we view it as a threat to our perceived supremacy, or would we view that new reality as a chance to learn and grow?

An individual’s reactions to such a (radio) contact would in part depend on his cultural, religious, and social background, as well as on the actions of those he considered authorities and leaders, and their behavior, in turn, would in part depend on their cultural, social, and religious environment. The discovery would certainly be front-page news everywhere; the degree of political or social repercussion would probably depend on leadership’s interpretation of (1) its own role, (2) threats to that role, and (3) national and personal opportunities to take advantage of the disruption or reinforcement of the attitudes and values of others. Since leadership itself might have great need to gauge the direction and intensity of public attitudes, to strengthen its own morale and for decision making purposes, it would be most advantageous to have more to go on than personal opinions about the opinions of the public and other leadership groups.” – page 183

Folks…this report is from almost sixty years ago. No such report was ever deemed necessary or even conceivable until after Roswell in 1947. The term “UFO” never even existed in our lexicon until after that event (circa 1953: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/explore/what-is-the-origin-of-the-term-ufo/). And that encounter would never have occurred (in my opinion) had we not just dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima a little over two years prior to the Roswell crash. We developed a weapon and unlocked the power of atomic energy before we even understood what it was fully capable of and I believe that’s why they chose that window to make themselves more visibile. They wanted to interact with us, perhaps warn us of the danger we had given birth to but unfortunately mankind is like a child that has started to run before it has mastered its ability to walk.

To the credit of the writers of the Brookings Report they do offer a much more pleasant possibility, should ET life become a commonly accepted truth:

“The knowledge that life existed in other parts of the universe might lead to a greater unity of men on Earth, based on the ‘oneness’ of man or on the age-old assumption that any stranger is threatening. Much would depend on what, if anything, was communicated between man and the other beings . . .” – page 183

There’s that term again, “oneness,”  a theme which is featured heavily in the Ra Material. How can we ever achieve oneness with an extraterrestrial people when we can’t even achieve it amongst ourselves? And they are people. They may look different from us and have different customs or beliefs (http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/alien_races.html) but they are thinking, conscious beings just like we are. They may be advanced in some ways but that doesn’t mean they have nothing to learn from us. In fact, Corey Goode says that humans are considered some of the best engineers in our solar system and that we are valued for our creativity and adaptability as well.

There has been doubt that our world governments could ever keep something so fantastic as a Secret Space Program a secret from us for so long. But there is precedent for keeping legitimate organizations out of the public eye. For instance the NSA, was actually created in 1952 but its existence was not made public until the mid-1960s (the decade the Brookings Report was released). However, its roots stretch all the way back to April 28, 1917, three weeks after the U.S. Congress declared war on Germany in World War I; it was known then as the Cipher Bureau.

Only in 2013 was it revealed by notorious leaker Edward Snowden the massive extent to which our government, through the NSA and other agencies, surveilled us without our consent for decades. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_surveillance_disclosures_(2013%E2%80%93present)If our government cannot be trusted to extend us even the basic courtesy of privacy, what else are they not telling us? It is yet another system of control you didn’t even know you were a slave to. If you can’t think of any ways they could use the information obtained by these programs to control you without you realizing it, I would ask myself if it’s because it’s simply something I don’t want to believe.

I have mentioned a mysterious government insider named Qanon (or just “Q”) who recently acknowledged that the government is aware of an ET presence. Q has already proved that he (or she) is the real deal. Their posts are layered with hints and clues that they are indeed a U.S. government official. It is possible that they even work within Trump’s own cabinet and has his ear. Until recently there was a site called Q Alerts that featured info dumps called Q Drops (https://www.qalerts.app/). However, back in July, the app you could install on your device was removed from the Apple Store, but is still available for certain Android devices. Why is it that suddenly this app was pulled so that a large percent of our population no longer has access to it? Mind you, the app still works if you were able to download and install it previously. But now it’s as if someone doesn’t want us to have access to this information. The kicker? It wasn’t pulled until after Q acknowledged that they were aware of the ET presence here on Earth. Make of that what you will.

Most of Q’s info drops are more political leaning. His or her focus is more on the legal and governmental side of this movement. Q says that several high level arrests have occured that the public isn’t privy to. This mass arrest narrative coincides with what many insiders say is related to people in positions of power who were somehow connected to the mass human trafficking and pedophelia rings that plague our world and beyond (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi928gdhRQM). This involves members of the deep state with ties to the Cabal. This further weakens their hold on us which undoubtedly extends farther than most are aware, including having implications for the ICC (the Intergalactic Corporate Conglomerate) which has acted as a far reaching arm of the Cabal and which must have been integral to the proliferation of the intergalactic slave trade that is part of the information embargo currently in place.

That being said….there is also a massive disinformation campaign going on as well. I don’t mean snarky politicians wagging their fingers at conspiracy theorists and giggling when we scream that aliens are real. I’m talking about a campaign that it is aimed at people like me, too. I’m already convinced. I can’t be unconvinced. But I can be mislead. To that end everything that I think I know is probably less than 70% correct. I accept that. No one has the complete picture. Like the compartmentalized secret black budget projects where the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, that same philosophy is being applied to the disinformation campaign. Some say negative ETs exist. Others say that any ETs that have the appearance of being negative aren’t true ETs at all, but biological androids created by the government to help them perpetrate a fear campaign against us.

Dr. Steven Greer has said this for a while now. Let’s absorb this for a moment. He is saying that our government (not the Cabal, who are guilty of their own crimes) has the means to create alien Grey-like beings….being somehow controlled by human puppeteers…flying around in man made antigravity vehicles designed to look like actual ET vehicles…performing abductions which include physical and psychological torture,  rape, and even murder…all for the purpose of making us afraid of them. How many times have you heard abduction horror stories of women having their eggs stolen, or men being anally probed or cattle having their genitals and innards sucked clean out of their bodies?

On October 30th, 1938 as part of its Halloween episode the Columbia Broadcasting System aired the now famous “The War of the Worlds” radio drama from the anthology series “The Mercury Theatre on the Air.” It was directed and acted by Orsen Welles based on the novel of the same name written by H.G. Wells (no relation) and published in 1898. Mass panic and bedlam ensued as people listening thought an actual alien invasion was unfolding, despite the many disclaimers that this was a work of fiction. Many have speculated that it was a test carefully constructed to measure people’s reactions when they thought an extraterrestrial attack was underway. And it seeded the mass consciousness with a fear of “evil spacemen” who wanted to annihilate mankind.

To this day, according to Greer and many other insiders, the government has reached the point where they realize most of us are aware that ETs are a reality. Since they seemed to have lost control of that narrative they had to create a new one: yes, they are real, but they are not your friends. This, of course, is a separate narrative from the one involving global control by the reptilian elite. But can even that be trusted? The most well known figure to have explored that aspect of the UFO phenomena is David Icke. And his take on the existence of negative ETs is at odds with Greer’s. Icke says evil ETs control our reality (and I have never heard him acknowledge the existence of benevolent ones) while Greer has said any “evil ETs” are constructs of our governments created to skew our views of any potential visitors from off world civilizations.

So which one is the “disinformation agent?” Greer or Icke? More than likely the real answer is that they are both, in part, victims of the compartmentalization I mentioned earlier. Even those with deep connections, like these two gentelmen, probably only have a fraction of the overall truth. One (or both) of them might be spreading incorrect information without even realizing it. And I’m not immune. I could be doing it right now and I wouldn’t know because I can only base the content of these posts based on what I have read, watched or heard from other people. This means there is a possibility that ETs (good or evil) may not exist at all and that I myself am yet another victim of the disinformation system. I can only comment on what I believe based on the information I have consumed and trust that in the end, whatever the case may be, the truth will come out.

Like so many things, the truth is unknown. I like to think of myself as a seeker of truth, of someone who doesn’t look away from the unknown but tries to understand it. Too often if we can’t understand something we shift our focus onto something more grounded because it’s familiar and comfortable. It’s easier to shrug your shoulders and move on when you hear that birds are falling out of the sky by the thousands (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLnQtpIXG64) or that “Old Faithful” in Yellowstone has scientists worried that it is becoming active which could lead to a global catastrophe (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLs6eBISXME) or that we only have until 2030 to curb emissions before we pass a point of no return and our planet heats up to levels never seen before (https://www.vox.com/2018/10/10/17952334/climate-change-global-warming-un-ipcc-report-solutions-carbon-tax-electric-vehicles). Two thirds of all animal and insect life are expected to be extinct in less than two years (https://www.thedailybeast.com/two-thirds-of-wild-animals-will-be-gone-by-2020).

Yet no one is talking about it. We have a president in office that says global warming is a myth. It’s FAKE NEWS (https://www.theguardian.com/environment/climate-consensus-97-per-cent/2018/feb/01/its-not-okay-how-clueless-donald-trump-is-about-climate-change)! He then proceeds to pull out of the Paris climate accords, the most important ecological initiative of the modern era (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/01/climate/trump-paris-climate-agreement.html). By putting “America First” to the exclusion of the wellfare of our allies and fellow nations, his is dooming us to an even earlier grave than we first thought.

It isn’t just our actions that are causing our planet to change. Like us, Gaia is also transitioning from third to fourth density. It should come as no surprise that as we experience our own growing pains in this journey our planet will as well. It is cause for wonder whether our world leaders are hiding how bad the climate situation has gotten. As with the UFO phenomena, perhaps they deemed it safer to keep it a secret from us rather than tell us the truth. In a perfect world there would be governmental tranparency and we would know whether our planet was dying faster than we thought or whether or not we’re alone in the universe so that we could act as a society in unison to address those issues rather than having the priveldge of knowledge kept from us so that we have no power in the decision making process which could save us. Add it to the list of things we just don’t know but that we struggle to understand.

Dead fish are washing ashore by the millions every year and have been for a while now (https://watchers.news/2011/03/07/billions-of-dead-fish/) because the coral reefs in our oceans are bleaching out and dying (https://www.economist.com/the-economist-explains/2018/03/21/why-is-so-much-of-the-worlds-coral-dying). One fifth of the entire world’s coral has died in only the last three years. Our filth and pullution have poisoned the land the air and the oceans. People seem not to realize that with two thirds of all animals expected to be dead by 2020 and coral reefs disappearing at an alarming rate as a source of nourishment for marine life that we are going to need to change our eating habits. Soon, there may not be enough meat, poultry or fish to feed everyone. We already have starving countries in the world, yet the corporate conglomerates that hoard most of the world’s wealth care only about their survival, not yours or mine. What kind of world would we have if the world’s billionaires banded together and pooled their resources to address world hunger, free energy and clean fuel and mass societal reformation? As amazing as that would be, if it hasn’t happened by now it never will.

We may not be willing to admit it, but we need help. And according to most that’s what they are here for. Once we have experienced the solar flashes and awakened our consciousness (and the truth of who we are and what has been kept from us is made known) we will have access to technologies that could clean up our planet and reverse global warming in a matter of weeks according to Emery Smith (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lVtvXNnyI4-skip to about the 9 minute mark). In this video he covers the elimination of the need for coal and petroleum, purification of the world’s water including radiation, trash and oil leaks as well as the elimination of cancer from our bodies. Elon Musk has spent billions refining rocket technology which uses a fuel source that should have become obsolete a century ago (https://twitter.com/WideWorldOWeird/status/1049872504431538181). Maybe that’s why he smoked a blunt with Joe Rogan recently (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnvPxvI8yXk)? Hey, I don’t smoke weed, but the more I’ve read about it (as I did with UFOs and formed my own opinion) I’ve come to believe it may just be a wonderous substance even after being told since I was a boy that it rots your brain and only losers and degenerates use it. More lies? I’m starting to think so. But what do I know?

I’m crazy.

The Future.

So if all of the things touched upon up to this point turn out to be true, what exactly does that mean for us? The current thinking, according to those who say they’re in contact with beings they claim have our best interests in mind, is that this will all come to a head within the next few years (possibly by mid-2020). What that means specifically, I’m not sure. Does it mean that the existence of ETs will have become public at that point or is this the moment that we are to experience the series of solar events that are said will give us a massive consciousness “upgrade?”

My personal opinion is that when these solar flashes occur (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1trLLeHZJ8) it will initially cause mass panic. Nothing catastrophic but certainly it will not be pleasant either. Many of our electronics will fail temporarily so not only will there be stress related to that (and the fact that our sun will appear to have “burned out”) but this should also be the moment that any exotic technology being used to influence our mass consciousness is essentially burned away never to return. Perhaps it will be then that the many benevolent ET groups will finally reveal themselves en mass and offer an explanation for what is happening.

The future, as always, is difficult to foresee. It’s unclear whether anyone knows exactly what order these events will unfold in, or how long certain phases will last (weeks, months, years?) but this “consciousness upgrade” I mentioned earlier will supposedly give us 100,000 years of consciousness evolution in just 1,000 years. According to Corey Goode this is possible because we have, over the last 75,000 years, been receiving genetic upgrades from 22 different ET genetic groups (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zosTaoJywI). These groups have been folding parts of their own DNA into ours so that when we experience this consciousness shift we will be perhaps more prepared for it than any who have come before us. Presumably this is so that in 100,000 years we will more or less be “on par” with other civilizations both technologically and spiritually.

I stated briefly in a previous post that I believe I may be a Star Seed (http://www.siriusascension.com/what%20is.htm). In short, a Star Seed is an ET soul that has incarnated here on Earth in order to fulfill a purpose. It would mean that at some point, in another life or from a higher vibratory state, I chose to go through Third Density again in order to help others. I can only imagine what my friends or family members would think if they stumbled across this blog and read through it. I imagine it would be shocking to them and they would wonder how long I’ve been mentally ill.

No one convinced me of this. No one told me I should believe it. I have just come to believe that it may be true. I say may, because it is something very difficult to fully accept. I feel that once I say that I am, I will have crossed some imaginary point of no return. Every Star Seed has a mission here on Earth. Some never even become aware of who they are or that they have any mission at all. I believe my personal mission is to, once this consciousness shift takes place, ease my friends and family into this new era. I believe I am here for them.

Because, out of all the myriad types of people this will affect, I believe that religious fundamentalists will be hit the hardest by this new reality. I have never been the kind of person who allows religious beliefs of any sort to define who I am. In fact, I have actively fought against it because I believe religions (not belief in God) by design divide people instead of bringing them together. They say, “I am this, you are that. You are other. If you are not me, you need to become like me.” Obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone; it’s a generalization. My family are good people but they are not open minded. Good luck convincing them that Christianity isn’t the one true way to Heaven (whatever it may be according to them), let alone that we are not alone in the universe and that most of what they think they know has been a lie.

It makes me wonder if at some point, several years from now, I will be showing them these posts in an attempt to convince them that I have been trying to prepare myself so that I will be ready when the time comes to also help prepare them. Let me be clear. I don’t think I’m “special.” This isn’t a fantasy exercise in which I try to make myself seem like some sort of “space prophet.” I’m here to perform a function. Also keep in mind that none of my belief in any of this in any way guarantees that I will be at a point vibrationally that I will be able to Ascend when the time comes. In fact, more and more, I have come to accept that I probably won’t be ready. And that’s ok. Because it isn’t about me, it’s about them.

It’s about my friends and family who may initially be unable to accept the new temporal reality (https://spherebeingalliance.com/blog/are-we-navigating-to-our-optimal-temporal-reality.html). Are they going to be expected to just burn all their Bibles and drop going to church? Absolutely not. Faith in something greater than yourself is fundamental to growing spiritually. No one is going to tell them, “You can no longer believe this.” However, it is going to be necessary to evolve those beliefs. That will mean doing away with concepts like Hell, that homosexuality is a sin, that Jesus is the one and only way to salvation (what is salvation in this context, Heaven? Eternal life?) It is the inherent close-mindedness of religious people which will make accepting any of this more difficult than others who may be more open-mined.

For me it is very interesting to look at things like The Mahabharata (https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vimanas/esp_vimanas_3.htm) which seems to describe ancient visits from the stars as far back as 4,000 BC and has many parallels with the current knowledge of ETs (both good and bad Reptilian beings, the raising of one’s vibration and coming into your light body, etc). Or the Vril (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vril#Vril_Society) which many claim is not fiction at all but an actual society that continues to exist until this day. I highly recommend watching the entire Corey Goode video I linked at the start of this post as it much more succinctly chronicles what has been going on. He touches on the ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate-http://disclosure.wikia.com/wiki/Interplanetary_Corporate_Conglomerate), the Interplanetary Slave Trade and the AI Threat (https://www.exopolitics.org/galactic-human-slave-trade-ai-threat-to-end-with-full-disclosure-of-et-life/ and https://www.exopolitics.org/tag/artificial-intelligence/). Here is a Corey Goode quote from the last article linked concerning the AI Threat:

“There are a few ET “AI” Groups (ALL Malevolent to Humanity, from our perspective) that the SSP(s) (There are several Secret Space Programs) have been dealing with for decades. If an “Asset” is “Scanned” and has a “Bio Neuro AI Signature”, “AI Nano Tech” or “Overlapping AI related EMG type Brain Wave Signature” (Or any other sign of AI exposure) those persons are immediately placed in isolation and are not allowed anywhere near the current era SSP(s) Technology (Which is “Mostly” Bio-Neurological and Consciousness Interactive) until they have been “Cleared” of all AI influences.”

The point of me briefly mentioning and linking articles on these subjects is that (as I titled one of my blog posts), “It’s all connected” (https://wordpress.com/post/thewideworldofweird.wordpress.com/26).

As Hamlet said to Horatio, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” 

Or (and, again, this is for my family who may read this blog of mine at a later date and know that I have only their best interests at heart) to relate the Bible to such flights of fancy, refer to 2 Corinthians 4:18 regarding what is seen versus what is unseen (https://biblehub.com/commentaries/hastings/2_corinthians/4-18.htm);

“The things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.”

I found this to be absolutely fascinating. Why? Because it is essentially acknowledging something I have touched on before. And it is that we as humans in our vessels are only capable of perceiving time in a linear fashion with our current senses because that’s all it’s capable of at the present. The scale we keep in our bathroom can measure how much weight we’ve lost, but not how hot or cold it is in our house. A thermostat tells us what the temperature is in our kitchen but can’t measure what time of day it is. We have  instruments that can measure humidity in the air but that same instrument can’t tell us what decibel the neighbor’s teenage kid is blasting his music at.

There is so much happening around us at all times that we simply don’t have the tools in our bodies to measure. This makes it easy for people not ready to accept the upcoming change to adhere to their current beliefs. “If ETs exist, where are they?” If anyone really believes that one day the White House is going to hold a press conference announcing the existence of ETs, they’re mistaken. For years this has been the condition that many claimed they would need in order to believe in this phenomenon: “I’ll believe it when the President of the United States announces it on national television and shakes hands with little green men after they land on the White House lawn.” To me that simply displays further narrow mindedness. “If it doesn’t happen the specific way I imagined it, I can’t take it seriously.”

At what point will many of us admit that we are simply in denial? Again, it’s not all something that we want to believe. It’s going to be a painful, traumatic, wrenching experience that explodes our entire societal, technological, religious and spiritual paradigms all over the wall of our insecurities, our doubts and our fears. As Corey Goode often likes to say, it’s not going to be a giant hand holding, Kumbaya moment. It’s going to be shocking, shattering and perhaps even depressing for many. That’s what I am here for and it’s why I believe many Star Seeds are here for. To bring comfort, understanding and love to the people in our sphere of influence who simply won’t be able to deal with this event.

What I am about to share in the post is something I haven’t told anyone yet. It happened, I’m not making it up and it’s the truth even if I don’t know what it means. Stating this is important because in past posts I have admitted to lying to other people when I was younger and telling them I’d had experiences when I hadn’t. That is not the case here. I have read that there are protocols for initiating ET contact. They aren’t rituals or water dances or animal sacrifices or anything like that. Purely and simply it is communication of intent. It’s almost like praying.

You reach out with everything you have: your heart, mind and soul and you invite contact. For me, one night about ten weeks ago I was sitting in a patio chair by the pool in my brother’s backyard as I gazed up into the night sky. It was a very clear night with no clouds whatsoever with a very bright nearly full moon. Having recently read about some of the CE-5 Initiative contact protocols, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qu-J_wpp70) or close encounters of the 5th Kind which is human initiated ET contact, I decided to give it a try.  As a side note, this guy thinks it’s contact with evil entities, not ETs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__5wSijTzaw).

I looked up into the night sky and basically sent out a thought that if any benevolent ET beings could perceive me in that moment that they please show me some signal or sign. I knew this would not be an immediate thing so I was willing to sit out there all night if need be. By brother and his wife were out of town and I was essentially house sitting for them so I knew I wouldn’t be interrupted. I sat out there for what must’ve been a full hour. Right as I was about to give up and go back inside, I suddenly felt that I needed to stay outside just a bit longer. So I did. There was only a small section of sky that I could see from my vantage point but then, in my left hand field of view, I saw a quick streak of light travelling downward. It looked just like a shooting star. I was momentarily excited but then I thought, “Shooting stars really aren’t that uncommon.” (http://curious.astro.cornell.edu/about-us/73-our-solar-system/comets-meteors-and-asteroids/meteors/307-what-are-shooting-stars-beginner)

So I sent out another thought. “How do I know that was you? Could you please show me another sign?” Perhaps ten minutes later I saw another “shooting star” only this time it was in my right hand field of view…just where I happened to be looking, even though most of my attention had been to my left that whole time. I thought, “That could easily just be coincidence. If I see a third one, then I might think there is something to this.” Moments later, on the left I saw yet another streak of light. One was interesting, two was improbable, three was downright uncanny in my mind. Yet, still, it wasn’t definitive.

This time I sent out a different thought, “Could you please show me something that cannot be mistaken for any natural or man made object?” I waited and waited and waited. I had been out there for nearly two hours stargazing. Again, I thought it was probably time to go inside. And, again, I got the feeling to wait and to train my attention above me, straight up, very high up and slightly to the left. So I did. I waited and waited and waited. And then I saw something that, at the very least, cannot have been man made.

I saw a streak of light very high up in the sky, it was quite faint. It came in from the south then curved in a U-shape coming back down from the north. When I say it curved, I mean the entire incident lasted less than two seconds. For a moment I didn’t know what to think. What man made or natural object can do that? And furthermore, how had I known to look at that exact, specific spot in the night sky so that I would see it (what ever it was)? So….that happened. I simply find it too improbable that so many coincidences would align themselves in that specific of a configuration in such a small amount of time unless there had been some intelligent direction behind it. The lingering feeling for me is that I and whatever potential intelligence I was sharing time with that night did it together; that it would not have been possible had we both not wanted it.

My experience may seem interpretive. I can with no certainty say that I know for sure I had engaged with an ET intelligence that night. But the feeling I had afterwards was one of peace, that everything was going to be ok, to be patient and that I was on the right track. Since then it has been my goal to attend at least one conference with like-minded people so that, for once, I am in an environment of acceptance and possibility as opposed to the company I usually keep which is that of derision, skepticism and ridicule. It’s very disheartening to be so passionate and excited about something only to be made to feel as though I’m a fool because of my beliefs. I’m guessing that’s part of my journey. That’s my future; it’s where I’m headed. Do I turn tail and run when my views clash with others who look at this material and snicker, or do I respond in the only way that makes sense? With love, patience and respect.

I suppose the entire point of this post is to say this: Our future is going to be amazing!  But change on the scale of what we are about to experience in the next decade is not going to be easy. We will be anxious, stressed and worried at points. Every system we have in place will be challenged: Governmental, judicial, financial, religious, technological, environmental, communications, energetic, traversal, spiritual, physical….

You get the idea. No corner of our reality will go without having a light shined on it. Individually we will all have to have an internal reckoning as well. This is not something anyone is going to do to you. It will be your chance to shine that same light inward and say: How can I be better? What have I done that I need to forgive myself for? Who have I wronged whom I must ask forgiveness from? This in and of itself will not be pleasant. But guess what? You won’t be cast into an eternal pit of fire for it. We have to process these traumas and leave them behind so that we become lighter. There’s some hippie talk for ya!

When I say “lighter” I mean both physically, emotionally and vibrationally. I wish I knew all the details, but can you imagine being able to exist in a state without physical pain, without feeling the weight of your own body pulling you down causing your muscles and joints to ache (https://www.amazon.com/Humans-are-not-Earth-scientific-ebook/dp/B00DKK9IX2)? By most accounts we will move into an actual light body (https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Lightbody); a new vehicle for our consciousness that will be able to traverse different densities.

I wish I could say with certainty in which time frame this will all occur. As the solar flashes happen and dissolve the energies interfering with our consciousness, the DNA upgrades that we have been receiving for so long will activate and be able to absorb the cosmic energy that our solar system is scheduled to move through in the next several years. Whether this happens before or after Disclosure remains to be seen. But understand this: this was never about “Are aliens real?” Yes, it is important for us to know that we’re not alone in the fight to learn the truth but this has only ever been about one thing: love.

We all need to make a conscious effort (me most of all!) to stop looking at our fellow man as other and instead start thinking of them as other-selves, a term which Ra repeatedly uses in reference to us all in The Law of One (https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Other_Selves_). The future is retraining our minds not to see race or sex, rich or poor, the haves and the have-nots. I’m certainly nowhere near that point yet. It may not even be possible at this point due to the programming still influencing us. But I do believe it will be possible in the future once we are finally free from control, free from deception and free from oppression. It may be a rough transition, but I can’t imagine a brighter future.



Are ghosts real?

Now that it’s October, with Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to change gears for a bit and explore one of my original passions in the paranormal. First off, I have never had a direct, verifiable encounter with a ghost. I have had what I believe to be experiences that were “paranormal adjacent.” They were almost enough for me to consider them legitimate. Probably my first brush with the paranormal (maybe) was when I was around ten years old.

My grandparents owned a tract of land several acres large in rural Texas and there was an area called The Bottom that my cousins and my brother and I would go explore. It was called the The Bottom because my grandparents had an aerial photograph of their property that hung in their home which my grandfather built. If you looked at the photo there was a large wooded area on the south end of the property which was located at the bottom of the photo.

I remember going on one of these little expeditions with one of my cousins and a friend of hers. We had wandered deeper into this wooded area than we ever had before. WE found a run down shack that looked abandoned; perhaps it was an old storage shed. When I say old I’m taking turn of the century old. Who knows how long it had been there. I remember looking at it and having the distinct feeling that we should leave as soon as possible. My grandfather allowed people to hunt on his property and I remember my dad saying that if a game warden caught us out there we would get in big trouble because it was hunting season (the fear of course being that a hunter would mistake us for deer and we’d get shot).

The shack made me really uneasy when I looked at it. I didn’t want to go anywhere near it. I think I lied and told the girls that I’d seen a game warden coming so we should leave. I was the oldest one of the group so they followed my lead and we went back to the house.  But the feeling I had when I looked at that shack stuck with me. A sense of dread and of being watched had come over me, a feeling that I would learn later is associated with people who felt that a spirit was in their presence. Does that mean I was looking at a haunted shack? Of course not. Most likely it was just the overactive imagination of a prepubescent boy.

A few years later, after my parents divorced, my dad started dating a woman he had known from work. Near Christmas of that year he was invited to meet her parents and I had no choice but to get dragged along. I would’ve been about fourteen years old at that point. I remember there being a lot of people I didn’t know there. I mostly just stuck to the corners and tried to mind my own business. As nightfall came I was shown to the room I’d be sleeping in. I was to share a large bed with the son of my dad’s girlfriend who was about a year younger than me. He told me while we were falling asleep that his mom’s sister had drowned in the pool out back when she was just a child and that it was her room we were sleeping in!

This room was connected to another room to our right by a single door. I noticed that there was a chest of drawers pushed up against the door and I asked my roommate why. He sleepily told me that if they didn’t put furniture up against both sides of the door that it would open by itself at night. I believe he also told me a story about how he and his cousins would crawl through the ventilation shafts connecting the two rooms (which made sort of a “U” shape) and telling me that it was really cold and smelled really bad.

I don’t think I believed him at the time, but when we woke up the next morning and were leaving I asked my dad if it was true that his girlfriend’s sister had died in that house. I never got an answer that revealed whether any of it was true or not because her reaction to her son was one of anger and disbelief. I don’t know if it’s because he was lying and trying to scare me or if it was true and he had been asked not to talk about it.

Right around the same time my mom had also started dating a man she would eventually marry. He had built a house on some land he owned and asked her to come live with him. I was invited to come stay with her for a weekend at the house. It was mostly finished but you could tell it needed to be touched up in a few areas. This was also the first time that I met the guy who would become my stepbrother. It was a very nice two story ranch style house with an upstairs den that had a couch (which is where my stepbrother slept) and I got the couch downstairs with the actual stairway directly behind me.

I remember dozing off and swearing that I could hear someone walking on the stairs. I sat up and looked to see who it was but no one was there. So I laid back down and again, right as I started to doze off, I heard the footsteps again. Once more I sat up and this time I heard my stepbrother whispering from above as he peered down at me over the low wall of the den, “Did you hear that?” I nodded yes. We held our breath as we both heard the footsteps again. We just kind of looked at each other and smirked, like “What the hell?” Eventually we got to sleep but when we mentioned it to our parents the next morning, it barely registered with them. “Something-something……houses make noise…blah blah…” is the response I remember.

So, had we heard the footsteps of a restless spirit or was it really just a creaky house? I mean, it was a newly built house. If that was the case how could it already be haunted unless it was the land itself that was and not the house? And when my mother did marry this man (a horrid human being, as it turned out-but that is irrelevant) and they got their own apartment I vividly remember playing with a Quija board with a friend on Halloween night. My brother was at a concert with friends, my mom and stepfather were out on the town and that left me and my buddy alone with a stack of horror movies on VHS and the aforementioned spirit board.

We lit some candles (because that’s what they did in the movies) and placed the board on a glass coffee table. We turn out all the lights, shut the TV off and giggled like school girls as we tried to “get serious” and see this through. With our hands on the planchette we started asking questions. We asked if there was anyone there with us. At first nothing happened. But after about five minutes it started to slide towards “YES.” Instantly we accused each other of moving it. I know I didn’t, at least not consciously. He may have, I really don’t know. But the next part is what stuck with me. I suggested we ask it a question neither one of us could know the answer to. I asked, “What time will my brother get home from the concert?” It began to slowly move again. 1……2……3…..1. 12:31. We quickly grew bored with the game (pun fully intended) and its slow results so we put it away and started watching not a horror movie but a move about ninjas (don’t ask). A few hours later my brother did come home. At this point I had totally forgotten the time the Quija board said he would arrive. As he came in the door with his friends my buddy nudged me with his elbow and nodded towards one of those old flip style clocks. As I turned to look at it, it changed from 12:30 to 12:31 at the exact moment my brother crossed the threshold into the apartment. Coincidence? Sure, maybe. Freaky as hell? Yes!

As I grew up and became a father with my own child, my wife at the time and I moved into a low rent house that her mother and father had lived in when they were a young couple just starting out. It was a fairly nondescript two bedroom house. My newborn son had his own room and my wife and I shared the master bedroom. In that master bedroom we had two closets, one for her and one for me. In my closet there was a hatch that opened up through which you could access the underbelly of the house.

I don’t know why, but I always felt extremely uncomfortable in that house. One spot was in my closet near the hatch. It always felt too cold in there and for some reason I always felt that same distant sense of dread that I had when looking at that old shack in the woods as a kid. The other spot in the house that didn’t feel right was in the living room. When I was alone, watching TV or taking a nap, it just felt very heavy and I often had the sense of being watched. Needless to say when we moved out of there and into an apartment I no longer felt uncomfortable in my own residence. I still have creepy dreams to this day about that house.

The final “near brush” I had was when I was working late one night at my job. I was working as a manager in retail at our local mall during the holidays and due to the heavy amount of shipments we were getting the corporate office had me rent an on site storage unit in which to store older, discounted product. After Christmas came and went it was inventory time. So I decided to stay late one night to begin taking stock of what was in the unit. I informed the security guard on duty that I would be staying late and not to be alarmed if he heard me rummaging around. He told me he would check in on me from time to time.

A few hours went by before I heard from him, or what I thought was him. A voice said from nearby, “You almost done in there?” I looked at my watch and it was exactly midnight. I didn’t realize it was that late. I said, “Yeah, gimme just a couple more minutes.” I didn’t hear a response, but I found a good stopping point and decided to call it a night. I locked up the unit and exited through another door which is when I vaguely noted to myself that I hadn’t heard anyone open the door and come in when they asked me if I was wrapping things up.

As I left I saw the security guard driving towards me in his vehicle and he apologized for never checking in on me. I didn’t say anything to him about hearing someone talking to me. I just said it was cool and I’d see him tomorrow. To my knowledge he was the only officer on duty that night. It’s possible that someone from maintenance had checked in on me instead but, again, wouldn’t I have heard someone come into the area? By no means would that ever qualify as a “paranormal” experience. But all of these little instances do qualify as odd or even thought provoking.

So I can’t answer the question personally of whether ghosts are real or not. I’ve spoken with people who say they’ve had experiences and I have no reason to think they would lie about something like that. Aside from that there is a wealth of information online about ghosts, spirits and hauntings. We have all probably heard of the haunting in Amityville (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Amityville_Horror). You have also likely heard that it was a hoax too, but who do you believe?

Other famous hauntings include the Myrtles Plantation (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myrtles_Plantation), the Winchester Mystery House (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winchester_Mystery_House), The Queen Mary (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RMS_Queen_Mary) the Smurl haunting upon which the movie “The Haunted” was based (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BaF-YgmBNk).

Yes, there are a lot of ghost hunting shows that have come and gone. Ghost Hunters featuring TAPS (plus its spin-offs, Ghost Hunters International and Ghost Hunters Academy), Most Haunted, Paranormal State, Ghost Adventures (which is one of the few that is still airing new episodes) as well as a plethora of lesser know ones like Ghost Lab, Celebrity Ghost Stories, The Dead Files, A Haunting, When Ghosts Attack, The Haunted, Haunted History, My Ghost Story, Paranormal Lockdown, etc. And for everyone of these there are dozens of YouTube channels devoted to searching for and proving the existence of the paranormal. A few of these ghost hunting shows have produced videos that are still difficult to debunked to this day (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ej0m5ZTQpI). And who could forgive the lovable yet terrifying Pantry Ghost (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GM9r8Qxwum0)? And this guy wasn’t even a “professional” investigator. He was just some random dude who set up a camera in his home when weird things started to happen.

That is to say nothing of the countless legends and tales of restless spirits wandering the Earth. Even a visit to your local library will yield a massive payload of literature on spectres of the dearly departed. Like the UFO phenomenon one has to wonder at what point the sheer amount of hearsay begins to look less like hysteria and more like evidence. Personally, I am less interested in whether ghost are real or not because in that respect I’ve already made up my mind. As with UFOs if there is sufficient evidence that can’t be dismissed then the only logical conclusion left is that it must be real. My main curiosity is this: what are ghosts? To answer that question, I may make another blog post solely devoted to exploring that mystery.

In the end, as with aliens and cryptids like sasquatch or the chupacabra, only you can decide whether you believe in such things based on the available data. But is the source of that data reliable? Can it be trusted? Again, that is something you have to decide for yourself. Is this something you want to believe, or is it easier to put the burden on others to prove it to you? It’s a wide, weird world out there. And it seems as though for every mystery we begin to unravel, there’s a hundred more just waiting to be discovered.


What is consciousness?

We are caught in a cycle. There really is no disputing this. We work. We buy. We consume. We die. It’s a very cynical but not inaccurate description of our lives. Yes, we do other things. We love, we laugh, we experience joy. But take a close look at the ratio of those things and the time and energy we spend on them. For most of us I think it would be agreed upon that we spend far more time doing things we dislike than things we enjoy. You could say, “Well…that’s just the way it is. Don’t whine about it.” So we just accept it, right? We sit back and let it happen. And that does seem to be the general consensus. “I can’t change it, so why try?”

We aren’t making ourselves any richer. We aren’t making ourselves any happier. We are making the people in positions of influence and power happier and richer. I would love to spend my days reading, listening to music, talking with friends and family, enjoying our beautiful world (what’s left of it that we haven’t destroyed) or just sitting and reflecting or meditating on the nature of existence. Instead we live in constant fear, anxiety and stress. Fear of losing our job, our friends, our partner, our health, our savings. Worrying about what will happen if our car breaks down or our child gets sick or whether we will get that raise or promotion at work that could make life so much easier.

There always exists the illusion that if we can earn more money we will be more secure. We’ll have less to worry about. And to some extent that is true. But there is a passage from the Bible that is often misquoted. “Money is the root of all evil.” Well, not quite. It’s from 1 Timothy 6:10 (https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Timothy+6%3A10&version=ESV):

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.”

It’s the love of money that is the root of some evils. Not all evil. But I think it’s accurate to say that the existence of money has been the cause of more evil than almost anything else. And it’s a shame that it rules our everyday lives. Delving back into the more esoteric realms here, David Icke and Corey Goode have both referenced something they termed “money magic” or, more specifically, a “Babylonian Money Magic Slave System”(https://spherebeingalliance.com/introduction). Presumably, the dark powers that have us all running in the hamster wheel for their benefit use rituals, symbolism and subliminal manipulation to keep us in this holding pattern of being dependent on a financial system that should never have existed in the first place. In fact, insiders further state that our SSP (Secret Space Program) deals exclusively in trade when exchanging goods with other civilizations. Money means nothing. Even now, here on Earth, paper money is nothing more than a representation of a value that when have no idea actually exists.

The problem (for them) is that this arbitrary monetary system is failing. 

This is something that I have not yet touched upon and it’s that the Cabal, according to some in the Esoteric Community (I’m going to start using that term as a bit of a catch all for loonies like me), is losing. In fact, many claim they have already lost. Let me take a bit to dive just a little bit deeper into the rabbit hole and talk about timelines. 

In the past I’ve post my thoughts on consciousness. Many believe that consciousness is just sentience or being aware of oneself. But it’s much more than that. Consciousness could very well be the single most untapped creative force we will ever know. Several ET contactees have said that one of the major things that was communicated with them is that we are all essentially a social memory complex (https://www.lawofone.info/results.php?q=social+memory+complex); we have a shared consciousness. Or, more pointedly, that is what we will eventually become at the height of our co-creative consciousness abilities. But what exactly does that mean? According to Ra and The Law of One it is when an entire group of entities are of one orientation or seeking. One body, one mind, one spirit. This may not necessarily mean a physical body.

And what does the term “co-creative consciousness” really mean? It’s simply another term for Quality of Intention which is, once again, part of the Ra Material and The Law of One (https://www.lawofone.info/). Ok….so what does that mean? One way of putting it is that it’s “When we direct our consciousness energy onto a singular focus or goal, this event produces a powerful and significant force known as intention.”

In other words, we as humans on Earth have the ability to collectively decide what our reality will be. But when we are constantly competing with each other and putting ourselves before others our co-creativity becomes distorted. Is this what has created the Mandela Effect (https://mandelaeffect.com/)? Is it possible that we as a society are so divided racially, spiritually, sexually, religiously and ideologically that we are at odds with each other not just on a personal level, but a cosmic one? I went into this tangent mentioning timelines (I remember, because I italicized and it and typed in bold!).

According to many insiders and others who have experienced ET contact we can even decide (even if it’s unconsciously, for now) which timeline we’re experiencing. The main goal is for us to achieve an optimal timeline, that perfect confluence of events that sets us on the most ideal course for the foreseeable future as a social memory complex or society. But if there truly is some sort of negative Cabal that is purposefully and actively preventing us from realizing our co-creative abilities, how can that ever happen?

I mentioned earlier that many insiders have said the Cabal is all but finished. It’s not just that they have been “defeated.” It’s that they will, as we come into the Ascension, be unable to exist here with us anymore. Unable in every sense of the word: psychically, spiritually or physically. They will have no presence whatsoever because we will have achieved a vibrational frequency that makes it impossible for them to interact with us.

I have been hearing for months that they have been defeated, that they are done. And while that may mean that the last remnants are still in hiding and have yet to be rooted out, what about the systems of control we are still enslaved by? Unfortunately, if the “word on the street” is to be believe that is another matter entirely which will tie in to the slow and gradual disclosure we will be going through over the next decade or so.

I have also been explicit in explaining that this has been ongoing for years, even decades. You have but to read the science section of your local newspaper or favorite news site to see it. Only just a few days ago I came across this: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/bizarre-particles-keep-flying-out-of-antarcticas-ice-and-they-might-shatter-modern-physics/.

Pay close attention to the wording of the article. They have no explanation for how particles from space are penetrating our atmosphere and into the ice below the Antarctic nor how those same particles seem to be returning to space. It says in the article that the behavior of these particles breaks every current physics model they use to study neutrinos. It’s almost as if there is a transfer of energy taking place. So what is below the Antarctic that would cause this strange phenomena?

Antarctica is one of, if not the most mysterious region on our planet. The extreme cold and rough terrain make exploring it a chore but there is no shortage fascinating stories it has produced:

Secret military bases (https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/915912/UFO-secret-base-US-Government-Antarctica-GPS-heat-map).

UFO activity (https://www.techtimes.com/articles/222446/20180306/ufo-spotted-on-google-earth-did-aliens-crash-in-antarctica.htm).

Nazi research stations (https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2017/11/nazis-and-pyramids-what-s-really-going-on-in-antarctica.html).

Inner Earth beings (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4aG9XeTbbQ).

And, of course, it’s said to be the major portal into our Inner Earth (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ap2Kgglzeec). Notice that I didn’t refer to it as the “Hollow Earth.” Newer information, if it is to be taken seriously, is that it’s actual honey-combed and porous like a sponge. But more on that at another time.

But what does this have to do with consciousness, you might be wondering? I have cited the examples above as yet more ways in which we are being deceived. And here is the key: our beliefs shape our reality. That’s part of what having a co-creative consciousness is. And as long as we are being lied to about the nature of ourselves, our own planet and what lies beyond our atmosphere we are actually unknowingly complicit in our own deception. Negative powers are using our own co-creative consciousness against us.

One of the ways our consciousness has been poisoned, according to David Icke, is that the Draco Reptilians who are thought to be at the root of the Cabal and all of the systems of control that have been imposed upon us overwrote our original state with their own. In effect, they gave us their minds (http://www.orgoneblasters.com/mindcontrol-bartley.htm). They are the reason we have aggression, competitiveness, suspicion, jealously, fear, and every other negative aspect of our personalities. What better way to know those whom you would control (and how they will behave and react to specific stimuli) than by remaking them in one’s own likeness?

So what if there really is a big, giant hole in the Antarctic? Does that mean everything else I’ve talked about is real? Of course not. But when you take each thing I’ve discussed in all of my blog posts and weigh them collectively it should be an indication that something is not right. There are simply too many myths, legends and stories passed down through the generations for there to be no substance to these tales at all. But it’s not just stories is it? We see so many news reports, pictures and videos of things we simply cannot explain. We don’t knowing everything there is to know yet, despite what many of us may believe.

The recent story of strange particles coming in and out of the Antarctic is a seed for, I believe, eventually revealing that there is more to physics than we ever thought possible. More to the point, I think they have known about these particles for a while. And they are choosing now to plant that seed in our consciousness that physics as we know it will soon be changing (“soon” is a relative term; it could be ten or twenty years from now). Furthermore, I believe it could also be a seed for revealing to us that some sort of ruins or structures have been found in the Antarctic which will be yet another seed that will lead to the eventual revelation of beings existing in the Inner Earth. Again, I’m not saying this will happen overnight. Who knows how long it will take for anyone to admit anything?

So even if the Cabal is truly on its last legs or has been utterly defeated (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpMfBeHtV3c) where does that put us? What’s the next step? If there really is some rogue signal being broadcast from Saturn which is causing us to decode and perceive our reality in a way which was never intended, aren’t we still slaves to the system despite that its creators have (for the most part) been removed from our midst? Well, yes. And from what I understand it will remain that way until the actual Ascension occurs. We know what the Ascension is supposed to be, but not exactly how it will occur.

According to Corey Goode, it was shared with him that it will take the form of a series of solar flashes that will bombard our planet with cosmic energy. Yes, it will knock out electronics for a period of time but it will also knock out the malevolent A.I. signal being broadcast from Saturn. He also claims he was told that the Sun will “go dark” for several days before reigniting and providing light once again. Could this be the three days of darkness the Bible references in the Book of Exodus (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Days_of_Darkness)?

Some time after that, when we have recovered and healed from the trauma of our enslavement, there will essentially be a three-way split amongst us (https://prepareforchange.net/2018/04/02/timeline-shift-point-of-divergence/). Those of us who have Ascended from Third to Fourth Density will stay here on Earth (or Gaia) which is, as we speak, also undergoing a shift from Third to Fourth Density (she, too, is a living sentient entity). Because of this shift, those who are not yet ready will be taken off planet to another world to continue healing and going through the growing pains of Third Density. The final part of the split is for any negative beings who are simply incapable of existing with us (i.e. the Cabal/Illuminati/Draco groups).

If I understand correctly, they will simply cease to exist if they are still here. They will experience the “true death” and be returned back to the Source, to the Creator, for who knows what purpose. This part is important because it explains why these negative groups are jumping ship. They know they’re done. They know the Ascension is coming. And it can’t be stopped. Insiders are reporting that many Draco are bartering and negotiating (http://www.takecare4.eu/dracoreptilians-rounded-up-intel-report-by-freedom4humanity/) for passage off of Earth to avoid a cessation of existence (or death).

I doubt this means we will no longer be allowed to have contact with any loved ones who did not experience the shift. It is possible that after a certain amount of time has passed, and they’ve been able to absorb all that has occurred, they may be better prepared to visit with those that have.

So, at this point, you may be wondering, “Who gets to Ascend?” According to several sources you must have attained an elevated vibrational frequency that is compatible with Fourth Density existence. What the hell does that mean, you might also ask? How does one raise their vibration (https://www.theholisticingredient.com/blogs/wholesome-living/13587702-8-ways-to-raise-your-vibration-your-positive-energy)? It’s a whole lot of things, and believe me I myself am only just getting started on this path. It’s up to you to decide where to begin but much of it starts with eating right. That means no meat. None.

Again, we were infected with the mind of a predator. Why would we have ever craved flesh when God gave us this good Earth replete with fruits and veggies? I always thought Louis C.K. did a hilarious bit about that (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgEpfavJR6c). Yes, I realize he also exposed himself to women and that’s not ok, but for the purposes of illustration there it is. So, yeah, eat better. Cut out shit that’s bad for you. I mean…aliens or not, that’s pretty good advice, right?

Another major step is to meditate. Get to know yourself. Really get to know yourself. Do you love you? If not, why? We have to figure these things out. Love yourself. Forgive yourself for all the stupid shit you did. We have all done stupid things. Myself included. This one time, I created a blog about aliens and no one cared. But that’s ok, it has helped me to get to know myself better. Another major theme of raising your vibration is shifting your focus from serving yourself to serving others. That probably means different things to different people. I admit that I am a very self-centered person. I don’t mean to be. I just am. I am less aware of the needs of others than I am of my own. I’m trying to change that. So live better. Eat better. Exercise. Meditate. Love yourself. Love and serve others. I’ll say it again, even without all of my weird psychobabble alien bullshit, that’s pretty solid advice.

I don’t know if I’ll “qualify” to Ascend or not. But I do wonder if the Rapture (a word that’s never actually used in the Bible) is just another interpretation of what could happen when those of us who will Ascend are “taken up” into some higher dimension:

“But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. Then two men will be in the field: one will be taken and the other left. Two women will be grinding at the mill: one will be taken and the other left. Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming” – (Matthew 24:37-42)

I know I’ve said before that I am not a Christian and that the Bible is flawed but this isn’t the first time that something like this has been referenced in a religious text. Many Christians associate “the Rapture” with the end of the world; with the apocalypse. And if you ask most people what they think that word means, they’ll say “the end of the world.” However, that isn’t correct. This if from the first few sentences of the Wikipedia description (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apocalypse):

“An apocalypse (Ancient Greekἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω, literally meaning “an uncovering”[1]) is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation. Historically, the term has a heavy religious connotation as commonly seen in the prophetic revelations of eschatology and were obtained through dreams or spiritual visions.”

Well, how about that? It is a disclosure of knowledge. A revelation: “a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way” (https://www.google.com/search?q=definition+of+revelation&rlz=1C1SQJL_enUS809US809&oq=definition+of+revelation&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.8016j1j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8). And what could be more dramatic than learning:

  1. That we are not alone in the universe.
  2. That we have been lied to about almost everything since recorded history began.
  3. That we are divine beings of light destined for a much greater purpose.
  4. That life altering technologies have been kept from us by the Elite.
  5. That we have had a Secret Space Program for several decades.
  6. That we have been in contact with ETs for decades.
  7. That we have already colonized other planets in other star systems.
  8. That our reality as we have known it has been imposed upon us.
  9. That we have the ability to manifest matter and create our own reality.
  10. That time is an illusion and that everything exists all at once.

Those are some pretty dramatic revelations. And if we are able to process and accept those things we will be well on our way to realizing the co-creative abilities of our shared consciousness. It won’t be easy. In fact, for many, it may very well play out like a book from the Bible. But in the end it is what’s necessary to move beyond the constraints that have been placed on us. If we can do that, if we can break free, it will indeed be a type of apocalypse; the destruction of the old world and its old ways. And a rebirth for us as a social memory complex that is unified, focused, loving and whole.

It ain’t easy being cheesy.

I’ll be honest with you. Every time I have tried to broach the subject of life outside of our planet’s atmosphere or, more disturbingly, the idea that we are the victims of deliberate manipulation which keeps us ignorant of how we are being limited, controlled and deceived I have 100% of the time been met with only a handful of reactions. And they’re all negative. The most common reaction is one of disbelief. Not in what I am suggesting, but that I (their colleague, friend or relative) am suggesting something that is perceived by them as (in a word) crazy. The second most common reaction is anger. They are angry, even disgusted or repulsed, that someone they’re talking to could possibly suggest something like ETs or an evil shadow government is real. The third, and possibly worst, reaction is complete and utter indifference.

And I understand why. Let’s engage in an exercise for a bit wherein a skeptic is talking to someone like me. I make a comment that I once saw something in the sky that was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I’ve just cracked the door a bit and let that person see inside just enough to either invite further conversation about what I saw, or they shrug their shoulders and ignore that I said anything at all (this actually happens quite a bit). Once someone who was formerly close-minded actually experiences that mental shift it can be a stressful experience. This usually happens when that person has a personal experience; something they and they alone bore witness to with no one else around to corroborate their account. I highly doubt that talking about these things with a skeptic  would be enough for them to “cross over” as it were.

I’d be kidding myself if I stated I wasn’t trying to convince anyone of anything; that I’m just putting the information out there for people to interpret themselves. But truthfully I long for validation. I admit that I wish people could approach this phenomena with the same wonder, joy and love that I do. So, yes, while I do want to convince others I don’t think it’s very likely. But I will continue to provide information and sources so that others can look at the information and form their own thoughts. I also realize that we are all on different points in our journey. Some people just aren’t ready to plummet down the rabbit hole with me. That said, I actually do feel that many of us do believe ETs exist and this is supported by a poll conducted by the New York Post in December of 2017 (https://nypost.com/2017/12/08/half-of-humans-believe-in-alien-life-study-says/). Here are some excerpts:

“The findings of the survey — conducted in 24 countries by research group Glocalities — showed that 47 percent of the survey’s 26,000 respondents believe “in the existence of intelligent alien civilizations in the universe.”

“Among those who believe humans aren’t alone in the universe, 60 percent said we should try to communicate with extraterrestrial beings.”

“As for American survey-takers, 45 percent of them aren’t shy to the idea of alien life, according to the study results.”

Nearly half of us, according to this single survey, believe in at least the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe and of those that do more than half believe we should communicate with them. If the theory that we share a mass consciousness is true it makes me wonder what would happen if that number increased just a bit until believers held the “majority stake” and we as a people (perhaps for the first time in our recorded history) collectively believed in the existence of extraterrestrials. Is it possible that the ETs who wish to make themselves known are waiting for just that? For enough of us to be open-minded enough to accept their presence?

Something as monumental as this cannot be forced on us. We have to be receptive enough that it’s reasonable to assume that we would respond peacefully and not with hostility and violence. If these beings were here to harm us or do ill to us I thinks it’s likely that would’ve already happened. If they wanted to conquer us we would already be their slaves. Every photo or picture or sound byte of a UFO has been a primarily passive display. A statement that says: “We are here.” There have been some bold displays to be sure. Who can forget the mass sighting above the White House in 1952 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ufusvXDiFg)? Or what became know as the Battle of Los Angeles only ten years earlier in 1942 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ev-9pIpG0fY)? These incidents have been known about publicly for years but how are they viewed now? Well, the government says neither incident occurred. Of course they do. But what about the news clippings? The news reports? Eyewitness accounts? Most say it’s a hoax. The “official story” is that it’s FAKE NEWS! 

How fitting that we now have a Commander-in-Chief who constantly reinforces the notion that the news is no longer to be trusted. Is it that we purport to have freedom of the press on the surface only? Is the reality that information is just as controlled and policed as countries like North Korea and Russia? Is it normal that our President is in such open admiration for the respective leaders of those very countries? In the Battle of L.A. (should you believed it really happened and wasn’t a hoax) it was reported that we attacked them but that they sought no retaliatory actions, only evasive ones. Are we to believe that if they are hostile they couldn’t destroy us all in the blink of an eye if they chose to? If they mastered interstellar travel it’s likely that any weaponry they have is light years beyond ours.

Again, their displays seem to be of a passive nature. Perhaps all they want is to share their technology and spiritual practices with us so that we can take our first steps into the cosmic community.  Could it be that they have been with us all along? Did we really build the pyramids, even when it’s something we would have great difficulty replicating now thousands of years later (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqGT2n4rnxo)? Were such colossal structures really built with a healthy dose of manpower, ropes, ramps and pulleys? What about Stonehenge and its orientation with the stars? The pyramids line up exactly with the stars as well.

I submit that if insiders claim our secret projects have already been making use of electro anti-gravitics for almost a century is it also possible that the objects weren’t erected by man at all? If this technology is founded upon the principals of cancelling out gravity in order to decrease mass and increase thrust, was it also used to easily lift the materials used to create these structures? Why do objects that resemble modern UFOs appear in ancient hieroglyphics (https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/934374/Time-travel-proof-planes-helicopter-Egypt-hieroglyphs-aliens-UFO)?

Is it all just “made up?” Is it all just nonsense and hoaxes and conspiracy theories? Are you choosing to trust your senses or is it easier and more convenient to label everything that is provided as evidence as misidentified, manufactured or fake? What about massive, ancient markings and images that can only be seen from the sky long before we flew in them such as the Nazca Lines (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazca_Lines)? Did our ancestors create them to “honor the gods” or were they created to signal beings seen above that we acknowledge them?

My hope is this: That, at some point, even a skeptic will look at the overwhelming amount of information and come to agree that it is sillier to dismiss these things than it is to accept that there could be something to it. The odds are astronomically low that we are alone in the universe. There is a common, modern analogy that Earth is like a dot the size of one billionth of a pinhead compared to the size of rest our galaxy (http://www.createdheavens.com/size-of-the-universe.html). Not the universe. Just our own galaxy. Many scientists have said it’s almost mathematically impossible that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe (https://www.cnet.com/news/are-we-alone-in-the-universe-not-likely-according-to-the-maths/). I hope that we can soon reach a point where the ones denying these odds are the ones scrutinized with impunity. I wish to see a sea change in the people who simply refuse to look at what has been happening around us for thousand of years and claim that there is nothing more to life than what we can see. If you have faith in God whom you’ve never met and never seen, why then is it so difficult to have faith that one day soon we will know we were never alone?

Noted UFO community speaker David Wilcock once likened one’s first exposure to claims like those found in my posts as the “stranger in the bed” syndrome. You’re a hard working, blue collar guy who has worked his ass off since he graduated high school. You’re only a few years away from retirement and the only thing that keeps you going each day is coming home to the love of your life who has been your soulmate for over 40 years…..only to find that she is in bed with a man you’ve never seen before. What happens now?

You think: This can’t be real. This can’t be happening. I must be dreaming. You deny your own senses. Then you become angry and your first instinct is to attack the stranger, not your beloved wife. Obviously she was tricked, there was no way she would knowingly betray you. You attack what you perceive as the source of your current distress. Then you think, wait, maybe what I’m seeing isn’t real. Maybe I’m being tricked too? What if there is something I can offer this stranger to make him leave so that my wife is no longer held in his sway. But you see the way she looks at this man and you realize it’s no trick. You realize that the looks that pass between them are born of years of closeness and companionship. A wave of despair passes over you until you finally accept that what you’re seeing is real, that a major part of your life has been a lie and that your relationship with what you thought was real has been a deception. So…do you stop and accept what your senses tell you? Or do you start the cycle all over again as you deny the plain truth before you?

What I have just described are the five stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. And make no mistake. When this information all becomes public you will experience the death of your reality. You will eventually accept the truth. But look at it this way: you will no longer be in an abusive, controlling relationship. You’ll be free to forge your own path without being tethered to a life that has always been a sham. Is that the freedom you want? Or is it simply just easier to fall back into what you know, even if you are aware that it isn’t good for you?

As a parting gift for today, please watch this pair of excellent videos that I think very succinctly describe why more people haven’t come forward with this information, the dangers of doing so and the reasons that the people who control you don’t want this information made public: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnkUrXzco48&t=634s and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpE7CC1zZiA&t=1239s).  The interviewer is a man I’ve referenced before named David Wilcock and the gentleman he is interviewing is Emery Smith, a former Air Force officer who illustrates better than I can why it is important for these suppressed technologies to be made public.

And, if this is all too much for you to process, ignore everything I’ve said and try to focus on this: love each other. That’s the true endgame here. Believe it or not that is where this is all headed. Serve those who are less fortunate than you. Take care of yourself. Love your planet! As insane as this may sound, our planet is a living conscious being. We have been tasked to take care of her (yes, it’s a her and she is called Gaia-again, this is not a new theory: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaia_hypothesis).

Instead of looking at the stars, look inward. Work on yourself, become better, eat better, meditate, reach out with your love, your heart and your mind. Be your brother’s keeper. We are all in this together, and I don’t just mean the individuals (human or not) here on this planet. We are its stewards and we have until now failed miserably in that stewardship. We have poisoned the oceans and sky, leeched the lifeblood from deep within the earth and been responsible for the extinction of entire species. How can we take that next step into higher consciousness and co-exist with the other beings in the universe if we can’t even accept each other and co-exist with one another here on Earth? How can we become more than what we are as we knowingly destroy the planet that helps sustain us? We teeter dangerously on the precipice of self annihilation every day. We have come a long way and have become more accepting and inclusive of others whom we have deemed “different” or “strange” but we have much further to go. We were all created equally but we don’t all have equality.

Look, I’m lucky. I’m a straight white man in America. I hit the trifecta. I have no idea what it’s like to experience the type of bigotry African-Americans have. I don’t know what it’s like for religious people to tell me that I’m damned to Hell and that “God Hates Fags” because of my sexual orientation, my gender identity, or whether I have undergone gender reassignment. I’ve never had to worry about being paid less because I was born with a penis. I also most closely identify with Christianity as a belief system. I think it has the strongest bones of any doctrine we have but it is also deeply flawed. I have little worry that the church I attend will get burned to the ground by angry Muslims. I’m sure if the situation were reversed I’d feel differently.  I’m not homeless, I’m not poor and I’m not sick and dying (that I know of!). I am extremely, extremely blessed. And I am ashamed that because of my depression I often have thoughts of suicide, even with so much to live for including two amazing kids, the most incredible brother a guy can have, awesome lifelong friends who are like brothers to me and an extended family that has set an example of what a “service to others” heart should be.

I look forward to the day when we can all feel as blessed, as secure and as loved as I have been. Incredibly dark forces are at play to make us act against each other, to judge, to blame, to suspect, to harm, kill and fight for “what is mine.” We need to shed our greed and materialism. We can right this ship if we are able to break free from dependency on coal, oil and gas.  I do believe that if we can pull ourselves up out of the muck and mire of this false reality that we will find a helping hand waiting for us, ready to help guide us into a future where we can all be truly, finally free and equal. It’s not easy being a small voice amidst a din of naysayers. But I hope to be heard. And I hope what you read here is food for thought enough that maybe it will expand your mind just enough to consider that what you once thought was impossible may actually be more than just fantasies concocted by a disillusioned few.


An open letter of thanks.

As I continue to work my way through the mountains of evidence regarding the existence of extraterrestrials and the suppression of information regarding them I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who has ever done anything positive for the investigative community at large. I have already referenced many of the major players that have moved the Disclosure movement forward in a massive way. Much of the information is hopeful in tone but much of it is also difficult to hear as it elicits anger, fear and despair as well.

This is not a joke to me. This is a very real movement. I hope anyone reading this understands that most of the people who have “outed” themselves as believers are of sound body and mind. There may even be people who read about this subject and think, “Well, they certainly believe what they’re saying is true.” As if we are under some sort of spell or are victims of mass hysteria and hallucinations. And while I don’t think it’s possible that anyone has touched upon the full and complete truth yet I appreciate the efforts to try to uncover it.

Make no mistake that people have lost their lives in this effort. Our own government (and I’m not talking about any sort of “shadow government” or cabal) has murdered people in order to keep information like this from becoming public. And when it does? They have entire strategies for trying to discredit, ruin and shame those individuals. Men and women have been threatened with death and have chosen silence and withdrawal for the sake of their families and themselves.  Some have even reported being attacked using sonic methods such as inducing a ring or hum in the ears to hearing actual voices.

People have been run off roads, framed as suicide victims, shot at, stalked, bullied, harassed and kidnapped. While I do believe a darker power is at play, never forget that our own government has its methods, its own agendas and technology that has little to do with this “deep state.” They are complicit, whether they realize it or not. Complicit in contributing to the false history we’ve been taught, the currents truths that they have killed for in order to keep us in the dark and complicit in hoarding for themselves technologies that could change humanity overnight.

I am not saying that our military is “evil.” A soldier doesn’t know why he is posted as a guard at a secret facility or what is being guarded within. A soldier doesn’t know whether or not the reason for occupying a country was manufactured or not. Soldiers are told: “Here is your enemy. Destroy him.” A soldier trusts his country, for better or for worse. When I say our government is complicit I don’t mean our mayors, governors and senators are “in on it” (although that certainly may be accurate in certain cases). I believe, for the most part, that they are decent men and women who truly mean well.

I’m talking about our officials who have “above top secret” clearance. If you think the buck stops with POTUS, you are sorely mistaken. I believe every President is briefed about the UFO phenomenon after they take office and that includes Trump. When I say “briefed” I am suggesting that they are told enough to make them believe that their continued silence is an important national security measure, but nothing more. Some have suggested JFK was killed because he intended to go public about ETs.

Even as recently as last year President Trump promised the release of over 2800 documents related to the assassination of JFK, which happened, but expressed displeasure at feeling obligated to redact large portions of them (https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/trump-expected-to-release-remaining-jfk-assassination-documents-thursday/2017/10/25/52c8f71a-b9b7-11e7-a908-a3470754bbb9_story.html?utm_term=.c07743ad25de). Could some of that redacted material have provide clues as to JFK’s level of knowledge concerning UFOs? Is that why the records could not all be released in their entirety?

Clearly there are consequences to being in the disclosure business. I’m not suggesting that I number among those ranks. I’m nobody. But many have paid the ultimate price so that one day you might know the truth so that your children and their children from now on may be able to live a life of freedom we can only dream of at the present time. So, again, thank you. Thank you to everyone who has risked their livelihoods, their careers, their freedom and their lives in order to make this information public. It is my sincere hope that decades from now we will be able to look back on the last century or so and know that it was another renaissance, another “age of enlightenment” where we became able to cast off beliefs in things that we discovered were not true; where science and technology evolved hand in hand with consciousness and spirituality. By then I think that we will know the truth: that we are all One and that spirituality and science do not have to be mutually exclusive but must in fact be integrated in order for humanity to reach its full potential.

You can’t blame skeptics.

After all, skeptics make up the majority of the world’s population. It is completely rational to hear about lizard-alien cultists, ritual mind control and our planet’s elite being involved in child sex rings and feel like you’ve just read an issue of The National Enquirer. I’ve said this before: Who would want to believe any of that? But according to the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children 460,000 kids go missing each year in the United States alone (http://globalmissingkids.org/awareness/missing-children-statistics/).  Refer to the site I just linked and try to absorb those statistics. The numbers cited there represent only nine countries who have a combined total of just over 900,000 kids per year that cannot be accounted for. That’s just under a million children every year in nine countries.

There are 195 countries on Earth, so just under 200. That statistic includes roughly 10% of our ruling bodies. If you take into account that these are only the cases that are reported, the number is far higher. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the number is (conservatively) at least 50% higher than that if you were to include all reported cases across all 195 countries and (again, conservatively) an additional 25% more that are not reported. By that reasonably sound logic that’s just about twenty million children per year that go missing on Earth. It is estimated that in the last century more than 250 million children have simply vanished and were never found again.

Even if I have given exaggerated numbers and the “real” number was only half that, or a quarter of that, or hell even ten percent that number that’d be 25 million kids missing in a century. Pundits of the Draco Reptilian slave trade theory claim this goes back more than 6,000 years. Couple that with many saying that human colonies already dot the cosmos including humans on the Moon and on Mars and it could make one wonder if something akin to breeding rabbits for food (and in this case, hard labor) isn’t a viable parallel here. These statistics are only the children. Add to that the number of adults who also go missing and that number becomes exponentially larger. But guess what? No one talks about it. The data is there. Why isn’t anyone asking questions? Where are these people? Do we not leave behind corpses when we die? Do we not leave behind evidence? It’s not being investigated. Could it be that we are programmed to ignore it? How does it make you feel? Indifferent? Is that normal?

Just as there are celebrities whom “insiders” claim are pawns of the Illuminati/Cabal/Freemason paradigm other insiders claim that many actors who experienced drastic personality changes (i.e. “went crazy”) are people who became aware of this phenomenon and tried to “get out” of the industry or perhaps even tried to expose it. Martin Lawrence, Dave Chappelle (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBwnJbeKIko), Elijah Wood (https://variety.com/2016/film/news/elijah-wood-pedophilia-hollywood-problem-1201781021/), Corey Feldman (https://www.newsweek.com/corey-feldman-pedophile-abuse-corey-haim-714996), Amanda Bines, and even Jim Carrey (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOBizhZ2A-4 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klQB9GCcAw4) have relatively recently made comments on or have been commented on as being targeted by dark forces for trying to speak out against and expose these types of activities.

Many of these people have bounced back and are in the public eye again so it does beg the question that if some all powerful secret society is running the world, why would they continue to allow these people to speak out against them? The easiest answer for me is…who cares? I do. Many do. But not enough do. The voices of the few have don’t have the volume to drown out the voices of the many. Maybe that’s why the voices of the few always try to be so much louder.

I started off this blog entry by stating that I don’t blame skeptics for being skeptical. On the surface it is a totally sane and rational thing to do: don’t believe things that are crazy. I wanted to link an article and highlight some excerpts by a gentleman named Jason Colavito. No, he is not another one of my “fellow conspirators.” Quite the opposite. He makes statements and uses verbiage that falls in line with what I believe most people on Earth also believe: that this shit is whack!  He never actually says that, but have a look  (http://www.jasoncolavito.com/blog/david-wilcock-and-corey-goode-hail-trump-as-hero-purging-evil-satanic-freemason-liberal-democrats).

I suggest reading the entire thing, but here are a few things that stood out to me. Colavito states:

“In his latest rambling screed, Wilcock built on his allegations that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party are part of a cult of celebrity vampire lizards who use pizzas to sexually molest children. Just like Len Karsten, whom I discussed yesterday, Wilcock accepts virtually every conspiracy theory, positing a world of evil shape-shifting Reptilians who are supported by the Illuminati, liberal Democrats, and Freemasons, and an opposing force made up of Wilcock himself, fifteen U.S. intelligence agencies, the residents of the Hollow Earth, and ethereal beings that live in outer space. This is part of an odd trend, which we also see in Tom DeLonge’s Sekret Machines project, to fetishize U.S. intelligence agencies as cosmic defenders of true American values. It’s quite a change from the old days when ufologists considered the CIA and the FBI and the NSA to be evil!”


“According to Goode, in a section that is more clearly his, somehow this involves more than fifty alien groups, of whom some are actually human time travelers from the future who have evolved into Grey-like dwarves with bulbous eyes. But this isn’t all! Aliens with elongated skulls and pot bellies, looking like the Pharaoh Akhenaten, colonized Antarctica 65,000 years ago: “What we now see as Antarctica was the seemingly mythical ‘lost island’ of Atlantis. The earth shifted on its rotational axis, perhaps due to a nuclear war, and the water that inundated the continent quickly flash-froze into a gigantic ice shelf.” Oh, and of course these aliens are also the Pre-Adamites of Judeo-Christian and Islamic folklore.”

In this context Colavito chose particularly outlandish examples to make his point. If I were reading this without having any idea of who Corey Goode or David Wilcock are I, too, would agree that it’s all absolutely ridiculous. Who could believe any of that, honestly? Yet he references things that he gives no context for such as “lizards who use pizzas to sexually molest children” as if food was physically being used to violate children. But if you’ve read about “Pizza Gate” (a silly name, I grant you-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizzagate_conspiracy_theory) and tried to consider its implications without your thought process being colored by condescending phrasing, then it truly is a frightening prospect especially when you consider the statistics I shared at the start of this blog entry.

Colavito goes on to discuss Goode, saying:

“He thinks that Pre-Adamite aliens with elongated skulls currently run the Catholic Church: “The elongated ‘miter’ hats everyone wears in the Vatican are one of the ways they have been able to conceal themselves while still operating amongst us.” Nobody wears miters day in and out. They are ceremonial, and are worn only by bishops and some abbots. Their use in the Catholic Church is defined by canon law, not that Goode knows or cares. 

I’m not saying I support all of Corey Goode’s claims. Many of them I just don’t have enough information to form an opinion on. Is the Catholic Church really already aware of an alien presence here on Earth? Refer to this material and see what you think (https://www.exopolitics.org/pope-endorses-evolution-of-alien-life-ufo-activity-as-part-of-gods-plan/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KGwxoSXNlQ).

No one “made up” what Pope Francis said. It was an official statement issued via the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on October 27, 2014. He says:

“When we read in Genesis the account of Creation, we risk imagining God as a magician, with a wand able to make everything. But it is not so. God and Christ walk with us and are also present in nature… the scientist must be motivated by the confidence that nature hides, in her evolutionary mechanisms, potentialities for intelligence and freedom to discover and realize, to achieve the development that is in the plan of the creator. He created beings and allowed them to develop according to the internal laws that he gave to each one, so that they were able to develop and to arrive and their fullness of being. He gave autonomy to the beings of the universe at the same time at which he assured them of his continuous presence, giving being to every reality. And so creation continued for centuries and centuries, millennia and millennia, until it became which we know today, precisely because God is not a demiurge or a magician, but the creator who gives being to all things.”

It is interesting to note that these quotes are no longer available for viewing on the National Catholic Register site. Also of note are that video links in the article have been taken down on YouTube. I don’t know what they linked to, but could it have been something that “the powers that be” didn’t want us to see? I did find this though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rObvz3U_pTo. It’s not the first time Pope Francis has referenced “Martians.” Sure he may have been joking, but it is interesting as society continues to evolve that even the figurehead of Christianity here on Earth (the most prolific religion in history) is choosing to include the subject matter when he addresses his worldwide congregation. I noticed also that in almost every video he appears in he wasn’t wearing an elongated hat hiding a misshapen cranium. Still, if Trump is being touted as “The Disclosure President” will Francis be “The Disclosure Pope?”

I despise Trump as a person and as a President. But if his ego can be used to convince him to be the hero the world needs in order to finally expose this stuff I’m all for it. Trump is not an eloquent man. He is repetitious, tedious and often offensive. However, insiders like Goode and Wilcock swear the man portrayed in the media is not the man he is in private. Trump himself has said the media is in league with the “deep state.” And, at least in the “pseudo-field” of Ufology, the Deep State is often mentioned as being hand-in-hand with many groups involved with the so-called Cabal.

I find it hard to have any faith in a man who speaks only in absolutes (everything is either terrible or fantastic), who exhibits sociopathic behavior, who is slow to condemn Nazis, white supremacy and hate speech or who thinks that simply because he states things in very BIG and bold (SAD! PATHETIC!) ways it makes those statements true. Take the “failing” New York Times, for instance. The paper enjoys 2.3 million paid digital subscriptions, up 63.4% from 2016. Its stock is currently trading at its highest point in over a decade at just around $20 per share giving the company a market capitalization of about $3.2 billion. He gives his opponents nicknames like a kid in elementary school. Little Rocket Man. Slippery James Comey. Pocahontas. Wacky Jacky. And who could forget, his personal favorite, Crooked Hilary (Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!)?

You may be wondering, “Ok….but what is your point? Why bring Trump into this?” Because I have a personal bias against Trump so, even when noted insiders like Goode and Wilcock promise that he is here to make things right and be the herald of disclosure we have long wished for, I find it hard to digest. I don’t want to believe that because I truly despise Trump, both as a leader and as a man. So my whole, “you won’t believe it if you don’t want to” statement is true for me, too. I honestly do hope that Trump is not the bigoted idiot the media portrays him as. I sincerely want him to disclose the decades of lies we have been exposed to. That remains to be seen.

As I close this post out I wanted to touch back on the article Jason Colavito wrote, which I linked earlier, and explain why I included it here. As I said before, he expresses his disbelief and implies that everything he cites as being said by the aforementioned “conspiracy theorists” is crazy. He never outright says that. But the tone of his article is clear. These guys are sick and wrong. The problem is, he never explains why he believes that other than to assume that people reading his article will have his back. Look, it’s fine to state that you think something is wrong. But be prepared to make an intelligent argument and offer some counter-points other than suggesting something is “crazy” because it’s “crazy.” Colavito is, I suspect, not an individual who would go out of his way to read the wealth of material many of us have and suddenly become more enlightened. We are all at different points in our spiritual trajectory. Some of us have just stepped onto the path and their journey is still in its infancy. Others are trying to walk the path and become more enlightened (that’s me) and a handful are already well on their way and exhibiting gifts and abilities that would seem to defy logic:

Astral projection – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astral_projection

ESP – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extrasensory_perception

Psychokinesis – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychokinesis

And many more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_psychic_abilities

And yet when someone comes forward and claims they have these abilities there are attempts to discredit and ridicule them as hoaxsters and charlatans.

Like 9 year old Yogamaatha from India who can see things even while blindfolded:(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtLkzg8bFgA)

Or noted psychic John Edwards: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sGpxUIhSkk)

And well known channeler Edgar Cayce: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edgar_Cayce)

What about Nostradomus? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbUh_FANdYM). Psyche. That’s a Judas Priest video. But you’ve heard of him, I’m sure.

Is it all just urban legend? Myths? Gobbledygook? The fakers are certainly out there. Famous paranormal debunker James Randi has done it time and time again (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlfMsZwr8rc). Even once respected staples of the UFO community like Stan Romanek proved that even if some of what he said is really true, his desperate attempts to fortify the validation of others resulted in some truly deplorable actions (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0bYx6D2VwA).

If anyone is going to have a truly open discussion about these phenomena then attempts to mislead someone else just to further one’s own personal agenda cannot go uncountenanced and must not be ignored.

Does evidence exist that our spiritual evolution informs our advancement of technology? Do the two go hand-in-hand? Check out White Powder of Gold (https://www.tokenrock.com/explain-white-powder-of-gold–orme–84.html or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ta9SDIxlYvo&t=1814s, jump to about the 30 minute mark) and why some ETs value the gold we have here on Earth so much.

What about Element 115 (see Ununpentium: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsU3A9SFen4)?

Or “smart suits:” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikBXSSvCS0k

As our technology advances so do our minds. As our minds expand so does our technology. They feed into one another. Why is it that so many “people of faith” readily accept things like talking shrubbery, parting oceans with magical staves, people walking on water, transmuting matter (water into wine), rising from the dead and casting out demons but the thought of us being alone in the universe makes sense? In a vacuum a person who has never heard of ETs or the Bible might equate the two as being equally unlikely.

All of these things might seem like fantasy or fringe science. And they are indeed fantastical. The information about these technologies (and that we are being deprived of access to them in order to keep our higher consciousness dormant) is freely available. You can tell yourself it’s all fake or try to open your mind and at least consider that some of this just might be real. The point of today’s post is that if we are asking others to consider questioning everything they have been told, people like me should be equally willing to listen, absorb and consider any counterpoints.

Either way, there is no definitive answer as to whether we are alone in the universe or not. Or whether we are in some sort of control grid engineered by negative ET groups. Lack of evidence is not proof of a thing’s non-existence. And since “proof” can so often be subjective it’s not evidence that something is true. Ultimately it comes down to the belief of the individual and what they are able to observe and form their opinions on. It’s being able to accept and discuss each other’s opinions on this subject without judgment that I think will in the end be the key to us all co-existing in a more peaceful and hopeful world.




Everything you know is wrong.

Weird Al said it best (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KThlYHfIVa8).  It’s a difficult prospect to consider seriously. I recently read some material about a gentleman named William Tomkins and watched a presentation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vd0dw0XGkNI&t=3901s) in which he describes being a pilot during the WWII era delivering “packages” which are also “contracts” to the heads of every major aeronautical agency in North America. These contracts contained schematics for, not aircraft, but spacecraft. The packages contained schematics and materials that engineers could use to produce these spacecraft….for the Draco Reptilians (https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Alpha_Draconis/Orion_Group).

I have mentioned these ETs in previous posts and they are the root of the deception that has been perpetrated against the human race for more than 6,000 years. William Tomkins isn’t the only person to claim this. Several other high ranking ex-military personnel, insiders and government whistle blowers have said the same thing. The idea of a conspiracy that revolves around keeping the existence of ETs a secret from the public came to a head and has persisted since the Roswell incident in 1947 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roswell_UFO_incident). But Tomkins claims that this secrecy goes back into at least the 1930s. Mr. Tomkins passed back in 2017 but the accounts he left behind can be taken one of two ways: either he is a complete liar who has made up these stories in order to sell books and gain some level of fame or that he is telling the truth and everything that he says happened to him is real.

I’ve said previously that if you want to believe something you will and that if you don’t you won’t. But let me break that down just a little more. I believe what I do because it is the result of listening to some very credible individuals who don’t just talk, but who have photos, recordings, witnesses, documents, physical evidence and more. And that’s what it really comes down to, isn’t it? Evidence? But is evidence also proof? Well, that depends on the source of the information which is being presented. What may seem credible to me may not seem credible to you. And, again, is every single one of these individuals a liar? An opportunist seeking fame or recognition or infamy? Riches? Glory? I imagine there are better ways to go about that than claiming you know the truth about UFOs.

If even one of these people are presenting facts instead of fairy tales do you begin to consider that everything you know is wrong or do you ignore it because it’s easier to dismiss it all as a bunch of people experiencing mass hysteria?

In case you were not interested in watching the Tomkins video I linked, here is a synopsis:

Tomkins was a Navy pilot who helped deliver materials and schematics to the top think tanks and engineers in the world. The package was also a contract with a group of negatively aligned ETs. Their end goal was essentially to get us to manufacture craft for them that they would then use to travel off world in order to conquer and subjugate other planets and systems. In exchange we could build our own craft using the information they provided us and use it however we wish. And we did (https://secretspaceprogram.org/).  Tomkins notes in other presentations that we wised up and are no longer aligned with the Draco.

He says the Draco first approached the Nazis in Germany before WWII, recognizing that they had like-minded philosophies about racial purity and genetic superiority. They offered them a similar deal: we will give you the means if you produce the craft. They accepted. In fact, says Tomkins, Germany was actually the first WWII era country to venture into space and beyond. To this day, he claims, this original fleet still exists out among the stars having been forcefully ejected from our solar system due to their ties with the Draco. This armada consists not only of human/Nazi remnants but other negative ETs such as the Grey aliens from Zeta Reticuli (some of whom may be biological, homogeneous androids controlled by a separate negative AI intelligence possibly in league with the Draco) and numerous negative Insectoid races as well.

High ranking officials within the SSP and Solar Warden (https://truedisclosure.org/news/solar-warden-inception-to-present-day.html) have dubbed them the Dark Fleet (https://www.exopolitics.org/tag/dark-fleet/). Furthermore he states that the main reason the Allies united against Nazi Germany was less that they were killing Jews and taking over neighboring countries and more that if they began to expand and grow in power they could use the wealth and resources gained from it to create more craft and expand their influence in space as well, simultaneously gaining superiority on Earth and beyond. So the victory of the Allies over the Nazis was actually most notable because it change the direction the power structure on Earth was heading in.

Tomkins claims to have worked with two female and one male Nordic alien who, according to him, communicated telepathically with him on multiple occasions. He goes on to say that this consciousness-to-consciousness contact awakened an ability in him to “remote view” distant locations and objects (https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96-00789R003300210001-2.pdf).

Bill wasn’t just a pilot though. He was also an engineer himself and worked in several private contract environments throughout his career. He claims he would often receive instruction and guidance from an external intelligence while he was on these projects. Could he have still been receiving communication from the Nordics that he worked with when he was younger (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nordic_aliens)? In the end it was his designs and input that became the basis for the modern SSP which operates very similarly to our planetary nautical fleets: large carriers serve as strategic points from which smaller craft can be dispersed in order to perform missions within the portion of space we are allowed to patrol. Yes. We have not been given full clearance to go interstellar yet by an organization he says is called the Galactic Federation of Light (http://www.indianinthemachine.com/galacticfederationoflight.html) because our aggressiveness and war-like tendencies are still being separated from us as we approach Ascension (https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Main_Page).  Others claim we have already gone interstellar. Interstellar is different than intergalactic.

Tomkins concludes that every bit of history as it has been taught to us, every manual for military instruction that is used to train our armed forces and even some religious doctrines were all authored by the Draco Reptilians for one purpose only: control. This is another subject I’ve touched upon multiple times. To put it as succinctly as possible: Dracos feed on fear (and often flesh, but we won’t touch on that for now). Our society is built around systems that produce fear in us (religion, money, death, etc) which they are literally sustained by. Religion is an illusion, a man made construct. As is money. As is death. We created those things under the influence of something much older and more intelligent than us. That control is slowly being broken as the cultural programming we are bombarded with everyday continues to erode. The reason for this is that we are energetically about to enter a period when our physiology and mass consciousness will undergo a radical transformation through a process called Ascension (see above).

Mr. Tomkins discusses many things in his presentations that touch upon these methods of control. While many of them are issued subliminally with subtlety other delivery methods are far more verbose. He says that cloaked Draco ships regularly disperse a chemical mist over densely populated areas to us receptive and open to these subversive tactics. They want our default state to be fat, lazy and stupid. Like cattle. Other people who operate in the field of Ufology and Disclosure contend that an actual mind control signal is being broadcast from Saturn that blankets our world in an attempt to keep us docile, subdued and obedient to the system (see David Icke:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKS2e3-z2js)

It is important to note here that the Draco (or, if you prefer, the Cabal) don’t have to control everyone. Even more important is this: we share a mass consciousness. One mind, if you will. We are all connected. All it takes is seeding that consciousness with one negative thought and eventually, like an infection, it spreads. Not everyone is infected, but that’s not the point. It’s like a majority vote. As long as the bulk of the body believes a thing, that thing is real. Nothing in this world operates as you think it does.

Your government no longer serves you …… it serves banks that no longer loan money, but create dept out of thin air, which is enforced by police who no longer work for you, but whom you’re taught to obey in school, which is no longer an institution of learning, but an indoctrination center designed to make you passively accept a culture which is no longer created by individuals, but by the very system that is dependent on your obedience.  But who wants to believe? It’s terrible. I don’t want to believe it but I do. I realize I’ve said many times that if you don’t want to believe something you will find reasons not to.

The thing is, for me, if I believe in the existence of extraterrestrials and that they are waiting for us to be ready to join them among the stars and expand our consciousness together I can’t ignore the dark, chaotic part of the equation either. I must first accept that I am a slave to contrived systems of control that keep me in a constant state of anxiety and fear so that I can begin to explore what I need to do (what we need to do) in order to break free from this ever turning wheel that spins in place but takes us nowhere.

“Waydumminit…” you might be thinking.  Giant starships that carry smaller ships? That’s Star Wars! A Federation that governs parts of space…that’s Star Trek! Evil reptilian overlords who feed on people!? Bro, that’s Jupiter Ascending! Mila Kunis is hot! And you’re right, she is. But consider this: I have said before that our mass consciousness is being seeded. That goes both ways. The Draco use more nefarious means but seeding works both ways. Refer to my previous blogs where I talk about the DOD acknowledgement that these unknown craft are real (even as they fail to specify whether they know what is piloting them). Or what about NASA’s constant drip feed of information that the existence of life on other worlds is becoming increasingly likely?

Is it strange to think that theatrical vehicles like Star Wars, Star Trek and Jupiter Ascending (to name a few) might simply be another way of preparing our minds for eventual Disclosure? Would you even know what warp drive, holodecks, photon torpedoes, tricorders, Dracos, the Empire and the Force were if not for films like those? Because according to individuals like Randy Kramer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lDwmc-Whjc) those are analogs for things that already exist. Sure, they may go by different names when they aren’t up on the silver screen, but they’re here already (yet more life altering tech and history being withheld from us).  What does a “warp drive” do? It warps time and space which can be affected by what? Gravity (see anti gravitics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EqneJRgSe8, or “exotic technologies, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qRm-XvaYGk). It bypasses the “rule” that we can’t go faster than light. What about the Empire? Sounds a lot like the Dark Fleet.

Or the Force? What is the Force but a different way of sharing consciousness (see The Law of One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc_sah8GJCc)? Ok…yeah…but what about photon torpedoes? We don’t have those. We have something better: scalar weapons (https://skeptoid.com/episodes/4121). In fact, Kramer suggests that however fantastical those things seemed in the sci-fi movies of old, what we have now dwarfs those concepts. Star Trek and Star Wars originated in 1966 and 1977 respectively. That means for more than fifty years we have thought of these things as “futuristic” or “advanced.” Food replicators? Check. Alien races as vast and as varied as the cantina scene in A New Hope? Check. Clean, free energy the kind featured in the Saint? Check (see zero point energy:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7wWYqkXH1cIn).

In short, Kramer says, whatever you can imagine and more is already out there in the cosmos. We are already there. But once again the suppression of information comes into play. You can’t have these wonderful things. Because if you did you would feel a sense of wonder, amazement, hopefulness, purpose. I agree it’s difficult to accept that our elected officials are intentionally withholding information from us, but skip ahead to just under 4 minutes in to the following video and you’ll see one of former Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta’s e-mails made public via WikiLeaks in which it is clear that he has been corresponding with Edgar Mitchell about meeting with then President Obama about a strategy for ET disclosure and the release of suppressed technologies such as Zero Point Energy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLo_s0YbNpI&t=196s).

I don’t know about you, but if you can’t trust a man like Dr. Mitchell who is an American hero, former Apollo astronaut, the 6th man to walk on the Moon and Chief Science Officer/Founder of Quantrek (http://exonews.org/dr-edgar-mitchells-quantrek-legacy-zero-point-energy-consciousness-and-the-extraterrestrial-presence/) when he tells you that ETs exists and so do exotic technologies I feel qualified to brand you as a person who is so close-minded that they ignore everything that doesn’t fall within their precious worldview. What possible reason would a man like that have to lie or make up stories like that? He is already wealthy. He is already famous. He is already respected. He has nothing to gain and everything to lose by risking his reputation by championing the end of secrecy surrounding these issues. I guess we’ll never know. Because he died in hospice care at the age of 85 in 2016.

Fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin similarly has claimed that we are not alone in the universe (https://www.iflscience.com/space/buzz-aldrin-describes-his-encounter-ufo/). Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon, also corroborates Aldrin’s account of events on the Moon which were never made public. Why would these men lie? And why was Podesta the go-to guy for Dr. Mitchell’s endeavors? Hmmmm…(http://thefederalist.com/2018/04/29/podesta-hillary-would-have-opened-investigation-into-aliens/). If that doesn’t spark one’s curiosity maybe one of Podesta’s recent tweets will: https://twitter.com/johnpodesta/status/942091236743229440?lang=en. His hashtag is “Lift the veil” accompanied by the videos released by the DOD last year. How can comments like these be ignored? It isn’t just YouTube conspiracy theorists and tinfoil hat wearing rednecks who know or believe this cover-up is real.

Think about it. If clean energy were available to mankind you would no longer be shackled to one of the many systems of fear and control that you don’t even realize you are beholden to. I’m not free. I know I am being controlled. The truth is I must have a job to get money so I can eat and have shelter. And to drive myself to that job I also need a vehicle that runs on gasoline. As long as I am caught up and mired in performing menial tasks for faceless corporations who care nothing for me or those whom I love just to receive life’s basic necessities….what time do I have to contemplate how to jump out of the hamster wheel we are all trapped in?

It’s one thing when you have a small group of people making big, outlandish claims. But what happens when that group, that voice, grows? Suddenly it’s no longer a select, crazy few. It’s a throng. I’m not suggesting that the more people who claim something makes that something more true. I’m saying that it becomes harder to dismiss. In my own way I am trying to affect, with others, the mass consciousness. If ideas can be introduced to us and we absorb them and make it a part of our shared memory then I’ll never stop trying to drop a pebble into the waters of our consciousness hoping that the ripple can resonate with the efforts of others to become a wave.

My parting thoughts for today: check out Dulce Air Force Base (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dulce_Base) and the testimony of Pete Peterson (https://truedisclosure.org/evidence-file/whistleblowers/pete-peterson).  All of this stuff is in the public domain and I have tried to include at least some resource for readers to study when I reference something. Keep in mind that I have been at this for years. I apologize if it has been a brute force info drop every time I publish a blog. It’s just that I do feel a certain sense of urgency in trying to quickly and succinctly provide sources for all of these claims and then let you decide whether any of it is worth believing.